Sunday, November 20, 2016

33 153 | Aleppo, how the mainstream media makes "war scenes" to deceive the masses, November 20, 2016

Some nice '153' gematria.

Notice the use of the word 'Holocaust'.   Holocaust = 33/42/114

Inside the city of Aleppo is a Holocaust = 154/181/379

Then adding insult to injury, at the top of the screen is the banner with German news.

Germany?  Holocaust?  Zionist media, mocking.

And then when you think the jokes are done, a reminder than Donald Trump is the President elect.

If you're not getting it, this is all bullshit.

Pence:  No offense taken = 85/94/193 (193, the 44th prime)

Hamilton = 38 (Death = 38) (Killing = 38) (11/18/2016 = 38)
SNL = 45 (Mike Pence = 45) (Donald Trump, 45th President Elect) (Elect = 45)
Reflections from comedians who mock the public for pay
White nationalist bloodied, eh?

At least there is a shout of for the excellent work mad dog is doing in the comments of the blog.  Keep it up mad dog.  Donald Trump must be noticing,  Ha!

Let's close out with this, from Boston to France to Aleppo, it's all bullshit.

If you watch the news footage, I love the commentary about how the people need to run for cover, while the cameraman stands right out in the open, supposedly where the bombs are about to drop.  It's as if TV knows the audience is never counting the cameraman.  Cameraman = 33

The TV, the tool that turned people into programmed.