Wednesday, November 16, 2016

117 | Toronto 117, Cleveland 121, November 15, 2016 NBA score rigging example

117 to 121, eh?  Toronto in Ohio?

Recall, '117' was how many points the Cavs scored their opening night in Ohio as well, with the 'Undertaker' in attendance.  Undertaker = 117

This game came on a date with '42' numerology.

11/15/16 = 11+15+16 = 42 (LeBron James = 42) (Freemason = 42) (NBA Finals = 33/42)

88 points for the starters, 29 for the bench.  Ohio = 29/47

91 points for the starters, 30 points from the bench.

Cavs improve to 9-1.

When you sum 1 through 13, it totals 91.  Last year, King James won in his 13th season.


  1. 91 points, Cavs improved to 9-1.

  2. I'm still learning all this stuff but I have been going through the numbers on tonight's Raptors/Warriors game and have found a few things lining up for the Raptors. This is what I have so far.

    November 16th => 83,218
    Raptors going for their 8th win which would make them 8-3

    Date numerology of 63

    Air Canada centre =>63

    DeMar DeRozan => 61, 124 => 61 being the 18th prime on a date numerology that has 18.

    Steve Kerr could get his all time 27th loss on a date with 27 numerology 16+11 =27

    1. Found some more,
      Dwane Casey has birth numerology 43 which also today's date has date numerology of 43 however I ave found the same with Stephen Curry's birth numerology which also has 43 and the number 43 is the 14th prime number the date of Curry's birthday 14th of March.

    2. how do you decode a nba game do you have to do the whole starting lineup

    3. I'm still learning young slim and I only did the head coach and 2 star players for each team, KD and Curry and for the Raptors DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry. However I was off with my findings as GSW won the game.

  3. I left the raptors game as nothing was clear.

    I have Cavs, Pistons and Hawks winning tonight.

    New york Knicks lose there next 2 games before getting their 106th win on sunday against the Hawks 106 days after there coaches birthday.

    Knicks would improve to 5-8 with a win against the coach with 58 name.

  4. Cavs record 9-1, 3-0 Away
    Cavs lose 9-2, 3-1 Away. 31 is the 11th prime. Cavs 11th game today

    Tyron Lue's 52nd game. Record 36-15. With loss he'll be 36-16. 53 is the 16th prime.

    Next game will be his 53rd game, where I think Cavs win to improve to 10-2 (12) and 7-1 (71) at home.
    With next games win, Tyron will be 37-16. 37 is the 12th prime. This is the 71st NBA season.

    1. Since Lebron has been back, Cavs are 4-15 when not playing. With this loss tonight they'll be 4-16 (416). 52 is a divisor of 416, like Tyron's 52nd game. Prophecy = 52.

      My pick - Indiana.

    2. Tyron stuck on 36 wins overall, Cavaliers = 36, 11+16+2+0+1+6 = 36

    3. Who do you think wins between the raptors/warriors?