Sunday, November 6, 2016

33 42 154 | Halftime stats, Week 9, Colts @ Packers, November 6, 2016

They said before the game, it was the first time in 33-years that the temperature was above 60 degrees at Lambeau Field.  Remember, G = 33, in Francis Bacon Gematria.

G = 33

Anything pop out about the stats to you?  I notice a few things.

154 is the old baseball game schedule length.  Baseball = 54

Might need to dig into Baltimore baseball history.

42, 42, 47, 77... more...

Also, Luck has 24-attempts.  Colts = 15/24/69


  1. Games on CBS - Baltimore won on CBS early game

  2. Zach did you see the way lions vikings game ended they won lions in OT 22-16 US BANK STADIUM=38

    1. I am pretty sure that alot of the coding for a team is about the SB locations and not necessarily the team. I got fooled last year and saw tons of Falcons coding for a SB, then they fell apart. Still, they were awarded the 2019 SB that year, and I believe that was what I was seeing. Vikings are having a very similar season.

    2. All along I've been saying the Vikings tributes could be just for Super Bowl 52, since a lot of the numbers have been 25 and 52.

  3. Final Score looks like a total of 57 points. The last time they played 4 years ago it was a total of 57 points as well. Fifty seven=131 championship

    1. Need to look at that season more carefully.
      Andrew Austen Luck = 57

  4. 78 points was the total score
    Chargers and Titans


  5. From the cancelled packers vs colts hall of fame game on August 7th, 2016 to the current date of 11/6/2016 where they play this Sunday @ lambeau is exactly 91 days

    From this Sunday, to Super Bowl 51 is 91 days,

    Lambeau Field = 91

    So technically colts vs packers is the major 91 connection this week, with the date connecting 91 each way having a date numerology of 33... not a coincidence

    If the packers lose they fall to 4-4

    Wisconsin = 44
    Super Bowl 51 Date = 44 (2+5+20+17)

    If colts win, they improve to 4-5 on the year

    Upcoming 45th president tribute, but 44th person to be president.


    This gematria proved to be correct with the Colts Beating The Packers 31-26

    This was a total of 57 Points
    Fifty-Seven = 131
    Super Bowl = 131
    Championship = 131

    Now looking to the Giants game, the giants win 28-23 = 51 Points

    Super Bowl 51

    The Super Bowl will be Giants VS Colts, a replay of the greatest game ever played. NYG being in the super bowl will also be a tribute to madam president clinton.

    1. It was also Pagano's 71st career game, and ended up being his 45th career win. Mike McCarthy ended up falling to 108-59-1. Cubs connection as well as Hillary connection. They kind of roped every tribute into one in this game and the Giants game. When Joe Buck said "10's the magic number" I knew immediately he was not only referring to Eli Manning's number, but also all of the 39 surrounding the Giants and Colts. Joe Buck is the biggest giveaway to coding with some of the bizarre "off the cuff"(scripted) shit he says

    2. Colts lead series 11-7,71?

    3. Makes perfect sense, they are calling Game 7 of the WS the Greatest Game ever Played now too, so those were hints to the upcoming rematch. There will be much doubt these next few months, but that initial Colts/Giants pick is going to play out. Their SB was 29 points, and I have seen lots of 29 codind as well. That is 2 weeks and 2 days after the 1/20 Hillary inauguration and 22 days before 2/27.

    4. The SB is 22 days till 2/27, Inauguration Day is 38 days till 2/27. 2/27 is the end/beginning of NewMerica, btw.

  6. denver wins 31-17 final oakland sloppy team most penalized

  7. Let me know if im reaching or if i'm onto something...I did this right when Luck got his 2nd interception.
    "Andrew Luck Two Interception" English Reduction system equals 120
    "Andrew Luck Two Interception" English Ordinal system equals 318 which breaks down to 12.

    "Andrew Luck Two Interception" English Gematria system equals 2514 breaks down to 12. Also if you add 25+14 it sums to 39 connecting to the Colts,WS,elections,NY and so on..
    Ten = 12, 39
    I heard Joe Buck said 10 was the magic number.
    Magic Number = 52/106 ( Prophecy ! )
    "Andrew Luck Two Interception" English Sumerian system equals 1908 connecting to the World Series...