Sunday, November 20, 2016

33 42 44 46 96 144 193 | Donald Trump considers Mad Dog Mattis, 44-year marine, for 'Secretary of Defense'

Let's start with that name Mad Dog.

Freemason = 96; Knowlege = 96

Trump and Mad Dog met November 19, 2016, the day leaving 42-days left in the year.

Military = 44; Genocide = 44; Kill = 44; Donald Trump, the 44th man to be President

Mad Dog served the marines for 44-years.

'44' is the perfect number for 'Secretary of Defense', what he is being considered for.

Notice how '193' is the '44th prime', and Secretary of Defense = 193

For another connect to '44', let us decode his full legal name, James N. Mattis.

Notice he was head of U.S. Central Command from August 11, 2010 to March 22, 2013.  Both the '118' sequence and the '223' sequence pop.

If you drop the N from his name, it connects to 'Washington', where the Pentagon is.

He was born on the Virgin Mary's birthday.  Jesus did say he came to bring the sword... a lot of wars have been in Jesus name... the  Pentagon is 77-feet tall on the 77th Meridian West...  Christ = 77

9/8/1950 = 9+8+19+50 = 86 (Symbol) (Triangle) (Pyramid)
9/8/1950 = 9+8+1+9+5+0 = 32
9/8/50 = 9+8+50 = 67
9/8 = 9+8 = 17

Let us not overlook the emphasis on 'very impressive' either.  It feels very 'Israel'.

The name of the location has gematria matching the 13th Fibonacci Number.  That number is '233'.

Fibonacci = 44

Their meeting in Bedminster came on the right date as well.

11/19/16 = 11+19+16 = 46 (Bedminster = 46) (Chaos = 46)

44-years of service!  Military = 44; Mad Dog = 44

Let us not forget the '33' gematria of marine, a number often tied to sacrifice.


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    1. It not a done deal. Lol. But thanks. It's fun to shoot some people.. in video games.. sometimes..

    2. If you're saying huh? Read the article.

    3. Turn it down. Be the next President. MadDog 20/20.

  2. Trump is represented in the Back To The Future trilogy by the character Biff. In the 3rd movie they go back in time to the 1800s and Biff's ancestor Biff "Mad Dog" Tannen is there as the villian in the film.

    See Brother Berg's post:

    The same film series features the Cubs world series win and tons of 9/11 references as well.

    1. Correction: The character's name was Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen

    2. Great point Lenny. It's so in our face.

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  4. (Mattis) Mati in Greek means eye, all seeing eye I don't know if that means anything in this situation just thought I'd throw that in there. Btw great work Zach big fan stay blessed!!

  5. The front-runner for Treasury Secretary fits the gang's Illuminati/NWO/Secret Society profile. As per the 53yr old "Steven Mnuchin" is a former 17yr Goldman Sachs partner, a
    "Yale Alum" and is engaged to a "Scottish" actress "Louise Linton". Trump is said to be "Eyeing" him for the position. He is of Je-WISH descent, a Banker, Filmmaker and Political Fundraiser. He is the founder of Rat-Pac Dune Entertainment that produced the X-Men franchise & Avatar.
    Steven Terner Mnuchin=1660 (Full Name)
    Treasury Secretary=1446
    Secret Society=166
    Front Runner =991
    Rat-/Pac Dune Entertainment=99
    Steven Terner Mnuchin = 94
    Skull and Bones =149
    Banker Tyrant = 149
    Luminaires = 49
    Jewish = 74
    All Seeing Eye=714
    Eyeing = 390
    Yale Alum= 90
    Louise Linton=990
    Scottish Rite =990
    Steven Mnuchin=59
    Political fundraiser =95
    Fifty Three= 59
    X-Men Franchise= 139
    Freemasonry= 139
    Avatar= 63
    Saturn Worship= 1206