Sunday, October 16, 2016

Nice time stamp CNN!

From Kaep's last NFL action until today was 49-weeks, on the nose, November 8, 2015, to October 16, 2016.  Of course he plays for the 49ers.

As you read this article, notice how all the narratives flow together that we have been discussing for months, years.

Race War
Black Lives Matter
Muhammad Ali
Athletes used as symbols
Propaganda that matters to people (Like pro sports and celebrity)
Merchandising the propaganda

12:12, nice TIME stamp.  12x12 = 144 (Time = 144, Jewish Gematria)

It's so strange just days before the Kaepernick protest story broke out, a subscriber asked me to investigate if Colin Kaepernick could be the son of the current President.  If you missed that post, it's a search away.