Friday, November 11, 2016

27 30 93 112 | The death of Pat Tillman, by the numbers (Did he even die?)

Do you remember the story of Pat Tillman?  He quit playing for the NFL (Arizona Cardinals) to fight in Afghanistan.  It was rumored he was teaming up with Noam Chomsky, by Noam himself, to write about the U.S. Soldiers being used to guard the poppy fields in Afghanistan, instead of fight terrorism.

If you forgot his story, it was big news when he died in Afghanistan, supposedly the victim of combat, and being heroic in combat and saving another.  Then many months later, it came that the story of his death was falsified, and he had been killed by friendly fire.  There were congressional hearings over it.  Information came out that he had been shot in the back of the head, point blank, by friendly fire.

These changing details, they happened over more than a year's time, and it was a very good example of just how absurd our reality as presented through the media can be.  As we know though, the world has kept spinning, and seemingly no one really gives a shit about the Pat Tillman story.  What I think about now, is how these athletes are sellouts and paid liars.  It is hard to say with Tillman, maybe he's an example of nice guy's finishing last.

Notice Pat Tillman was 27 years old when he died.  Daniel = 27; Tillman = 27

Patrick = 33/42; Daniel = 27; Tillman = 27; Patrick Daniel Tillman = 87/96
Patrick = 78; Daniel = 45; Tillman = 81 = 204

His birthday has 112 numerology.

11/6/1976 = 11+6+19+76 = 112 (Houston) (Mathematics) (Cardinals play on 112th Meridian)
11/6/1976 = 11+6+(1+9+7+6) = 40 (Houston)
11/6/1976 = 1+1+6+1+9+7+6 = 31 (Houston) (11th prime number)
11/6/76 = 11+6+76 = 93 (Saturn)
11/6 = 11+6 = 17

He would die on the 112th day of the year, April 22.  However, that year, it was a leap year, so it was the '113th'.

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113

4/22/2004 = 4+22+20+04 = 50 (America = 50)
4/22/2004 = 4+22+(2+0+0+4) = 32 (America = 32)
4/22/2004 = 4+2+2+2+0+0+4 = 14 (USA = 14)
4/22/04 = 4+22+04 = 30 (Saturn)
4/22 = 4+22 = 26

He died 168-days after his November 6, 2016 birthday, or a span of 169-days.

New York City = 168

He went to Afghanistan because of what transpired in New York City on September 11.  Remember, New York and Arizona are the only two states with gematria of '39'.

New York = 5+5+5+7+6+9+2 = 39; Arizona = 1+9+9+8+6+5+1 = 39


  1. Hollywood, baby. You find way too many pictures of him all clean. No been out in the bush facial hair or wear and tear on his unis. Always picture perfect. Wore 40 in college. Thats a 40+04=44. Also, he was 27 when he went out. Not sure I ever buy a story with a dead 27 year old.

    1. And on Sunday, he would have been 40 and 7 days.

    2. Also, his death comes 203 weeks(inverted 32) or 6 months 20 days(inverted 26) before Veteran's Day to match his death numerology. He is another fake person born to become a story.

  2. Well he was an actor in the NFL why not in the Army..Sounds like a script to get young kids to join and go after the cave people..If I was his family member I would never shut up about it intill they put me in the ground..But they are all in on it..I am so ready for this to end...Nothing is true in this reality...

    1. Just what's right around you, brother. And in that heart.

    2. There are two types of people "Givers" and "takers" and Those who give live in truth and those who take live a lie...See right threw them...

  3. That part where you say the world keeps spinning... That's a little far fetched, maybe google Eric Dubay, truth seeker...

  4. His name was Pat as in Patsy, Trick.
    Pat-Trick and he supposedly died in April the month that begins with Fools Day, a holiday devoted to pranks and fucking with people's heads.
    Plus 4.22.2004 is just several combinations of 42.

  5. Pat Tillman=37,118.. Patriots=37,118..Pat=37 The PATS won the Superbowl 36 in 2002 with a score of 17-20=37. Tillman's final game was a loss to the Redskins 17-20=37 just before that Superbowl on 1/6/2002. His final game was 118 days after 9/11/01. He also died 81 days after the PATS won Superbowl 38. "Cardinals"=81