Tuesday, December 6, 2016

12 33 37 42 55 137 | Rashaan Salaam, dead at age 42, 58-days after his birthday, December 5, 2016

Denver won the Super Bowl February 7, the 38th day of the year, a span of 303-days before the death of Rashaan Salaam, the former Colorado Buffalo, who won the Heisman in 1994.

As for Colorado, it is the 38th state, connecting to 'death', and it's own name.

Let us begin with this former Heisman winner's death at age 42, the number stamped on black men throughout history.

Heisman = 8+5+9+1/10+4+1+5 = 33/42
Sixteen = 1/10+9+6+2+5+5+5 = 33/42
G = 33 (Francis Bacon Gematria); G = 42 (English Sumerian Gematria)
**Salaam played 33 games in the NFL, 1995-1999

He was a 'Junior' when he won the 'Heisman'.  The 3rd year, the only '33' year.

The Univerisity he attended connects back to '33' as well.

There's a reason Jackie Robinson wore #42, and it isn't nice.  Remember, the Freemasons, who created English, believe in divide and conquer.  Hateful terms.  Divide and conquer?

There's a familiar word in football that has '42' gematria as well.

Salaam was the 21st pick of the 1995 NFL Draft.

He was born in '74, like Kimbo Slice, who died at 42 earlier this year, days after Muhammad Ali, who was born in '42 and died at age 74.  He became boxing champion in '64, days later LeBron James won the first championship for Cleveland since 1964.

Rashaan's full name, Rashaan Iman Salaam = 56/74/146

Rashaan Salaam's name also connects to dying in the 12th month of the year, December.

RS = 18+19 = 37

With the s-exceptions, Rashaan Salaam = 37/55; Sacrifice = 46/55

Let us look at the stats on Rashaan Salaam.

19 is the most important number in Quran code
La Jolla, California = 70; Boulder, Colorado = 70

In light of the fact that he played for the Chicago Bears, it is interesting that he was born on October 8, the date the Great Chicago Fire began.  10/8, also looks like 108.  Again, this year the Cubs broke the 108-year-old World Series drought, and the Sears Tower, Chicago's Tallest buildig, is 108-floors.  Keep in mind Chicago is where the NFL was established.

10/8/1974 = 10+8+19+74 = 111 (New York) (NY is where Heisman awards are)
10/8/1974 = 10+8+(1+9+7+4) = 39 (New York)
10/8/1974 = 1+0+8+1+9+7+4 = 30 (Saturn)
10/8/74 = 10+8+74 = 92 (Manhattan) (Where Heisman awards are)

He died 58-days after his 42nd birthday, or a span of 59-days, (59 is) the other number stamped on black men throughout history.  Recall, February ends on the 59th day of the year, black history month.

12/5/2016 = 12+5+20+16 = 53 (Religion) (# of men on NFL team)
12/5/2016 = 12+5+(2+0+1+6) = 26 (God) (Mason)
12/5/2016 = 1+2+5+2+0+1+6 = 17 (Mason) (Kill)
12/5/16 = 12+5+16 = 33
12/5 = 12+5 = 17 (Ohio, the 17th State, where American Football began)

Remember, '5' and '9' are the single digits, when written out, that sum to '42'.  No others do.

Measuring from the birthday for 'murder' and "faked deaths" is a practice of the Freemasons.

Notice it was 22-years ago that he won the Heisman.  '22' is the master builder number.  Master = 22

In football, it is a game of 11 on 11, or 22 men on the field.

'22' also has a parallel to 'murder'.


Notice he was let go of the Bears in '97.  This year in the 97th season of the NFL.

Notice he played 33-games in his NFL career, and the last place he played was 'Cleveland', 17-years ago.  Again, Ohio is the 17th state and the birthplace of American football.



He won the '33' Heisman by the numbers.
His career ended by the number '33'.
He died on a date with '33' numerology.

Keep in mind this news comes today, Tuesday, December 6, 2016, and they're blaming his death on 'suicide'.

12/6/16 = 12+6+16 = 34

The date of his death, was the same date they announced the 5 Heisman finalists.

Five = 6+9+22+5 = 42 (Rashaan Salaam dead at 42) (Heisman = 42) (Freemason = 42)

One of those is the Freshman at 'Louisville', who has a lot of parallels to the Islamic figure Muhammad Ali.

Notice he was found dead in a 'park', having played for 'Chicago'.

From Muhammad Ali's June 3, 2016 death, to Salaam's, is 185-days, or a span of 186.


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  2. English uses a lot of words to get to the point.
    Park Dead = 33
    Get the point.??? Or is it "Get to the point" = 66
    Thirty Three = 66
    Now I am just showing off..lol

    1. And I keep pointing out "Wormwood the destroyer" = 108.
      I really feel that this is all pointing to the main event or end times. Time will stop .........

  3. He was also the sixtieth Heisman trophy winner;

    'Sixty'=25 R/34 S-exception

    He was picked Round 1 Pick 21 by the bears a lot like 121 for revelation.

    Some key stats for him;
    He played in 33 career games.
    He longest rush was 42 yards like his age of death.

  4. He played for The Bears? the last team the colts beat in the super bowl.. Hm. The colts last played the saints in the super bowl and the Colorado Buffaloes share the same colors

  5. To add to Zachary's post, it looks like a tribute to the upcoming Heisman Trophy ceremony.

    The 5 heisman finalist were announced on 12/5/2016. The "reported" death date of Salaam. The ceremony takes place on

    12+10= 22 Salaam won 22 years ago.

    12+10+20+16= 58. Days between Salaam's birthday and death date.

    12+10+16=38 Colorado(38th state),Killing, Death

    1+2+1+0+2+01+6= 13 (masonic ritual number)

    1. Forgot to mention Salaam wore number 31 with the Bears.

      12+10+2+0+1+6= 31.

  6. Looks like Colts are done losing this season.
    All wins puts them at 10-6 (prophecy). Luck's season 10-5 (45-25 all time, he has lost 5 reg season games every year in his career - that's why he was out 1 game).
    Winning three post season games puts Luck at 6-3 in poffs overall. His career 51st win in super bowl 51. in his 79th total game (79 = champion).

    63rd prime is 307. Freemason = 307 (jewish).

    1. maybe not. AP's gonna come back at some point. might do it week 15 (51) when vikes play colts. also dqwell jackson suspended for four games...i dont watch football but supposedly hes a key guy. i pray to god that it doesn't effect them cuz the coding's too strong for them to not win afc at minimum

    2. It would also put chuck Pagano at 51 regular season wins

    3. @ McPherson: Thanks for the info! Strengthening the narrative around 51.

      @ Vegenballer: Possible, but not likely. Seems that getting 51 wins is a big deal (51st prime is 233, 233="luck", "horse" in jewish gem.)
      Also, winning the remaining reg season games, colts would go to 276 w all time (276=deception), baltimore + indianapolis all time reg season record would become 498 wins (498 = "football", "winner").

      With a win in SB51, Indianapolis post season record would become 17-16 (17+16=33). 17 is 7th prime. "Seven"=65 (Andrew = 65, horse = 65, prince = 65).

      I say this riddle is solved.

      As a side note, "seven" = 840 in jewish and "Jonathan" = 840.
      How about Jonathan Newsome? Any ideas if he is relevant?

      "Jonathan was released from the Indianapolis Colts on February 22, 2016, after being arrested by police for Marijuana possession".

      birth: 22/1/1991 (place: cleveland, ohio)
      drafted: 166th pick

    4. This might be nothing but let's see..

      from Jonathan Newsome's bday to SB51 is a span of 349 days.
      349 is 70th prime ("seventy"=110, Minnesota = 110, giants = 70).

      From his Bday to the day he got busted for marijuana (=63, smoke=63, plant=63) is a span of 31 days (houston=31). 31 s 11th prime, "eleven" = 63

      "eleven"=775 in jewish gem (viking = 775).
      63rd prime is 307. Freemason = 307 in jewish.

    5. If Vikings go to SB51 from a wild card spot, they end the season with 881 total games in franchise's history.

      Heisman trophy = 881 (jewish)

    6. Then Vikings would have total playoff record 22-29.
      22+29 = 51

      Now Giants can get to 51 too (24-24 at the moment), but ONLY by playing just three poff games. So if giants play in wild card round, they are not in SB51.

    7. The Vikings would have a playoff record of 22 - 29 if they lost the Superbowl from the wild card. 19-28 currantly.

    8. Yes. If the "target" is to get 51 total playoff games, Vikings (= VI kings = six kings) need to play 4 p'off games this season. Thanks.

  7. You left out the crucial 44 date numerology!

    1+2+5 + 20+16 = 44

    1. I suppose, like the Super bowl.

      I also had something direct me to the XFL ' S only season last week. I'm digging there. I even think I posted about it. Their only season was 2001.


    2. He was also a Green Bay Packer, half of my super bowl club this season.

      Memphis Maniax went 5-5 that season to add to the fives above from Zackey.

    3. Los Angeles 'Xtreme' won the Million Dollar Bowl that year.

      LAX, the airport, was their initials.

      Maybe similar to L.A.'s Subway Threat this morning.

    4. Rashaan Salaam
      3 A's in his first name A=1
      3 A's in his last name A=1


      Six Letter A's = 44
      Date Numerology of 44

      Vowel = 77

    5. Thinking About A's

      Oakland A's
      Oakland = 22

      Reminds me of the 'Ghost Ship' fire with the skull (think pirate) and 3 all seeing eyeballs on the front of the building.

      'Ghost Ship' = 121
      121 is 11 x 11, see all of the multiples of 11 here and above?

      Today, 12-6-2016, I am taking Oakland A's and the Pittsburgh Pirates in the World Series.

      Not bad eh?

    6. Pirates = 88
      Trump = 88

      2017 All Star Game on 7-11, yes 11, will be the 88th All Star game, which will not determine home field advantage.

      88, 11

      More multiples of 11.

    7. Now hear this, From today the day Rashaan Salaam was in the news to MLB, opening day is 117 days.

      117th Baseball Season, I know I've got something.

    8. It's an interesting angle. Let's keep our eyes open for more relations.

    9. Thanks slim, I know you mean the baseball part, even if not those teams the trump shit fits in well.

      117th world series, not baseball season but you get the point.

  8. Spurs going for their "13th" win in a row on the road - don't be surprised if they lose tonight - Minnesota timberwolves - Andrew Wiggins even born 2/23 - bunch of fags by the numbers

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    1. He had a birth numerology of 111. The 111th prime is 607, and Blood Sacrifice = 67. If we convert his lifespan of 15,399 days using the 13MC, it becomes 42 years 111 days.

  10. Re: Murder by Numbers - Stewart Copeland's (The Police) father was a CIA officer. His brother Miles Copeland III founded I.R.S. records and brother Ian founded Frontier Booking Int'l (FBI). Interesting name choices. Their father is quoted as saying "my complaint has been that the CIA isn't overthrowing enough anti-American governments or assassinating enough anti-American leaders..." Not exactly a 'live and let live' outlook.

  11. Zach I am sure you have seen Klay Thompson scored 60 points last night in 29 minutes. Trigger numbers all over this game. He had the ball for a total of 88.4 seconds, dribbled a total of 11 times, took 11 free throws, took 33 total shots, and made 8 threes.


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  13. Rashaan died 62 days before super bowl, Mason is 62 and have been watching numbers all year surrounding Jay Z and Beyoncé which 62 connects with.

  14. The eleventh month of the ancient Hebrew year, approximately corresponds with February.
    "Eleventh" in the English Reduction system equals 37
    As per ESPN.com, his body was found in a parking lot and 911 was called just before 9pm.
    "Ritualistic Murder" in English Ordinal equals 220
    "Nine pm" in English Gematria equals 224