Monday, October 3, 2016

88 | Saturday Night Live mocks Trump with a tribute to "88"
The mocking is in the link.

Trump = 88
October 4 leaves 88-days left in the year


  1. 233 days from lupricalia
    3weeks 3days from 9/11/16
    55weeks 5days from 9/11/15
    Got a note packed and ready
    Films, commercials ,music videos, news...

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  3. Remember the 235 'Hit and Run' Card? Watch the movie "Creepshow 2"
    There is a segment called "The Hitchhiker" by Stephen King (Master Mason) where a woman performs a "Hit and run" on a hitchhiker. Right after she hits the guy and takes off, it shows the clock in her car at military time 23:50 (235) She then turns the radio on and it auto searches to 106.5 (106). I find it very interesting she "Hits and Runs" and then the clock shows (235) in military time...Just like the Illuminati card game 235-666.
    Go to 7:59 in the video link:

    1. Unrelated but interesting. She also is supposed to be home at 11:30 (113) so her husband doesn't know she is cheating on him. She says "11:30 means 11:30" (113) AKA "Dishonest means dishonest"