Monday, November 7, 2016

117 159 | Trump's speech in Sarasota, Florida, November 7, 2016

11/7/2016 = 11+7+(2+0+1+6) = 27

Let us not forget the 'Invictus' Games and Trump's remarks in Orlando about legitimizing torture.


  1. Go look at Reno 911!, you will be pleased.

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    1. Original air date was 7-23-03 or 33

      That was 693 weeks ago.(+5 days)

    2. Wow! That date can also be written 8/7.

    3. Just another hit from your friendly Pop Culture Gemathmatican...Now back to you, Z!

  3. Awhile ago Trump was giving a speech (live?) & he had the crowd chanting:

    "Drain ... The ... Swamp!"

    Drain The Swamp = (English) -- 906 ... same as 96

    D T S -- using Bacon (all caps) = 121

    D T S -- reversed is -- "S T D" ... more mockery.

  4. 16 days before the 52nd anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination.
    52 = prophecy
    "Sixteen Days" = 1774 the year congress first met in Phillidelphia.
    Also 2 weeks and 2 days (22) master builder number
    A duration of 360 hours
    360 degrees = a full circular cycle.

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  6. Zach look at these NYC connections in this post Election UFC this weekend. Check out the part about "Rocky"

    I think this UFC may be full of upsets, which will reflect the election in the eyes of the un-wise.

    Evans beats Kennedy:
    Rashad Evans = 49 (fighting on a day with 49 days left in the year)
    Tim Kennedy = 48 (Donald Trump = 48)
    11 days before the 52nd anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination (New York = 11th state) (Hillary’s state)
    Also a span of 14,400 minutes before the anniversary (Bobby Kennedy died at 1:44)
    Kennedy also has a 211 duration from his birthday (211 alt dialing code for 911)

    Michael Johnson beats Khabib Nurmagomedov:
    Khabib has 23 wins and no losses. 23 represents the sun and death (change) I think he is due for a loss.
    He is fighting a guy with the initials “MJ” sound familiar? MJ wore #23
    Khabib born in 88′ (Trump = 88)
    Johnson has a 23 duration between his birthday and the fight.
    The fight has 23 day numerology and it will have been 2 weeks and 3 days since Hillary’s birthday.

    Muhammad beats Luque
    Luque’s record goes to 10-6 (106 prophecy)
    Belal Muhammad = 106
    Belal’s nickname = “Remember the Name” = 870 (Clinton = 87)
    Belal gets 11th win in NYC the 11th state.

    Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk.
    Karolina (KK) (11 11) gets the upset and her 11th win in NYC the 11th state.
    Joanna’s record goes to 12-1 (121 revelation)
    Joanna has an 86 duration from the fight and her birthday 86 = “eighty sixed”

    Tate vs. Pennington:
    Another upset?
    Tate looses making her record 18-7 (187 homicide code)
    Tate has an 86 duration between birthday and fight “eighty sixed”
    THIS IS CRAZY: Pennington’s nickname is “Rocky”
    From the release of the movie Rocky in 1976 till the fight is a span of 39 years 11 months and 9 days!
    39 11 9 New York = 39
    11 = 11th State
    9 = 119 or 911 backwards we have 911 93. The first trade center bombing was in 93 (CRAZY)
    It is also a span of 39 years 11 months and 10 days which reduces to 39 111 (both New York)
    Pennington also has a 69 duration from birthday till fight “back to back’ = 69
    Pennington gets back to back wins, and Tate back to back losses.

    This one is Easy:
    Gastelum beats Cerrone:
    “Donald” Cerrone (Trump) gets beat by Gastelum, who’s name (Kelvin Gastelum) = 1026 (Hillary’s Birthday)

    Natal beats Boetsch:
    Boetsch gets his 11th loss in NYC, the 11th state and has an 11 duration from his birthday till fight.
    Rafael Natal = 37 (Hillary Clinton) = 73

    Not sure:
    Miller vs. Alves
    Alves’ Record is 26-10 (Hillary’s birthdays is 1026)
    Thiago Alves = 119
    I don’t see much coded on Miller yet

    Weidman might Romero?
    Weidman “The all American” wins in an election week?
    His record is 13-1 (Champion = 131)
    Romero’s record is 11-1 (111) New York

    Chookagian vs. Carmouche:
    Not sure:
    Carmouche has a 37 span between birthday and fight (Hillary Clinton= 73)
    Chookagians nickname is “The Blonde Fighter”
    Trump is Blonde (like Hillary) but his character enjoys fighting with people more (He is a blonde fighter i guess) However this could represent Hillary's pretend fight for the Whitehouse
    She is born in 88′ Trump = 88

    The first fight is C vs C 33
    The last fight is Champ vs Champ C vs C 33

    Also, I think Conor McGregor wins this fight and will continue to win until his record goes to 22-3 (223) A win here and a win against Diaz later in the year puts him at (22-3) before he retires or there is some sort of scandal.

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    2. Good analysis Nick, ufc is the hardest to decode though, not all of them are on it. Most of the fighters make starving wages, only the top 5 in each division really pull in the money. And I agree Karolina will win also, fighting 106 days before or after her birthday, don't remember which exactly. Also if she wins Joanna will have lost her 13th fight like Ronda did and like how Aldo did in 13 seconds.

    3. As far as Tim Kennedy goes he may lose, dude is a puppet, goes on Alex Jones a lot and acts like he cares about freedom for Americans, so won't be surprised if he loses to Evans.

    4. They definitely mix fake with real. That's how they keep the eyes off of 'em. Title fights and contender fights are 100% rigged like the rest of pro sports.

    5. They had this first ufc card in NY date planned a while ago likely. 11/12/16=39* (The NY Number) and 23*(11+12=23)(This card will be the 23rd anniversary of the first ufc card)

  7. I always thought Janet Reno was a man.