Friday, November 18, 2016

44 188 | 'Trump Settles', November 18, 2016 headlines regarding the "Trump University lawsuit"

Trump University = 79/88/106/250 (Trump = 88)

A quick reminder a public conman figure is the President.  Again, he's the 44th man to be President.

The headline seems to be a shot to the gang that controls the money as well.

1+2+5+10+20+50+100 = 188 (Denominations of U.S. Dollar Bills, with Illuminati symbolism)


  1. Zach, can you check my post, Trump might get "assassinated" on May First
    I wanna hear your thoughts and see if I missed something

  2. Zach doesn't respond to anything I say, I fear he will also brush you off, not a character issue, more or less a time issue. I've found that he blogs when he's putting new material up.

    Now for my constructive criticism you did not ask for, but I am qualified to give fellow truther.

    43, 23, 16, 51, 15 would be your date numerology/date numbers.
    If you added in an unorthodox way, 51 (May 1,) with 20 and 17, you get an 88. Or could go 51 + the 17 for a 68 (With a smug look on my face, the under curled lip smack, the shoulder shrug, the orange tan bed glow, and the all seeing eye/666 hand gesture) In Trump's voice...'It is certainly tremendously a great possibility my friends'

    May = 39 The number of books in the old testament.

    Also with the JFK talk yesterday and before, slide 313... 3 x 13 = 39
    As we know a 'New York' = 39 number.

    Now let's read your blog...

    1. Thank you for your input
      Hopefully you find something else ;)

    2. Well with putting kids to bed, etc, I will find lots based on your layout, this evening, early morning bud.

    3. I added a few more stuff that I just found out :)
      Looking forward to seeing what you come across :)

    4. I'm sorry I don't respond to everyone's comment, it is a matter of not enough time in a day. Just keep applying the work, and cooperate as you did here. Documentation and practice with the skill is the key.

    5. No worries, I know you have crazy work ethic, I just had to share this find, there's truly a lot of stuff lining up for May First

    6. Ok here's something. Frederick is his father as you stated.

      He lived to a Saturnesque age of 93. In 1999, flip the date and you have another 666 to add to your list bro.

      He was arrested back in the day 1927 for protesting immigrant shit. He was wearing Ku Klux Klan attire.
      3 11's, 33 if you wish.

      From inauguration day of Jan 20, 2017 to May Day (1st), is 3 months 11 days.

      311, very important number. So it's something to add into the possibilities.

    7. Thank you very much, Ku Klux Klan = 138, Donald Trump - 138
      From Inauguration day to May 1st is also a span of 101 days
      One-o-one = 38

    8. Adding the end date you get 102 days, but really, 14 weeks and 4 days, 144 could be very important to build on.

      44 is your potential kill number, also 'bloodline' ya know what has been called 'the Holy Grail'

      Realistically, it's amazing, the media didn't pick up on that kkk, when Dave Duke and the Klan supported him and he brushed It off. There are probably photos of them together published and all.

      ARE WE SURE THE MEDIA WASN'T HELPING TRUMP??? Remember he got 80% of the news stories, compared to Clinton's 20%

      Ratio of 4 to 1, or 41 the 13th prime. Not that anyone is superstitious of 13, or black cats or walking under ladders (Jacobs ladder)

      Kanye West, post trump support. Clues come in everyday.

    9. 144 is the 12th fibonacci number as well. Some good 12's in the bible.

      Mark 3:14
      Talks of the 12 ordained, one of whom was Simon, who was a member of a political party advocated a violent overthrow of the Roman government. I could see a strong parallel with Rome the world dominating power of the 'past and present' Rome/Vatican City... US can be argued as still the world power, of course Russia and China try to jockey for political and economic dominance.

      144,000 saved from Lake of fire
      Lake of Fire, is the symbolic imagery of what Hell is.

      Get an Authorized King James Bible from the library.

      Rev 21:20 ...The Twelfth, an Amethyst. PURPLE, 'hello, McFly!' the 12th layer of the city wall I talk about below.

      Rev 21:12 (=33) ,Had a wall great and high...had 12 gates and at the gates had 12 angels...12 tribes...

      Rev 21:14 and the wall of the city had 12 foundations, and in them the 12 names of the apostles of the Lamb.

      Lambskin apron would be worn by a Scottish Rite Freemason such as Trump.

      I could go all night and day with 12 and 144, one 144 to close on...

      Rev 21:16 And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits...

      Maybe an assassination, but based on Revelation 21, the Wall passes in congress on May 1st potentially.

    10. 311 is 64th prime. Maybe some of these teats of info work with your layouts.

      I haven't been Decoding as many words per se, I'm into the biblical parallels this month.

    11. Yes! One last one a 666 closer.

      That wall that was 144 cubits, that translates to our standard measurement system of 216 feet. Wait! What? 216!?

      6 x 6 x 6 = 216

    12. You mentioned some great things I completely forgot to mention, I will add some things that you mentioned later on when I get the chance
      Thank you very much for the great input! This post is building up more and more it seems :)

    13. According to the crystal encyclopedia I just bought, Amethysts were prized because they protected the wearer from drunkeness. But really, i don't think they are talking about alcohol. After all, getting drunk is pretty much the point of drinking.
      I'm wondering if maybe they r talking about what I call "the stupid", the madness of crowds, retarded herd mentality that runs rampant in this world. Perhaps that's what drunkeness means to the Overlords. Protection from that would be seriously desired, a necessity!

    14. I'm not a credit whore so do not worry about that.

      FTFT is a think tank.

      Except if the Patriots vs. Packers happens. Then I have reason to set up my own site. I connected Robert Kraft, Michael Jackson, Drew Bledsoe, Vladimir Putin, Reggie White, Brett Favre and Kevin Greene, all to the reasons I picked those two teams. I laid it out on Sept 4th I believe in the blog comments if you ever got bored. Except I'm 3 times evolved from then.

      Like Zach said, getting it out on record is the best thing to do for the truth.

  3. Another out of topic subject but,

    In the movie "war dogs" with Jonah Hill they bring up the movie "little league" and a lot of stuff about being Jewish.

  4. The word "Dogs" is an anagram for the word "Gods". The false Jews (Je-WISH) see themselves as the "Gods" of this earth.

    "War Dogs" in English Reduction system equals 33

  5. I got the new A Tribe Called Quest album. It was released on Nov 11... It has a song called "Solid Wall of Sound", and "The Donald". Phife Dawg died recently on 3-22-16. Crazy!