Saturday, November 19, 2016

70 205 | Getting to Trump, November 19, 2016 headlines

Getting to Trump = 70/205

Trump is '70' years old.  Seventy = 110; President = 110
Israel = 205 (Jewish Gematria)

11/19/2016 = 11+19+20+16 = 66
11/19/2016 = 11+19+(2+0+1+6) = 39
11/19/2016 = 1+1+1+9+2+0+1+6 = 21
11/19/16 = 11+19+16 = 46 (Chaos)

The whole world is talking about Donald Trump.  My girlfriend, a Burmese refugee, has been fighting with her own siblings who live in Thailand about the selection of Trump.  Her family thinks it is good because their newspapers are reporting he is "Christian".  My girlfriend and her family are from a part of Burma that was settled by the British, and where the locals were converted to Christianity.

When I first met my girlfriend, she was a Christian.  I told her four years ago, Christianity leads people to foolish decisions.  She didn't agree then but she understands now, especially watching her family tell her that Donald Trump is good news.

Christians = The Minions of Satan (If you can't see this is the case, you are blind)
God of the Bible = Satan (Wake up, it's obvious)


  1. This is unrelated to gematria or this post, hopefully you guys don't mind that. There are a lot of smart people here and I wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts on something I've come to understand about life itself. I think we may just be observers to a very large extent.

    I have recently been thinking about life a lot and my recent acid trip revealed to me how life is all about perceptions. One's perceptions control their actions, reactions, worldview, attitude, feelings, etc. I would not be typing this right now if I didn't gain my first perceptions of the world exactly as I did and if the perceptions I developed ever since, ones that built on each other until I have the exact perceptions about everything that I do, weren't exactly what they were.

    So at what point do we really have control? Almost everything I am is just perceptions built on each other which is what all of my seemingly voluntary actions/thoughts are based on. If I say, "ok, now I'm going to prove that I am in control and am going to do X", that thought and action will still be 100% based on my perceptions of the world and the situation, which I gained non-voluntarily (since even when deciding how to perceive something, that decision itself is already based on earlier perceptions, all the way back to the very first one).

    Get what I mean? Seems like we're just along for the ride in a way? DNA + perceptions, zero actual control?

    Even these world powers would not be able to truly control anything if you think it all the way through. The 'DNA + perceptions' part would apply to everyone, so all of their actions would also just be the result of perceptions building on top of each other and in that way it would all be pre-determined from the beginning.

    The only way something could truly alter the course of things in this world is by changing the initial conditions. What if that's what is going on? Someone/something setting up different conditions and letting it play out to see what happens? If none of us truly have control, this is why we are all the exact same too, which seems to be just an observer of some kind.

    Am I missing something or understanding something incorrectly? Thoughts, anyone?

    1. Perception is the key. That is why you are programmed from a young age to perceive the world through bullshit, from Christianity, to the garbage you're forced to learn in public school.


      Built to Spill---In Your Mind

    3. I agree, but Zach, in a larger sense, thinking it all the way through with what I explained above, do you get how the entire world would be pre-destined to run the course it will from the beginning? How even them deciding to program the masses was really not a choice out of "free will" since those choices come from their perceptions which they based those actions on, perceptions which are involuntarily gained?

      The way one perceives something is dependent on their pre-existing perceptions of the world, and from there it's turtles all the way down, just perceptions causing new perceptions, all the while controlling our thoughts and actions. So where does anyone actually have true control?

      Seems like it's just 'randomness of nature' playing out a pre-destined path to me. We can't see this path ahead of time, but if there is no true free will, then the conditions of this place now fully determine the future, just like this exact state of the world would have been pre-destined since the very beginning.

    4. You are asking the ultimate question. Pre-destiny or free will?? I am coming around to the fact that it is both, in some cosmic way that will always remain a mystery. The point, I think, is to never stop questioning. What is the point of knowing everything? What do you do then.

      Tree of life or tree of death?

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    6. I didn't really even ask that question, I just kind of stumbled onto this whole thing about perceptions and now I can't see there being true free will. Maybe I'm wrong. Either way, I agree, I'm still going to question everything.

      I like to go by this quote:
      "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."
      -Albert Einstein

    7. I feel that. Stumbling into things is pretty much what we all are doing. I wasn't trying to put words in your mouth, just seemed like that was what you were saying to me. I feel like we are on a ride too, but not for the first time, and maybe we are pre-destined to ride this ride, picking up more for our subconscious everytime we go around, though we are trapped in a way in just what we are able to remember.

    8. I agree. And I like your earlier point about what would we do if we knew everything. That is heavily philosophical. No easy answer there.

  2. If your trump prediction is correct... 1984 years from 33ad

  3. The protestant reformation 1190
    Protestant 888
    Ninetyfive theses 205
    218th pope
    Martin luther died 2/18
    Michelangelo 2/18
    We'll hear more about the reformation soon.

  4. @cr. Dig this, there is a concept in Buddhism called "dependent origination." This means everything in your world is coming from you, not at you. Nothing means anything on its own. A fountain pen is a pen to us. But it is a chew toy to a dog. And a weapon to an inmate. One object, three different perceptions. You have absolutely no choice. This is the big lie the powers that be have really programmed into us- that we have a choice, that with perseverance, the right education, etc you can change. They program us to run after all these goals, follow all these unnatural rules, and be all we can be so we won't think about all the taxes and bullshit we tolerate. Every "choice" you make is too late. Seeds take months, sometimes years to produce fruit. Mental seeds are no different. When the fruit is ripe, it falls. When the mental perception is ripe, it appears as your reality. Learn to be comfortable being the observer, not the judge, or the reformer, or the answer. Sounds easy. If you are serious, it will take everything you have. No one wants to let go of control. LSD helps. :-) Everything is predetermined. There are no choices. There is no god needing you to prove your goodness or loyalty. That kind of thinking is taught be tyrants who want to rule you. There is no master plan. There is no one way. There are good practices that will help, but again, the "choice" to practice came all on its own. And the commitment also came on its own. You merely observe it taking place.

    1. Cr,
      I recommend the movie Head starring The Monkeys and written by Jack Nicholson.
      It seems to be aboUT these 4 guys playing themselves in a TV show called The Monkeys but everytime they get tired of it and try to go off script, they realize it was in the script for them to do that, no matter what.
      At least that's what I got from it. It's kind of open to interpretation.

    2. Yes, I fully agree. Even before understanding perceptions, the synchronistic events in my own life have been enough to convince me that either I'm an observer or consciousness affects reality. Now I see it's kind of both, because as you said, our perceptions control/create our reality, yet it's still all pre-determined.

      I just read this article today and it comes to pretty much the same conclusions that I have been coming to in the last two years, but explains it much better than I could:

      Well worth the read, but to summarize:

      "Although we experience reality as seemingly separate pieces, the fundamental reality form which that perception arises is that of oneness, whereby nothing is separable from anything else."

      "All relative realities are created by consciousness existing in relation to itself. “We are that consciousness. We are that consciousness existing in relation to itself and interacting with itself.” There is nothing else. None of the things we perceive as separate have an independent existence, as all are in actuality relational extensions of the underlying unity of consciousness. “Physical reality is a product of consciousness. Consciousness is not a product of physical reality. Physical reality does not interact with itself in some unknown fashion to cause consciousness to come into existence. Consciousness in the process of repeated and progressive self-relation becomes the awareness of experience, and thus creates physical reality.”

      I was close to understanding this before, but that acid trip finally allowed me to feel what pure being is and to see it all clearly. I think everyone should try acid at least once in their lives, it truly removes the veil.

    3. Prunella, thanks for the tip. That movie sounds interesting, I'll definitely check it out sometime.

      I would suggest I Heart Huckabees for anyone trying to fully grasp perceptions. That movie has a lot of layers. Being on acid will help see through them, but it's great even without it.

  5. And I don't know if it's possible to change the world. Maybe it isnt. Right now I'm just trying to understand it. And I've noticed that I seem to think best/most creatively when I distance myself from strong emotions and just try to observe the world from a point of neutrality.
    Another thing I've been doing for the past few years is yrying to figure out where I got my opinions and beliefs about how things are/must be, why do i believe that? and try to follow it like a ribbon to see where it leads.

    1. The last part of your comment is exactly what "I Heart Huckabees" is about. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it already.

      And I think from an every-day perspective, yes, the world can be changed through our actions. We can expose the evils of this world, do our best to make a better world, and the world will change accordingly, however as I see it ultimately that decision to do so would have been one we didn't really make out of pure free will, going back to what I explained above about perceptions and ultimately just being the observer.

      Many layers here, this stuff isn't easy to fully comprehend.

    2. Just checked it out on IMDb and it definitely looks like my kind of movie. Thanks, I will be watching this soon.