Wednesday, December 21, 2016

24 33 39 64 84 139 | Berlin "ISIS truck attacker" named as 24-year-old Anis Amri, December 21, 2016 +Kaiser Wilhelm riddle

It's another winter solstice of coded propaganda.

Anis Amri = 39/84 (39 Books in the OT)

Like I said two days ago when this news broke, this is 'fake news'.

RECALL, '84' was the number in the Bastille Day attack, also with a truck, where they reported 84-dead, but they were all plastic dummies.  Dummies = 84

Notice they say he is '24'.  They do this often with the 'Muslim' suspects.

With the s-exception, both 'Muslim' and 'The Sun' sum to '33'.  Today is the Winter Solstice, December 21, or 12/21.

12/21 = 12+21 = 33
Berlin = 33; False Flag = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33

Violent and Armed = 67/157 (West = 67) (Freemasonry = 67) (United States = 157)

Christmas = 38; Germany = 38; Killing = 38; Death = 38

Notice he crashed into the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.  Kaiser Wilhelm was the leader of Germany at the time of World War I.

Notice Kaiser Wilhelm's reign of power came to an end on November 9, 1918.

11/9; All Seeing Eye = 119; Star of David = 119; Master Plan = 119

Notice he died on June 4, or 6/4.

Israel = 64; Zion = 64; Thelema = 64
Synagogue of Satan = 64; Do what thou wilt = 64

The name of the Church connects back to Freemasonry.

Ich Bin Ein Berliner is the name of the speech JFK gave, at the site of the Berlin Wall, months before his assassination, in 1963.  Kennedy= 33; False Flag= 33; Masonry= 33; Secrecy= 33; Berlin= 33


  1. "SHINE A LIGHT" -- the final words in the article -- is the repeated refrain from the Elton John song "PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM". Guess Philadelphia is warming up to bat next ... Lol

  2. As is typical with these hoaxes -- I've seen NOTHING to indicate that LIFE FIGHT HELICOPTERS were used to transport ANY of the "seriously wounded".


    1. ONLY reports of "security" choppers whizzing about -- guaranteed to scare those on the ground!

      Since Security Choppers were everywhere -- it stands to reason that LIFE FLIGHTS could have been used (apparently no reason choppers can't fly there).

      But since they WEREN'T brought in ... how in the hell did they transport nearly 80+ people to hospitals?
      Wouldn't that produce the worst traffic jams ever?
      How many ambulances would that take?

      Even sending 2 or 3 per ambulance would've taken HOURS.

      Was it "First On Board" gets Transported First?
      That's NOT how trauma victims are triaged!

    2. Brother, as much as I love your posts, I don't know why you would be looking for any truth in any mainstream reported story. The mainstream media does not report anything real. Nothing. Zip, zero, nada. It never has. It never will. It is a Jewish circus.

    3. HUGE misunderstanding!! Lol

      I was merely trying to point out what should be obvious -- trying to reach those who still can't see the Truth!

      I know this is ALL 100% fabricated bullshit --
      Never doubt that!

      Just trying to hand out additional tools for the Truth Speakers who want to try explaining this farce to the sleepers.
      Always hopeful that some nuanced detail will help wake up another person.

      Not to worry -- My Eyes Are STILL OPEN! LOL D ;D

    4. Thanks brother, that's what I assumed.

    5. I appreciate you taking the time to clear that up though. I don't always make it clear that these ARE hoaxes -- & it really IS important to do that.

      The last thing I want to do is send someone who's just waking up off on a wild goose chase -- trying to pick apart details that are nothing but Fictional Bullshit.

      I need to keep in mind how these posts might be interpreted by those who aren't as awake as we are -- so thanks for the reminder -- & the chance to clear up any confusion! :D

    6. If you want to see how asleep people are, scroll to the comments here

  3. Queen cancels Christmas travel plans because she's ill.

    1. Uh oh ... She NEVER skips Christmas at Balmoral!

      Thanks for the heads up!!

  4. ANIS AMRI -- Anagram for -- I RAM ANUS (ANIS)

    Har Dee Har Har ... A Racist Taunt

    Of course he "left his papers in the truck" -- that's the standard signature for False Flags.

    Ad naturally he'd hail from TUNISIA -- that was Ground Zero for the "ARAB SPRING" ...
    Where it all began ...
    Supposedly with a protesting "farmer" committing suicide --
    By lighting himself ON FIRE.

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  5. Encouraging Colts hopefuls some more evidence I came across.
    #112 ref at vikes /colts game
    The 2 in 112 can be..
    Eleven squared = 58/888/1225.
    Eleven to the second=74/1190.
    Or simply
    Eleven times Eleven=1152/192
    Indianapolis Colts=1152/192
    121=Relevation, Antichrist, Blood sacrifice.
    Fourth seed =121
    Newest 'Arrival' movie came out on 11/11

    Sixth seed= 113/611/1031
    113= Apocalypse,universe,trumpet,the creator, abomination.

  6. I love how the truck was owned by "ZURAWSKI" --

    Sounds like SWAROVSKI -- the leader in "Fine CRYSTAL" --

    And the damaged WINDSHIELD of the truck looked "CRYSTALLINE" --

    Subliminal advertising? "Signature" of a "Sponsor"? Both?

    Fits with the whole CHRIStmas theme too ...

    1. I saw that shattered windshield picture too, crystalline is a great description.

      There were tree branches coming out like wires or tenticles which seems to be a refrence to the Eucalyptus tree that fell over in Wittier.

      Break on through to the other side!

    2. Haha -- good one -- I love that!

      That tree in Whittier probably is more significant than it might seem on the surface.

      I know Australia has Eucalyptus trees -- but now I'm wondering if they also have them in New Zealand & Tasmania (which is right next to Australia).
      Seems like they would.

      Maybe that ties in with the "Ailing Queen" --

      All "BRANCHES" of the Empire want to be "represented"?

    3. YEP -- That tree in Whittier holds LOTS of significance!

      As "water guzzlers" -- Eucalyptus trees are known for their ability to -- DRAIN SWAMPS!

      A Trump Tribute for sure -- reminding us of his followers chanting: "DRAIN THAT SWAMP!"

      The trees also exude a "HAZY SMOG" on warm days -- which led to a Eucalyptus-covered mountain range being named "The Blue Mountains" --

      Which ties in nicely with the SMOKY MOUNTAINS -- where the Gatlinburg Fires were -- named "SMOKY" because of their "SMOKE-LIKE HAZE".

      And yes -- Eucalyptus trees ARE found throughout the warmer climes of Indonesia -- all over those regions that were "former" parts of the British Empire.

      Now the Queen -- celebrated with the "PURPLE RAIN" at Niagra Falls -- may be about to "die off" ...

      Leaving the Monarchy to be ruled by Another BRANCH of their Hapsburg Dynastic TREE.

      THE "PURPLE HAZE" is coming ... Lol

    4. Nice! And the German guy who played the bad guy in captain America civil war is named Bruhl. Bruhl means swamp. He says "mission report DEC. 16, 1991." Kazakhstan gained its independence on that day. Beethoven was born Dec. 16. Dec. 16 the same day as news of nailbomb in German Christmas market which occured on Dec. 5. Dec. 5, 1941 the end of Hitler's barbarosa.

    5. Also, Napoleon wanted to reestablish POLISH empire when he invaded Russia in 1812. Moscow FIRE 1812.

    6. Anis is from Tataouine! Fucking star wars! I posted yesterday how the truck was a ROGUE ONE! Hahaha.

    7. Tataouine shares gematria with turkish, heil Hitler, Tennessee. What are the odds?

    8. Elmer -- Great info ... So glad I came back to check this thread again!!!

      That connection to Star Wars is wonderful.

      Now that you've pointed out the Gematria matches -- it seems so damn OBVIOUS. Of course there would be a MAJOR advertising link.
      And it sure looks like you found it!

      You said it right too -- " Fucking Star Wars!" Lol

      You should post these connections under a more recent thread too -- they're too important to risk being missed! :D

  7. Anis's face has similarities to that of the Orlando Pulse "shooter" ...

    But when I checked back to compare -- I found that ...

    They have ALTERED the images of the Pulse shooter -- in some cases a great deal ...
    Making him look much scarier.

    I KNOW they've been altered --

    Because they DON'T MATCH the SCREENSHOTS I TOOK --
    When the images were first released!

    Shows how easily -- & quickly --
    They can alter OUR PERCEPTION!

  8. what a joke..somehow the truck missed the video shows people standing around wondering they parked the truck there..

  9. The 1 presumed attaquer sure was 23, and the 2 was 23 and is now 24.
    I am compiling all these 23 coicidences in this blog, should you want to check.
    sometimes I post from other sites, as this one, that is much more detailed...keep up the good work.

  10. "Missing Thirty One Year Old Italian Woman" in Eng.Reduction=175
    The 175th prime =1039
    "Missing Thirty One Year Old Italian Woman"using S-Exception =193
    193 is the 44th prime
    Zach, you're going to love this.
    In the bible Isaiah 44:28 ( A very significant scripture) It is God speaking to his chosen people about the stupidity/foolishness of "Idol Worship".

    There are "28" days left until Inauguration day.
    "Twenty Eight " in the English Ordinal system equals 156

    "Idol Worship" using the S-Exception =76
    The 76th prime is 383

  11. This report about the numbers is to discredit the real numerology and occult signature that was put on this attack. This guy is just full of shit. (take it from a (amateur) numerologist)

  12. This report about the numbers is to discredit the real numerology and occult signature that was put on this attack. This guy is just full of shit. (take it from a (amateur) numerologist)