Saturday, November 12, 2016

33 58 121 | McGregor-Alvarez fight starts at 1:21 AM ET, November 13, 2016

The final event started at 1:21 AM ET, November 13, 2016, and not by coincidence.

Revelation = 121; 7/26/88 = 7+26+88 = 121; 7/26 = 7+26 = 33

This was Alvarez's 33rd fight.
McGregor was also attempting to become the third fighter to win at three different weight classes.
11/13/2016 = 11+13+(2+0+1+6) = 33

With regards to him winning in Round 'Two'...

Two = 58 (Eddie Alvarez = 58) (Freemasonry = 58) (Secret Society = 58)

Also, here's an update on my YouTube stats:

Read my preview for the fight here and why I favored McGregor:


  1. This event was definately scripted. First of all, Woodley not deciding to knock Wonderboy out was suspicious. Instead going to the ground and let him recover. Second of all, the judges scores was had this insane WWE feel about it. Was ruled a win for Woodley, then a minute later change it to create controversy and more hype for an eventual rematch.
    On to the main event. What was that bullshit? Referee stops the fight after one groundpunch by McGregor. In the Woodley fight, he threw like 45 punches and referee didnt stop it. Its amazing how the entire world is writing/thinking McGregor is GOAT now. Dude is like 20-3, meanwhile theres a russian in the same division that fought on the prelims! that has a record of like 24-0. Insane how they are brainwashing us. Its just a scripted show. And everyones paying for it.

    1. I also want to thank you Zachary. I've been asleep for my 23 years (my age) but with your knowledge, you have finally woken me up to this ugly world. It was actually nice being asleep, all this scripted shit is blowing my mind.

    2. I didn't understand that woodley outcome. Was it basically a draw?

    3. Thank you for the information friend, I did not see the fights so I appreciate you sharing!

  2. @Wildfire yes it was a majority draw, two judges had it 47-47 and one had it 48-47 woodley, but you need two judges to have the majority decision so it became a majority draw almost ensuring a rematch between the two.


  3. 121 - means "to press together; to force"- in boxing, reported time "by the numbers"

    Boxing is usually fixed most of the time - no SURPRISES HERE:

    however, extremely interesting codes came up after the death of Legendary Songwriter Leonard Cohen Died [died at age 82] -check it out:

  4. Every one of my picks lost bar Jim Miller :D I'm useless at predicting. Gematria puts all the pieces & people in play, but I'm useless at spotting the outcomes.

    One thing I did notice. The only Muslim on the card, Belal Muhammad, was Ko'd in 1:19. ( 119, like Sep. 11th 11/9 ). Muhammads record then went to 10 wins 2 losses ( 10-2 or 102, just like the length of Sep. 11th attacks, 102 minutes, and 'Al Qaeda' = 102. )
    'one minute nineteen seconds' = 110 ( Height of Twin Towers, Rockefeller, Osama Bin Laden, etc )

    A nice little tribute in New York to 9/11.
    Vicente Luque, who knocked muhammad out is also nicknamed,
    'The Silent Assassin' = 213.
    'Vicente Luque' = 55 / 73v. 'Sacrifce' = 55. Bush was 55 when 9/11 attacks occured & all the other 5's that go with it.

    Class stuff man ... I'm gonna stick to soccer from now on ... I'm pure shite at pickin fights :D ha.

    Later, Dar!

    1. Ohh and one more ... I knew they'd get a 322 for Skull & Bones in there somewhere.

      Tim 'The Barbarian' Boetsch, Ko'd Rafael Natal, in 3 minutes 22 seconds of round 1, 3:22.

    2. Dar, what I am noticing is that we are often picking based on who has more lining up for them.... and it often seems that when a lot lines up for a person, they are the "sacrifice" for the event, or the "loser" if you will. We are good at finding the numbers and how it is scripted, but the knowledge we are missing is how these numbers determine the outcome. If we stay at it, we'll overcome what is holding us back now. Keep up the great work friend!

    3. True that man. Some day I'll figure it all out proper ... Ohh and sorry went bit bonkers with this UFC & comments. Just drives me mad all the McGregor stuff over here. Livin' only 5/10 minutes walk from his house, it's McGregor central. Irish McGregor fans are absolute mentalists :D.
      ... The aul emotions tend to kick in too :). I'll see patterns and think ... ohh he's def gonna win ... then realise, 'Hang on, I hate that fighter, I don't want him to win', and go searching for reasons for him to lose :) . Especially having watched UFC since way back late 90's. Think UFC 12 or 13 was first one I saw. Same one Joe Rogan made his debut in :) . Tis grrr :( .

      I'll keep pluggin away ... hopefully shake the bad habits along the way :) .

      All the best, Dar!

    4. Ohh and one last thing :) ... With Tim Boetsch winning in 3:22 of the first round.
      The date they voted MMA legal in New York, was March 22nd 2016, 3/22.

      Think me aul ball of lead (head), needs a breather now. :D . Cheers again & have a class aul week, Dar!

    5. Def last one on this :) ...
      With all the tweets and post sayin, def a 10-8 round.
      10-8 a lot like 108 ( Chicago Cubs, Trump etc )
      Knocked down 3 times ... McGregor then wins 3 times in 3 different weight classes.
      He KO'd Alvarez at 3:04 in round 2,
      leaving 1:56 left in the round.
      'Thirty Three' = 156. 'God' = 156.

      Fight lasts total of 484 seconds.
      Square Root of 484 = 22. 22nd prime = 79 ( Conor McGregor )

  5. That 121 is always a coded 33 fingerprint. It is also all over the place. It will show up as a 212 as well.

    One Two Repeating=1122

    Binary Overlay=1002


    Twelve Plus Twenty One=1776(Foundation number(1+7+7+6=21+12=33)

    Three Repeating=151(66), 906, 505

    Three in One=113, 342(Human Being)

    The Devil, God, and Me=888

  6. khabib nurmagomedov will destroy anybody in ligtwieght division...and will not play the scripted bull shit game

    1. He'll never get the title shot either if that's the case lol, not all fighters are in on it, but anyone who gets close to the belt is.

  7. Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov=323

    Sure he doesn't. He's probably a stand up guy.

    McGregor vs Nurmagomedov=275

    ISIS vs IRA=750

  8. To waste money on this circus is beyond me..........