Friday, November 11, 2016

27 33 45 47 82 | The death of Leonard Cohen, November 7, 2016, the day before the U.S. Election of Donald Trump

It was first reported Leonard Cohen died November 10, then it was later changed to November 7, where it remains.

Let us begin with his name gematria.  It connects to the President of the United States and more.

Leonard = 3+5+6+5+1+9+4 = 33
Norman = 5+6+9+4+1+5 = 30
Cohen = 3+6+8+5+5 = 27
Leonard Norman Cohen = 90 (Ninety = 33) (Leonard = 33)
Leonard Cohen = 60 (New York City)

Leonard = 12+5+15+14+1+18+4 = 69
Norman = 14+15+18+13+1+14 = 75
Cohen = 3+15+8+5+14 = 45 (Dead after the election of the 45th President)
Leonard Norman Cohen = 189
Leonard Cohen = 114 (President of the United States) (Trump Card) (6/26/1963)

It is interesting that his name synchs with 'President of the United States'.  He passed the day before the election of the 45th President, again, at age 82.

Barack Hussein Obama = 64/82

Let us also decode his birth and death numerology.

9/21/1934 = 9+21+19+34 = 83 (Election) (Leap Year) (The Donald)
9/21/1934 = 9+21+(1+9+3+4) = 47 (President) (Dead 47-days after birthday)
9/21/1934 = 9+2+1+1+9+3+4 = 29
9/21/34 = 9+21+34 = 64 (Barack Hussein Obama) (Synagogue of Satan) (Israel) (Thelema)

11/7/2016 = 11+7+20+16 = 54 (Baseball) (Forty-Five) (Fifty-Four)
11/7/2016 = 11+7+(2+0+1+6) = 27 (Cohen = 27) (27 Club?)
11/7/2016 = 1+1+7+2+0+1+6 = 1+1+7+2+0+1+6 = 18
11/7/16 = 11+7+16 = 34 (Murder = 34) (Born in '34)

He died 47-days after his birthday, or a span of 48-days.  Again, both numbers connect to President and this specific election, where he died the day before it happened.

Remember, Donald Trump was at the Midtown Hilton Hotel, which is 47-floors tall.  As for the total span of 48-days.... again, Donald Trump, was announced as the President, early in the hours of November 9, the 27-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The gematria of 'Berlin Wall', like the gematria of 'Cohen', also connects to '45', and Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States.

Again, it was the "27-year anniversary" of the fall of the wall, like the "27 Club", which is associated with tragedy.

11/7/2016 = 11+7+(2+0+1+6) = 27

If he was 82, and his work didn't quite span 50-years, then he must have started his music career at age 33.  Leonard = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33

Notice no cause of death was put out either.  It makes one wonder, especially with him being Jewish.

Robert = 33/78; Kory = 24/33/69; Robert Kory = 57/66/147

Remember, 'sixties' is the only decade with '33' gematria.  Sixties = 33

Notice also the mention of Bob Dylan, who I think we'll be reading about sooner than later.

Read about his song 'First We Take Manhattan', from '88, in regards to 'Trump':

Also, here is what Dar caught!

And remember, Israel = 205 (Jewish Gematria)
And remember, Masonic = 444 (English Gematria; 74x6 = 444)


  1. Zach, according to the news, the North Georgia wildfires have burned 9600 acres so far, and it's '53' separate fires. 96? 53?

    53 is the 16th prime.

    This smoke is crazy down here, you can smell it everywhere you go.

    1. Not as bad in Hall County this morning, getting worse though.

    2. Sure glad ya'll shared the info about the fires down there -- had no idea that was even happening! Nothing about it has shown up in my news feeds up here in KY.
      The only reference to your area that I've seen at all was 2 days ago -- something about a gas leak causing gasoline shortages from TN to GA.
      Ya'll stay safe down there ... Try Not To Breathe, I guess ... ;D

    3. Two years ago, we had crazy fires up here as well, and every night were the reddest sunsets you've ever seen.

    4. Based on my observations -- these massive fires are deliberately executed in order to load specific areas of the atmosphere with Carbon.

      (That's why they've been so focused on "Capturing & Controlling" Carbon Particulates. The "Carbon Trade/Exchange" is exactly what it says -- it's a literal form of Stock Exchange based on the Commodity of Carbon ... which is valuable for many reasons, nanotechnology production being only the TINIEST (publicly acknowledged) part of it. Scarcity & Control ensure Power & Profit.)

      More important reasons for this "Loading" involve Weather Manipulation ... & the Creation of "Free" Atmospheric-Produced ENERGY. (Scoffers may laugh ... but go right ahead ...)

      April 4, 2015 there was a massive, mysterious fire at the GE plant in Louisville. HUGE plumes of smoke filled the city -- until a "lucky wind shift" sent the (supposedly non-toxic) fumes straight into the ghetto downtown (to the North!).
      Obama had made a "surprise visit" to a small group of business leaders the evening before. A few hours later, one of the "strangest, most intense electrical storms to ever hit Louisville" -- Appeared Out Of Nowhere -- dumping 9 INCHES OF RAIN & taking out power for hours. Just as dawn broke -- on Good Friday -- the air filled with THICK Black Smoke. "Amazingly" no one was hurt by -- or heard ANY alarms for --the "1,000+ Acre Fire". Remember -- this was a GE building. The company at the forefront of Energy Development.

      Connections between Weather, Energy & Carbon Particulates & Smoke in the atmosphere have been observed & studied since (at least) the Civil War -- when it was noted that a "strangeness" would fill the air after Major (smoke & cannon-filled Battles. IONIZATION, perhaps ...

      So you see -- there ARE " reasons" to create these scenarios ...

    5. You can currently look directly into the sun as it sets, there is so much smoke in the air. This is all from a fire thay is barely being covered. I have seen a few aerial shots, but not 5000 acres worth. I don't do the chemtrail thing, but my misses does, and they were all over this area the last month. I think they mask the Heavens, not really into the poisoning the world theories, but covering the true skies and stars from us? I could buy into that.

      Still waiting for Alien Jesus...

    6. Lord, you are a prophet! Alien Jesus IS connected to carbon loading. Lol
      The carbon settles in the clouds (which are loaded with reactive particles via chemtrailing). The Upper Layers of the clouds are then "shaped" with directed bursts of frequency (like they do in Cymatics demonstrations).

      This has literally been honed to an "art form" of sorts. The results produce images that can be as intricate as any photograph. But -- (for now) -- they can only be viewed from space ... or by satellite.

      You USED to be able to see them @ ... but "suddenly" they've changed everything about their maps & it's no longer possible. However, I've grabbed probably 1,000 or more screenshots over the past few years, & if I can figure out how to do it (lol) I'll find some good ones to email you.

      Their skills have greatly improved recently, & the most dramatic imagery always coincides with significant dates. These images are unimaginably HUGE -- & utilize the shapes of the cloud cover as well. Last year Zach had an enormous Appaloosa horse & Indian rider bearing down on his location -- it spanned the Pacific from Alaska to Baja.

      This is how the holographic "invasion" or "apparition" will suddenly appear. ;D

    7. This technology is literally being "hidden in The Clouds" while they work to improve it. It's a GLOBAL project & requires the manipulation of weather & air conditions to be successful. Because the images are so huge, it WAS easiest to spot them by zooming out for a global view.

      However -- now that my usual "go-to" site has changed, so far I haven't been able to find ANY "weather" site that provides a Flat Global Layout with multi-shaded cloud cover (as the satellites capture).
      I read that Google Earth has shut down it's cloud cover & radar weather option completely. Interesting.
      Everything we have access to is distorted & parceled out by region. And there is no clarity when you zoom in.
      They might actually be getting ready for something Big.
      I sure never expected that site to get abruptly turn crappy overnight. Could find no explanation for the change anywhere, so I sent them a message. We'll see if they have any response (but I'm not holding my breath).

    8. Wormwood baby. They are hiding the approach. It'll be a Light-show the likes we have never seen. Kinda like the big one they do at Stone Mountain right outside Atlanta, except with a global sell. It'll be a shout out to all the Doubting Toms out there.

      I have long believed they are somehow projecting the sky with the help of clouds anyway, can't even begin to explain how that would be done, but we don't get to see the same shit Galileo saw. If he ever existed.

    9. I have watched unusual cloud coverage (and weird lights) over Hoover Dam from where I live for about three years (I'm about 20 miles west). Oh yes, and constant chem trail skies... many beautiful blue sky mornings spoiled with cross-crossed overcast complete by 10:00am. And 'not natural' full dome rainbows with one foot coincidentally starting at the dam.

      I have suspected that the government is working on and filming the area with the intent to deceive the public of its destruction or some event at a later date. Then they would have to "rebuild" the dam and we wouldn't know the difference because the roads would be closed to the public.

      Here are two YouTube videos about that you might find interesting. One is about Project Blue Beam and the other is a holographic image of Turkey's Prime Minister.

    10. Lord -- Agree 100%!! Used to think such a thing would never REALLY happen -- til I saw what they WERE doing. It wasn't manipulation of the weather imagery either -- did some comparisons with what was outside. Creepiest of all was when the weather site would show these strange dark-looking cloud layers & there appeared to be no clouds outside ... BUT -- during these times my computer would screw up continuously & internet would go in & out. Probably why they shut down our ability to see it onscreen.

      Your suspicions about what we DO see up there match mine. WHY -- I'd like to know -- is it impossible to take a CLEAR photo of the MOON? Shouldn't be hard, but it's Impossible. That's when I realized those giant beautiful pics we're shown of full moons must be doctored.
      I do know that the camera's eye picks up far more than we can discern -- so until proven otherwise, I'll believe the camera. I've gotten some weird ass images of the moon -- but they don't look ANYTHING like those doctored versions!
      Mostly they look like peering INTO a brightly-lit HOLE -- or at a Flat, REFLECTED Image (like a mirror's reflection on a ceiling). And everything around it -- the "darkness" -- is thick & gauzy -- like it has Texture. It's The Aether those "stupid ancients" so often spoke of!

    11. I remember of line from Rome, the HBO show, where they are talking about the stars and what they could be.

      One of the soldiers says that they are holes in the celestial spheres. I always thought that made sense, although I can't figure out how.

    12. Cheryl -- Thank you for the suggestions -- I'll watch them. And thanks for your observations about the doing's at the dam. Your insightful suspicions sound Right On The Money. Having that heads-up is going to come in handy when they DO cry, "The dam is falling! The dam is falling!"
      YOUR version makes SO much more sense.

      Faking the collapse of Hoover Dam would be the perfect compliment to the Twin Towers. THEY were supposed to be "unbreakable". So is the dam. Isn't the concrete supposedly STILL going to be "setting" for several more generations? "Destroying" it (in our eyes) would be another mockery of Fact.
      I liked your thoughts about how they'd "sell" the notion too. And based on your "rainbow" observations ... I'd say you're exactly right about a holographic image "broadcasting the deed" to everyone. And sealing off access IS effective at hiding the truth. They do THAT all the time.

      Hmm ... maybe Lake Mead ISN'T succumbing to "drought & overuse". Maybe it's being DRAINED ... so the "flow from the blow" can be controlled & DIRECTED when the time comes.
      And let's assume they ARE filming the dam in advance ... well, that's what they do with images prior to Green Screening. Again, it makes perfect sense.

      I'm reminded that access to many top secret areas IS -- currently -- "disguised" with the use of holograms. A casual driver will only see a bare mountain or cliff face. So they turn around. But -- those that "know otherwise" just drive straight on -- "into" the rock WALL (hmm ... Trump's Wall References ... ?) -- or "off" the cliff ... they simply drive THROUGH the hologram & onto the Protected Site. (Little wonder they get so antsy about the public's use of drones!) These sites will ALWAYS have a STRICT No-Fly Zone over them, which is "explained" by labeling the area a "Military Training Ground" -- usually with the potential for "unannounced HALO jumps" (parachuting from WAY up there!).
      So -- yeh -- considering your proximity, I'd bet you've got SEVERAL of these Hologram-Protected sites around you ... & have probably driven right past a few & never known it.
      Makes me wonder what the post-9/11 policy is about citizens flying directly over the dam? Off-limits to thwart "terrorists"?

    13. Lord -- that's a beautiful line! And yes -- "somehow" it DOES make sense. Sounds like it could also be an "inside reference" to Plato's "Music of the Spheres" -- Musica Universalis ... which Pythagoras also wrote about?Current references ONLY want to discuss this in terms of Harmonic Sound emitted as the "spheres" (planets) "fly by" -- but I'd say there's MUCH more about their "philosophies" in that area -- which aren't easily available to us. Even referring to their work merely as "musings" & "philosophies" is an intential dissuasion.

      Interesting isn't it, that a line from an HBO show would resonate as being more Honest than Everything we've EVER been taught about "Space"?
      Glad you caught that & shared it. I'll be remembering that one!

  2. I was thinking about the Donald Duck/Donald Trump thing that people have been conparing. Funny enough, they have the same birthday, though Duck is 12 years older then Trump. Duck debuted in a cartoon called The Wise Little Hen in 1934 on 6-14. (Wiki also says the film wass released 6-9, but has the date 6-14 above it) So Duck, like Cohen, is 82.

    1. Then there is Donald "Duck" Dunn, who was a bass player. I only know of him because we have the same 11-24 birhday. He died in 12 on 5-13, at 70.

    2. Donald "Duck" Dunn was the bass player for Booker T and MGs. Great band. I think that band also backed Otis Redding.

    3. Maybe the wall Trump talks about actually has something to do with the Hoover Dam. 11-24 was the Colorado compact agreement date. I think the Hoover Dam topic should be re-visited in light of Trump's presidency.

    4. Plus the projection of the goat displayed on the dam. Now that that the Cubs won and the curse of billygoat is over

  3. @Lord, yeah I think the winds are shifting so the smoke will stop being so bad down here. It looks like Tennessee is really getting the worst of it; FEMA's being sent in now and they have a state of emergency

    1. Beware if FEMA comes bearing "rations". (Hopefully it won't get that bad!)
      During the catastrophic Ice Storm (a few years back), they went around handing out food packs that included peanut butter.
      Oopsie --- ALL the peanut butter was tainted with Salmonella! A lot of folks never heard the "recall warning" (issued a few weeks later!) -- because they still didn't have power. A mailer was sent out -- but those same people couldn't get mail either (too many trees down on the roads).
      Whenever FEMA's in a rush to get there -- there's usually SOME kind of fuckery afoot!

  4. I just checked Wikipedia and they state he died Nov. 10???

  5. So now I hear CBC radio's news says he died on the 7th???

    1. Another case of different dates, I noticed the 10th as well. They do this a lot.

    2. Yeah, now the host of CBC 2 is saying he died yesterday, lol

  6. "First We Take Manhattan Then we Take Berlin" sounds like a Trump campaign slogan, lol. That song was off Cohen's "I'm Your Man" album released in 1988.

  7. The AC at work 74 degrees 47 humidity

    Libert manufacture.

    Liebert/71/221 lol

  8. Robert Francis Vaughn
    Gematria Jewish 1502
    Gematria Reduction 95
    Gematria Summerian 1326
    Gematria Ordinal 221
    Gematria English 1472

    Robert Vaughn
    Gematria Jewish 1273
    Gematria Reduction 61
    Gematria Summerian 906
    Gematria Ordinal 151
    Gematria English 1213

    Gematria Jewish 317
    Gematria Reduction 33
    Gematria Summerian 468
    Gematria Ordinal 78
    Gematria English 447

    Gematria Jewish 956
    Gematria Reduction 28
    Gematria Summerian 438
    Gematria Ordinal 73
    Gematria English 766

    Napoleon Solo
    Gematria Jewish 476
    Gematria Reduction 54
    Gematria Summerian 918
    Gematria Ordinal 153
    Gematria English 576

    Man from U.N.C.L.E.
    Gematria Jewish 505
    Gematria Reduction 54
    Gematria Summerian 810
    Gematria Ordinal 135
    Gematria English 675

    November 22, 1932
    11/22/1932 > 33/51 > 6/15 > 6/6
    1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 3 + 2 = 21
    11 + 22 + (1 + 9 + 3 + 2) = 48
    11 + 22 + 19 + 32 = 84
    11 + 22 + 32 = 65

    November 11, 2016
    11/11/2016 > 22/36 > 4/9
    1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 13
    11 + 11 + (2 + 0 + 1 + 6) = 31
    11 + 11 + 20 + 16 = 58
    11 + 11 + 16 = 38

    November 22, 1932 to November 11, 2016 is 30671 days (including end date).
    83 years, 11 months, 21 days
    4381 weeks, 4 days.

    November 22, 1932 to November 11, 2016 is 30670 days (not including end date).
    83 years, 11 months, 20 days
    4381 weeks, 3 days.

  9. Harambe
    Species Western lowland gorilla
    Sex Male
    Born May 27, 1999
    Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville, Texas, United States
    Died May 28, 2016 (aged 17)
    Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
    Known for Circumstances of death
    Residence Gladys Porter Zoo (1999–2014)
    Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden (2014–2016)
    Weight 440 lb (200 kg)
    Named after "Harambe (Working Together for Freedom)", song by Rita Marley

  10. The Cincinnati zoo 39/84 lol

    17 like Ohio and or 71 like World Series

    Same slogan as Trump " working together for freedom

    440 or 44!
    1999 or 666
    Lebron got to Cleveland in 2014 and won championship in 2016
    Barack ends the 44th presidency
    Cause of death Gunshot / 104

    He lived 17 years and a day

    A year and a day /938
    Barry sotero 938.lmao

    Barack better watch his ass !

  11. All the old singers are dropping like flies. Who's next, Billy Joel or Neil Diamond?

    1. Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins...same month

  12. Loved that last line -- Cohen's quote: "I plan to live forever".
    Funny -- that's EXACTLY what Michael Jackson said ...

    And HOW does a man in his '80's REALLY endure a concert schedule that would tax people ONE-FOURTH his age??

    Either they stuck in some body doubles, or these elite really are taking on clones of "fresh" bodies. They HAVE to be up to SOMETHING -- it's sure not Good, Clean Living!
    Maybe they've actually gotten ahold of some Sarcophagi -- like the ones in Stargate that restore health & vitality. Sometimes I wonder ...

    1. Johnny Knoxville

      Bad grandpa ... It's just make up !
      Movie magic

    2. Yeah, these guys are magicians. Photoshop, makeup, masks, glasses, and wigs. It's easy to change appearances. Who knows how old these guys are? Perhaps they think of time differently.

      I'm rethinking what we have been told death is. Perhaps it's more of shedding of one skin/shell for another, and the new one is in a different color frequency than our human eyes can register and that's why we can't see them, and probably different colors would have different sound frequencies attached so it would be harder ti hear them and that's what would seperate us?
      Maybe television/radio is a way for us to communicate with that realm? Maybe they have some influence on it. Perhaps it's a conduit between two or more worlds.

      Ive read that the period around the Civil War to WW1 people were very into the occult, and yrying to contact the dead through seances, etc..right around the time that movies, photography, phonographs etc.. were being invented. Edison was said to have been working on a machine to contact the dead. Perhaps he did make one and we weren't told.

    3. Truth, Pru. They can see time as a whole, like standing above a pizza and looking straight down, while we.can only get a slice at a time.

  13. His last album, 'You Want It Darker' = 205. (UFc 205). Dies on the 312th day of the year, relfection of 213, a no. all over UFC. Song of the same title, 'You Want It Darker', his last single release before death is 4:44 in track length. (444). Released Sep. 21st 2016, 48 days before his death or 47 excluding end day. Think Nov. 7th was same as aul smokin Joe Frazier.
    Quality post man!

    1. His album, 'You Want It Darker' runs for a total of 36 minutes 9 seconds apparently. 36:09 ( or 3, 6 & 9 ) ...

  14. I think people need to understand Leonard Cohen's importance. His songs are VERY cryptic.

  15. From 9/21/1934 to 11/7/2016 is 29,998 days. If we divide 29,998 days by 28, the days in a 13MC month, we get 1,071 months 10 days. Using the 13MC, the end date would fall on February 28th. The date 2/18 is 8/12, and the 208th day on the 13 Moon Calendar.

  16. Hey Zack, here is the first vid I made for the database info on a timeline I created using a program called Simple Mind Pro. I refered to this in an earlier comment. It took me a long time to get this data together and connect everything. Here is a vid describing all the cypher understandings of color schemes so you will understand how everything connects, this vid is an attempt to explain how I use the program and use some examples. Its put together gathering your coded info up and put together in a way you can see the connections, hope you enjoy and await the next. Sorry I havn't got it to you sooner but my computer died and had to get another to get back on track.
    Email me if any questions