Thursday, November 10, 2016

47 59 68 122 | Time magazine's 'The End Is Near' cover with Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

Red, white and black, like the Jesuits.  Let us not forget that Trump is a Jesuit.

Time = 47; President = 47; Authority = 47; Agent = 47; Beast = 47

And that sign?  The end is near?  It goes along with the 'Trump-Pence' ticket, like "trumpets", from Revelation, the warnings, from the final book of the Bible, the book about the "end".

The end is near = 59/68/122 (Donald John Trump = 68)

Regarding '122', Revelation is 22 Chapters, and '122' is the number that represents 'Elohim', the Jewish word for God, as well as 'Freemason', in the Francis Bacon method.

Here is the followup cover, it's even scarier.

Notice how the cover emphasizes that he was elected November 9, instead of November 8.

Of course 11/9 is the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Donald Trump = 48; Wall = 48
All Seeing Eye = 119; Star of David = 119; Master Plan = 119

11/9/2016 = 11+9+20+16 = 56 (President)


  1. Seth Rogen was in that movie " End of the world"

  2. well i guess we should just all kill our selves now if tbe end is near...what a joke !!!

  3. FEAR

  4. There were 9 U.S. flags behind him that night of the election .

  5. Gotta love each of them has 4 fingers showing, holding up the sign (44)

  6. I forgot to drive in my point of the tie in with Wisconsin Green Bay and Trump

    Green Bay, Wisconsin is 44N X 88W,
    Trump 44th person President, Trump = 88

    Colts upset Packers on 11-06, see the prophetic 106 in the date 1(1-06)
    'Green and Gold' = 106
    'The Packers' = 106 fell to 4-4
    In 'Wisconsin' = 44

    The Milwaukee Bucks should also lose tonight bringing their record to 4-4.

    Sting is in the news you say?

    WCW, WWE wrestler STING was one of the original 4 Horseman. Their hand symbol four losely raised fingers.

    1. The Milwaukee Bucks game is also a Salute to Military Service night, just like the 11-06 GB Packer Indy Colts game.

      How does one salute again? Four fingers across the brow with the thumb tucked beneath. (Go ahead, you can try a salute to see)

    2. Yes, Sting's New Album comes out 11/11. Its called "57th and 9th"
      Which is right near Hell's Kitchen in NYC.
      Coordinates are easily rounded to 40.7 and 74.0 (47 and 74)
      Hillary lost Florida with only 47.74% of the votes.
      The factors of 57 are (19 19 19) and 9 (3 3 3)
      There is something odd about this Sting Album...need to dig deeper I guess.

  7. Speaking Time covers I notice that the only other cover she was on last year was 2/15/2016. "I know what its like to be knocked down" (370 eo) and she is wear purple - like she wore in her speech yesterday which had numerology of 37. Purple=88 Trump=88 program=88 and from one of Zachs prior posts 'World of trouble awaits'=88 (posted 11/5)