Friday, October 21, 2016

Election headlines, October 21, 2016 | Al Smith dinner, Obama's personal emails & Hillary giving away too much intel?

Here's a link to the best of the 'Al Smith' dinner, featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Notice the video clip is 2:11, something like '211', the 47th prime number.  President = 47

Notice the emphasis of this email is race.  And notice the email was connected to a 'Citibank' executive.  Citibank = 33; Race War = 33; Michael = 33

Michael Froman = 64; Barack Hussein Obama = 64; Civil Rights = 64

This story is a joke.  They're asking if Hillary talking about how there is only a matter of seconds to make "nuclear weapons related decisions" was giving away classified intelligence.  Anyone who falls for this story is surely a moron, as we have heard rhetoric our whole lives just like this from public "representatives".

As we know, right wing retards will fall for anything, that is why they put the information out there, for the retards to fall for.