Friday, November 18, 2016

45 | CNN writes that "two words" won Donald Trump the Oval Office, 'common sense'

Donald Trump?  Common sense?  The mockery is thick.


  1. He has been associated with success and money the past 30 years, always being described by the media as a self made billionaire, hes had 3 very glamorous wives and he's always on TV since I was a child anyway. People arw reassured by that, I think. He allegedly lives "the good life" and his confident delivery of the standard rhetoric hes known for is esp appealing right now.

    When the world is falling apart people are attracted by confidence. If someone seems like they know wtf is going on, and they have a plan then those who are scared and uncertain will flock to them no matter how retarded that plan may be. Apocalypse/zombie movies taught me that.

  2. Common sense =average intelligence level of Americans=IQ 85-90