Thursday, November 17, 2016

Biggest oil discovery in mainland U.S., West Texas, November 17, 2016

They are definitely lying to us about what oil is, and how fast it regenerates.  Decades before I was alive they were scaring people with the phrase "peak oil" and how oil in the earth was approaching depletion.

We're supposed to believe that from then to now, they didn't know the biggest oil field in existence was in Texas?  I don't buy it, not when they go to the greatest lengths to find oil in the ocean.


  1. The discovery of oil was in Midland, TX, which was the setting of the 2004 movie Friday Night Lights, based on the story of the 1988 Odessa-Permian Panthers high school football team. In the CNN article it says the oil encompasses the towns of Midland and Lubbock, a span of 118 miles. The runtime of Friday Night Lights is 118 minutes, and the article was updated at 11:18 pm.

    The release date of the movie was 10/8/2004 (108).

    This was a span of 4423 days from 11/17/16. The story takes place in 88 (Trump; 44th)

    10+8+20+04 = 42
    10+8+2+0+0+4 = 24
    1+0+8+2+0+0+4 = 15
    10+8+04 = 22

    Friday Night Lights = 97, 106
    97th season of the NFL, Prophecy = 106, this movie is about football.

    Oil, in Texas, Houston Oilers, Lucas Oil...

    Colts = 24, 15

    1. 2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII
      - Feb 1, 2004
      - Reliant Stadium (Houston TX)
      - Panthers 29 @ Patriots 32

      2005 Super Bowl XXXIX
      - Alltel Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)
      - Patriots 24 @ Eagles 21
      *** Announcers Joe Buck, Troy Aikman ***

      Arent these 2 announcing SB51?

    2. If you know why I picked Colts and Giants to be the Super Bowl this year, it has everything to do with 118. Hmmm...

    3. Im new and havent read through all your material... so 118 is news to me. If you could just guide me a bit...much appreciated!

  2. "John F Kennedy" in English Gematria equals 968
    (#8 represents 35th Pres. 3+5=8)
    Also, JFK Airport has 6 terminals,1 thru"8"(#3&#6 are excluded).
    "Texas " in English Gematria equals 906
    "Assassination" in English Sumerian equals 960
    "Mammoth Oil" in English Ordinal equals 119
    "Bush Family" in English Ordinal equals 116

  3. Oil is like water. There is an endless supply. There is a retired General (who could very well be a shill) who confirmed this. He says oil does not come from petrified dinosaurs like we were taught. (I mean, really! I feel like a dumb fuck for believing that one. They got us twice on that lie.) It comes from the earth. Just like water. It is a hoax. Think about it. How can WE be sure what they tell us about supply? Global warming is the same thing. There is no such thing. It is all business and marketing. They got us to believe we live in a fucked up world where the god gives us plentiful resources that run out if we don't figure out how to conserve. This god also gives us tyrant leaders to pay taxes too to handle all that for us. fuckouttahere!