Tuesday, November 15, 2016

31 58 67 113 139 | The release date of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', November 30, 1979

*Pink Floyd = 49/58/112

11/30/1979 = 11+30+19+79 = 139 (Freemasonry = 58/67/139)
11/30/1979 = 11+30+(1+9+7+9) = 67
11/30/1979 = 1+1+3+0+1+9+7+9 = 31 (31 days left in the year)
11/30/79 = 11+30+79 = 120
11/30 = 11+30 = 41 (41, the 13th prime)

The = 2+8+5 = 15
Wall = 5+1+3+3 = 12
The Wall = 27

The = 20+8+5 = 33
Wall 23+1+12+12 = 48
The Wall = 81

Personally, when I think of walls, I think of gates.  The date 11/30, has a parallel to 'gate'.


  1. Wrote up a Trump timeline (65/110/111/119)

    Trump was born in 1946, 19+46=65
    He went to 'Fordham'=65
    His book 'The America we deserve' came out 605 days before 9/11 happened, and his book hinted at Osama bin Laden perpetrating the attack in the future;
    'President elect'=65 R

    President=110 (Fordham University=110 V-exception) (Seventy=110 O)
    Republican=101 O, (Fordham University 101 S-exception)

    The book came out exactly 888 weeks before he will be inaugurated, (Trump=88 O) (Donald J Trump=888 Jewish gematria) (Elected on 11/8, 11x8=88)
    Donald John Trump=1110 (New York=111) (9/11 leaves 111 days left in the year and he predicted it pretty much since he's in the know)

    On wikipedia it has Trump at age eighteen, dated 6/30/1964
    The picture has date numerology of 119, 6+30+19+64=119
    Trump elected on 11/9
    Donald=119 (Jewish gematria)
    Fordham University=119 with V/S-exceptions (92 R)

    'Forty fifth president'=108/117 R/S-exception
    'The america we deserve'=108 V-exception and 117 with V/S-exception

    Trump became president 511 days after starting his campaign (Saturn=511 Jewish gematria)
    He became the republican presumptive nominee on May 3rd, 5/3 to 11/8 (election day) is 189 days (The america we deserve)=189 (Donald J trump = 1189 Jewish gematria)
    Trump accepted the republican nomination on 7/21, 7/21 to 11/8 is 110 days (president=110, Seventy=110) or a span of 111 days (New York=111)

    Also even the date of his acceptance is like his inauguration year, 7/21 or 21/7 in most parts of the world and he will take office in 2017 a rescrambling of the numbers.
    From 7/21 to inauguration day is also 5 months 30 days a lot like 5/3 the day he became the presumptive nominee, nov 8 also left 53 days left on the year
    July 21 was the 203rd day of the year this year, Donald=23

    January Twentieth=214 O (The Republican Party=214 O) 70 R (Trump will be 70 years old)
    Trump carried 1,441 primary delegates and 306 electoral votes in the general election;
    1441+306=1747, 1+7+4+7=19 (POTUS=19)

    He will be president #45, 'forty five'=126 O, his convention started 7/18, 7x18=126 (Hillary's birthday is 10/26) (Trump's birthday is 6/14, 6x14=84, United States of America=84)

    1. Should Trump serve his first time fully which I think he will personally he would be a one term president I think. He would be replaced on January 20th, 2021.

      He would be 74 years old, 7 months and 7 days old at that time, 74+7+7=88 (Trump=88)

    2. Also just heard you mention Janet Reno's birthday is 7/21 on Jeff Young's show, the same day Trump's convention ended and he accepted the republican nomination. So she was the sacrifice for Trump it seems.

      Janet Reno=612 English gematria, reflection of 216, like the year and Cleveland where Trump held his convention
      Her initials J (10) R (18), a lot like 11/8 the day of the election.

    3. In regards to the serta commercial Trump says 'looking good number nine'=239 o (52nd prime, prophecy, country was 239 years old this year) 113 R (Mainstream/dishonest=113)

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    5. The sheep says 'welcome to room nine'=214 O (The Republican party=214 O) 88 R (Trump=88)

      The sheep also says 'Where's your dignity'=101 R/110 S-exception

      President=110 (Fordham University=110 V-exception) (Seventy=110 O)
      Republican=101 O, (Fordham University=101 S-exception)

  2. Pink Floyd's live album called 'Pulse' ( Like the nightclub name in Orlando shooting ), has a pretty interesting cover ... released on June 6th ( 6/6 ), in the USA 1995. Released May 29th 1995 in Europe, the 149th day with 216 remaining.

    1. Song from a later Floyd release called,
      'A Great Day For Freedom' ... not checked but seems to be about the Berlin Wall ...

      I saw a DVD years ago ... Was Roger Waters & ton of other artists, playin in Berlin few months after the Wall came down ... released August 21st 1990. Get this ... The stage featured a 550 foot long wall, 82 feet high :D

  3. Just noticed something.
    Pink Released an album in 1988 (88), on the same date JFK was shot, November 22nd 1988.
    called, "Delicate Sounds Of Thunder". 104 minutes long.
    'Delicate Sounds Of Thunder' = 262 / 100 / 118s

    1. Last one, then I'll shut up again.
      On March 21st 1982 ( 21/3 - 213 ), they released 'The Final Cut'.
      'The Final Cut' = 119 / 47.
      Track 'When The Tigers Broke Free' = 3:16 in length
      Re-release is 3:43 (7x7x7). 'When The Tigers Broke Free' = 138sk
      Another track called, 'Not Now John' = 49.

      Posting mad again ... shutting up now. :)

      All the best man, Dar!

  4. Great post! Pink=119
    I also think about the LAW. The whole point of the NWO is to convert all of humanity into living only by the laws of man, rather than the laws of nature! Building a wall is a parallel to building the law.
    I was just thinking about Dark Side of the Moon yesterday when thinking about prisms and rainbows and the chakras. I think something is coming into view...but I haven't got it all worked out yet. Interesting how that album is known to track with the Wizard of Oz though...which it does, I've done it before! Clearly messages in both about the dark side keeping its control via smoke and mirrors...and keeping us unaware of the true enlightenment which has to do with the rainbow and the chakras...and nothing to do with words on paper.

  5. Wall=48. Syd=48
    Syd left floyd 48 yrs ago
    Syd's "88" album (opel=48)
    Floyd song "poles apart" is about him (pole=48) released as a single in the u.s. (4/94)

  6. Division bell=132
    Syd barrett=132
    Theres supposed to be a sync between "saucerful of secrets"
    And 1951 "day the earth stood still"

    IMDb states duration(1hr32mn)

  7. Have a cigar=75
    Released in "75"

    Album release 9/12/75