Thursday, October 13, 2016

64 | 'Outright lies' and 'shaken to my core', the headlines of Trump and Michelle Obama, October 13, 2016

Two headlines, two '64s'.

Notice what is emphasized

'64' is the number of those who control the media.

'Outright lies' is about 'Make America Great Again', Donald Trump's slogan.

It is time to shut them down.


  1. Any gematria on Michael/Michelle Obama being a man? I'm new, tried to find something between her real and fake name, closest I came was Michelle Obama = 54 was looking for Transgender = 53 ... close but no cigar?

  2. Yeah he is Michel the football player from hunt school in Princeton

  3. Yeah he is Michel the football player from hunt school in Princeton

  4. Unrelated, but I found something interesting:
    "Make America Great Again"
    #MAGA is used by the Trump campaign
    Maga in Hebrew means "contact"
    Maga = 22
    Contact = 22
    M A G A = by alphabet 13 1 7 1
    Check this out:
    "one three one seven one" = 223
    I typed it into google and found:
    Executive Order # 13171
    It is about Government Employment and Hispanics.
    Interesting considering the actor he is playing is a bigot and is used for race baiting Hispanics

  5. Do you think politicians, celebrities, etc. are given exact lines to use in a speech or interview or whatever...or do you think the media simply look for certain words to emphasize from the speeches that equal whatever numbers they are trying to reach?

    If they are actually being told "hey make sure you say such and such at some point in your speech," that's amazing to say the least. Amazing in that anyone would actually live that way, regardless of the money. It sounds awful. I wouldn't even feel like a human after a while. But I imagine they fancy themselves to be more than merely human anyway, so maybe it's fine.

    1. They are all given a script. They know are told exactly what to say. They have so many handlers handling them who in turn have so many handlers themselves that it all ties together. They could shoot the news portion days before the speeches, the expert commentators are actors in front of green screens, its all a production.

    2. Have you seen Wag the Dog? It is worth watching. That movie is currently taking place in Syria.

    3. I know about the movie and know the phrase "Wag the Dog" but have never actually seen the movie. Thanks, I'll try to find it somewhere and watch it.

      Yeah, it's depressing when you finally realize that pretty much everything around us is fake, fake, fake, built on a mountain of lies. This truly is The Truman Show.

  6. 79 days left in the year.
    Chargers = 79

    Good or bad news for them tonight?

  7. Wag the Dog was the first time I'd ever heard of "Albania" hahaha....definitely didn't know wtf was going on back then when I watched, I was just like the other sheeples...Dog 2 coming next huh?

  8. I love how Trump's scripted argument against being a gropster is "Look at her....I don't think so." hahaha what an absolute asshole.