Thursday, November 17, 2016

44 47 51 55 118 | February 5, 1951, Warren Austin 'TIME' magazine cover +A Super Bowl 51 clue?

Super Bowl 51 will be on February 5, 2017.  This is the cover of Time magazine from February 5, 1951.  Remember, Super Bowl 51, will be the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era, and the first Super Bowl was played in the 47th season of the NFL, the '66-'67 season.

Time = 47

Someone sent this image and said the color scheme and shape of the leaf pattern (United Nations) in the background reminded them of the Indianapolis Colts, who play at 'LUCAS OIL STADIUM', much like what's in the top left corner, Iran a& Oil.  Warren Austin was also married into the 'Lucas' family through his wife.

Notice Warren Austin's date of birth and death.  He died 'Christmas'.  Christmas = 38; Death = 38

11/12/1877 = 11+12+18+77 = 118
11/12/1877 = 11+12+(1+8+7+7) = 46
11/12/1877 = 1+1+1+2+1+8+7+7 = 28
11/12/77 = 11+12+77 = 100
11/12 = 11+12 = 23

The date of his death has a life lesson number of '55'.  The name 'Warren Austin' also sums to '55', and as I have pointed out all season, '55' has been a big number with the Colts.  Perhaps it ties back to an ongoing ritual involving Warren Austin and more.

163, the 38th prime number; Death = 38; Killing = 38; Christmas = 38

12/25/1962 = 12+25+19+62 = 118 (Death = 118, Jewish Gematria)
12/25/1962 = 12+25+(1+9+6+2) = 55 (Sacrifice = 46/55)
12/25/1962 = 1+2+2+5+1+9+6+2 = 28
12/25/62 = 12+25+62 = 99 (Thirteen) (Greatest Game Ever Played)
12/25 = 12+25 = 37

He died 43-days after his birthday, or a span of 44-days.

43-days was also 1-month, 13-days

Kill = 11+9+12+12 = 44

Super Bowl 51, in Houston, will fall on a date with '44' numerology this year.  February 5, 2017.

2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44

For one last point, notice his place of death, Burlington.  Again, this article was from '51.


  1. Colts 100% lock to go 5-5 this Sunday lol.

    1. I'm going to Vegas this weekend and I am probably going to bet on the Colts to win this Sunday. But who knows, anything can happen.

  2. Good timing for this post! The politicians are currently wrangling over whether the TREASURY DEPT has the official capacity to authorize the sale of 100 American Commercial Airliners to IRAN.

    As always, $$$ "trumps" political rhetoric. Is it too cynical to wonder if the naysayers are just grousing about being left out of the Graft Loop? Lol

    Apparently, Treasury sees their range of influence as all-encompassing -- little surprise there.
    Trump's supposed pick for Sec of Treasury is a former partner & CEO at Goldman-Sachs ... so -- as you predicted -- we can likely expect most things done outside the public's view to remain Status Quo. ;D

  3. There must be significance to the name "Warren". On Monday there was a Moon/Wolf/Lupercalia ritual done with Warren Moon and Randy Moss. Warren Moon = 55. I researched it extensively and it is more evidence for the Giants vs Vikings narrative. The name Warren also has the same gematria as "SUPER", like the Super Moon and Super Bowl.
    Zach, if you have a chance can you read through these findings?

    Pretty interesting that this guy Warren Austin married the woman with the name Lucas. The name "Luck" is derived from Lucas. Austin is the Capital city of Texas so even more clues for the Colts to play in the Super Bowl in Texas.

  4. His name is Andrew Austen Luck.

  5. Also Vikings have not been to the super bowl in 51 years. They are 0-4. Vikings on the history channel have finished season 4. Next summer will be season 5. The Vikings are 0-4. If they make it to the superbowl and lose they will be 0-5.