Saturday, November 5, 2016

135 | How to stop election cyberthreats, CNN feature article, November 5, 2016

The Key of David = 135
Philadelphia established on a date with '135' numerology
Hillary had her convention in Philadelphia, beginning July 25, 2016

I'm thinking about how they could really rile people up with the election this coming Tuesday.  How about something similar to 2000?  If you forget, that year, the media declared a winner, then said, "Oh wait, it is too close".  Then in Florida, they started a recount, that was canceled by the Supreme Court of all things.  In the end, George W. Bush was made the 43rd President, in large part thanks to his brother's state, where Jeb was the 43rd Governor.  They were the sons of the 41st President and 43rd Vice President, from New Haven, CT, the home of Yale and Skull and Bones.

Yale = 43
New Haven, CT = 43

Anyhow, in 2016, with the narratives floating in the media involving Russia and  cyber-hacking, they could announce that Trump was winning the election, then late in the evening, have a breaking alert, that election fraud has been detected, and Hillary votes have been changed to Trump votes in contested states, or vice versa.  The agenda is obvious, piss everyone the hell off, so let's see how they could go about doing it even more... we're only days away.