Wednesday, October 19, 2016

96 | Outspent, out-organized, October 19, 2016 Donald Trump headlines

Freemason = 96

The narratives they come up with...

In reality, it doesn't matter if Donald Trump has been outspent, because the only reason to spend money in an election, is to get TV time, which Donald Trump has gotten more of than probably every President and Presidential candidate in the era of the TV combined.

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  1. Did you hear about "Poopgate" yet?

    On Tuesday Night on the way to debate preparation, the Clinton Regime's bus driver had been photographed dumping Shit in a little town's sewer, which is illegal everywhere I have ever lived.

    Amazing how the "Earth Conscious Enviropangs" have complete disregard for shit dump polluting and politick for legislation constantly. I like poop narratives. It won't make the news.

    As a whole the earth is in a climate equilibrium. If it's cooling over there, it's heating up somewhere. Zero Sum type of shit. I'm worried about global cooling.

    Nevada! Ha, has like maybe 9 electoral votes. Maybe a million sluts, now that is provocative. I meant slots. But hey Im trying to get people to comment on politics. Sports cant prove shit, cept for a Curry meltdown at 3-1, That alone doubled Zach's viewership.

    What electoral vote number would be cute for the 'Witch' to win with? Or the 'Hairpiece' to lose with?

    Hill-Dill 401 Electoral votes. (CNN told me that Hill could get over 400 yesterday)
    Donald Dump 137 Electoral votes.

    401 is 79th prime
    137 is 33rd prime for all of his Freemason work.

    Add the two primes and we hit a familiar 112. You heard it here gamerz.