Thursday, November 17, 2016

44 144 | Bernie Sanders says he will ally with Donald Trump if he has the guts to take on corporate America, November 17, 2016

Unlikely allies = 59/68/77/167 (167, 39th prime)

Donald John Trump = 68
Washington D.C. on the 77th Meridian

If Donald Trump takes on corporate America?  Like they say, when pussygrabbers fly.

Corporation = 144
Forty-Four = 144


  1. It really does pain me to have to realize that Bernie was only there to help get Trump elected. But I will admit it and accept it. What a disappointment though. I was always just a tiny bit suspicious when he never spoke up about the election fraud though...and he is Jewish. Hate to judge on that...but it's hard not to. Not all are corrupt... But many are...especially when they are in high places...i.e. Senators.

    1. Bernie Sanders = 133; Government = 133; White House = 133

  2. Too good to be true=197(45th prime) Sum of the first 12 primes as well.