Friday, October 21, 2016

38 57 66 108 112 131 223 | The Chicago Cubs are the official team of 'Jews', Wall Street Journal, October 21, 2016

Okay, here's where to start with this one.

The Cubs are under the 'Curse of the Billy Goat'.

Notice the name Billy Sianis, it sounds a lot like 'ZIONIST'.

Zionism is what most Jewish people subscribe to.  Zionism is the religion of the False Jews, who in Revelation, the final book of the Bible, are said to rule in the end times.  Their name given in the Bible is 'The Synagogue of Satan'.  Notice how that name connects to 'Curse of the Billy Goat' and 'We got Detroit's goat', the infamous photo to go along with the curse.

It should be noted the word 'Curse' has gematria of '66', like Revelation being the 66th Book of the Bible, where it says 'The Synagogue of Satan' will rule.

The Billy Goat connected to the curse was named 'Murphy'.  Let us examine the Gematria of 'Murphy' in regards to the word 'Jew', short for Zionist Jew.

What we know about the Zionist Jews, is they practice 'Gematria'.  What we also know about the Zionist Jews, is they control professional sports, worldwide, "by the numbers".  For example, there is a reason that Major League Baseball plays 162 games.

If you just take 'Major League', it sums to '108', like the number of years in the Cubs World Series winning drought.

Notice the 88" of waxed red thread as well.  The Cubs are facing the Dodgers, who last won the World Series in '88, fitting for a 'California' team.  California = 88   In the film 'Back to the Future', there is also a riddle pointing to a Cub's World Series win, and you might recall that the time traveling vehicle in that movie always "travels" when it reaches 88 MPH.  The number '8', represents the infinite loop of time.

As for the word 'baseball itself, consider that there are 54 total outs in a baseball game, and 27 outs per team, unless the home team does not need to bat in the bottom of the ninth, or the game goes to extra innings.

So, again, Gematria is a Jewish thing, and Jewish Zionists are controlling the world of professional sports, which they have for the entire time professional sports have been around.  Will we see the Chicago Cubs win one for the Zionist Masonic Mecca of Chicago in the year 2016, the 112th World Series?

Billy Sianis?

As for the Chicago Cubs, the CC, the 33, being their team, remember that the Zionist Nation of Israel was established with a '33' member vote by the United Nations, on the 333rd day of the year, November 29, 1947.

The current Mayor of Chicago is Rahem Israel Emanuel, a Zionist Jewish filth, born on the same day.

Should the Cubs win the World Series this year, potentially on November 2, 2016, what will be Game 7 of the 112th World Series, notice that the Mayor, Mr. Zion, will be turning 57 later the same month.