Thursday, November 17, 2016

44 50 88 122 | Heil Hitler spray painted on Indiana Church, November 17, 2016 news

HH = 88 (H is the 8th letter); Trump = 20+18+21+13+16 = 88

Elohim = 122 (Jewish Gematria); Freemason = 122 (Francis Bacon Gematria)

America = 50; Donald = 50; 50 States

Christian vs Muslim
Gay vs Straight
Man vs Woman

Is that a lesbian Reverend?

And checkout how the gematria of 'Indiana Church' connects to Donald Trump.

The name Kelsey Hutton connects to spirituality.

Let us not forget that CNN broadcasts out of Georgia, the 4th state.  Georgia = 44

Comcast nationally syndicates CNN as Channel 44.  Ted Turner = 44 (Turner = 33)

Truth Virus video:


  1. "Lesbian Reverend" Hilarious! I have no idea what that thing/person is. But you have to love that obvious programming. A lesbian looking person and an Arab looking guy. Both fit the pro-Hillary anti Trump media profiling.

    1. Stephen king's daughter is a lesbian reverend.

    2. King's father DONALD (who mysteriously changed his name from Pollack to king) was from Peru, indiana. Stephen lived in ft. Wayne indiana when he was a kid. "Stephen King's mother was Nellie Ruth Pillsbury. She was a member of the famous Pillsbury family that included the founders of the C.A. Pillsbury Company. A literary cousin includes poet and playwright Robert Frost. Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation actress and comedienne Amy Poehler is also a cousin of Stephen King."

      Amy poehler stars in a show (parks and rec) that takes place in indiana.

      Stephen collaborated with john mellencamp (famously a hoosier) on the musical
      Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

      "Ghost Brothers began preview shows at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta on April 4, 2012, opened April 11 and played until May 13, 2012."

      April 4. 44.

  2. And in Indiana no less... (Home of Mike Pence and the Colts)
    "Trump Graffiti" = 74
    "Heil Trump" = 50
    "Superbowl" = 50
    "Hutto" = 84
    I feel like every time we see graffiti in the media it has the same hand writing (if that makes sense). They must employ just one graffiti artist.

    1. If you jumble the letters in "Heil Trump" you get:
      "Triumph El" "El Triumph"
      "El" is Saturn

    2. Oh that's a really good catch Nick! And graffiti is typically written on Walls too. The Berlin Wall was covered in graffiti.

    3. There is probably a graffiti font they use to add it on to the picture in photoshop.

      Remember pretty much every image you see in the media has been fiddled with in some way. No need to actually go out and f shit up when u can fake it so easy.

    4. True story Pru! Adobe=72. (The maker of Photoshop.). I'm keeping an eye on Nov 30th now though. That was the date of the release of Pink Floyds the Wall and that day will have 77 numerology.

  3. Doesn't that wall look an awful lot like Pink Floyds wall?

    1. Very much so. You take a picture like that so the imagination can make the height endless. Its probably 5 feet High.

    2. Oh I just remembered how the movie The Wall has all of that Nazi stuff in it too. Might need to watch that movie...its been ages. There is such an obvious connection here...

  4. Speaking of preachers, I've been paying attention to Steven Anderson. Those that see the wickedness in this world are usually sucked into his ideology. When he was shilling in Botswana there were army trucks looking for him. All theater for his new movie "deported" (42). Controlled op is the name of the game.

    His church was founded on 12/25/05. 12+25+5 = 62
    "mason" in the EO equals 62
    "tempe arizona" in ER equals 62
    "faithful word" in ER equals 62
    "pastor anderson" in ER equals 62
    "sixty two" in EO equals 155
    "christianity" in EO equals 155

    tempe arizona on 33rd parallel

    Save"soul winning" in ER equals 58
    Save"baptist church" in ER equals 58
    Save"south africa" in ER equals 49 / 58
    Save"Steven Anderson" in ER equals 58
    Save"anti gay pastor" in ER equals 58

  5. Is this really news? I remember back in the 70s some kids spray painted "Reagan sucks dick" on the fence by the high school. I don't think it made the papers.

    1. Well today we're in 'divide and conquer in hyper drive VERSION 2016'

    2. And everyone knows Reagan, indeed, sucked dick.