Monday, December 19, 2016

33 38 47 | Truck runs into Christmas market, Berlin, Germany, December 19, 2016 news

This incident comes 158-days, or a span of 159, from the July 14, 2016, Bastille Day "truck ramming" hoax.  New Testament = 159

 Christmas = 38/56

12/19/16 = 12+19+16 = 47


  1. Was it going 10mph like the one caught on camera in Nice?

  2. 1 day after the 153rd birthday of Archduke Ferdinand. Thats 55,884 days if you're counting at home. Also 174 days since the anniversary of his death. The 102.

    This and the Turkey Shoot should tell ya something.

    1. 5 months 5 days after Nice. 55 plays all day. And thats 227,520 minutes for the counters of digits.

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    3. Thank you! Something told me we were going to be getting references to the lead up to WW1.
      You provided the figures showing why.

      A VEHICLE in Berlin + a MINOR FOREIGN "NOBLE" hoax assassinated in Turkey ... here we go ...

    4. Remember this song? ... stupid i know, but first thing came into me head :) ha. Great stuff man!

    5. 'From Paris To Berlin' = 93 / 102s too :)

    6. I think this is another great example of how great the gematrinator calculator is. So today's date is 13 days until the end of the year. Karlov's last birthday 02/04/2016 was a day with 13 numerology as well as 22 numerology and 42 numerology and today's date also has 22 numerology.

      Also from Karlov's birthday to the end of the year is 332 reflections of 233, maybe it's a shout out and tribute to Andrew Luck?

      He was shot in "Ankara Turkey"=47 (Pythagorean) today's date also has 47 numerology. From 12/19/2016 to 02/04/2017 is difference of 47 days.

      And just a note in the Prime Septenary cipher I came up with "Ankara Turkey"=84

      Karlov's first name is also spelled as Andrei.

      Andrei Karlov=58/67/76/85(Pythagorean, k exception, v exception, k and v exception)

      Freemasonry=58/67 (Pythagorean, s exception)


      Andrei=1+1+4+5+5+5=21(Septenary Gematria)

      Andrei=2+2+7+11+11+11=44 (Prime Septenary Gematria)

      His full name:

      Andrei Gennadyevich Karlov=121 (Pythagorean)

      Revelation=121 (Simple English)

      Revelation=5+5+5+5+2+1+7+5+2+1=38 (Septenary Gematria) Today's date 12/19/16=12+19+1+6=38

    7. The number of days between Andrei's birthday and Franz Ferdinand's assassination is usually 144 days and a total span of 222 the other way around. This year it's 145 days in between because of the leap yaer

      The number of days between Andrei's birthday and Franz Ferdinand's is 318 days

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  4. You know the queen and the pope were quoted saying" 2016 was our last "Christmas"

    1. Saturday Night Live had a song saying "the last christmas that barack is still here. they were also talking about how this could be the last christmas. a lot of world war foreshadowing

  5. Next year is also a big year regarding religion, Zachary you should check out Walter veith what's coming in 2017.

  6. According to Reddit, the "WAT-grandma" died on 12-17-16.
    Google wat grandma meme if u don't know who that is.
    She's toothless, like the Snow Monster from Rudolphs Christmas Special.

    Turn down for wat!

    1. I have an NFL play tonight follow me @The_NFLprophet

  7. There are more satanic codes connected to this in the German Language, 93 / 111 / 666 / 237 / 322

    LKW Anschlag = 111 e.O. / 666 e.R. (Truck Attack)
    Breitscheidplatz Berlin = 111 e.R. (Location)

    Breitscheidplatz Berlin = 237 e.O. (237 + 732 = 969) (Location)

    Terror, neunzehnter Dezember = 322 e.O. (Terror, 19.12.)
    Gedaechtniskirche Weihnachtsmarkt = 322 e.O. (Location, Christmas Market)

    Europa Center Berlin = 93 e.R. (Location)
    Saturn = 93 e.O.

    "Berlin" = 60 e.O. 33 e.R.
    "Europa Center" = 141 e.O. 60 e.R.

    This Terrorattack links to a staged rooftop fire 69 days ago, on a date with 111 Numerology, fits to "LKW Anschlag" = 111 e.O. / 666 e.R. (Truck Attack)
    "Breitscheidplatz Berlin" = 111 e.R. (Location) (11.10.. This fire was in front of a Mercedes Benz Logo on the roof of the Europa Center 11.10.2016 / 111 9 (911 backwards+1 ), the deadly 11 connects to Destruction, Death and the raising of the Antichrist. The Mercedes Logo is a version of the Nero Cross, an upside down, satanic Cross symbolizing the Death of Man and the Death of Christ / Christians.
    Fire = 38 e.O.

  8. "Truck rams into Christmas Market" = 117 = "Fabricated Hoax"

    "Truck rams into Christmas Market" = 144 <===
    "Truck Rams into Christmas Market" = 360 = "CIA Agent"

    If you write out 360:
    "Three Hundred Sixty" = 227 <===
    "Government Terror" = 227

    "Twenty Two divided by Seven equals Pi" = 144
    "Twenty Two divided by Seven" = 314 [Pi = 3.14]

    If you write out the 'Order out of Chaos' = 777
    "Seven Hundred Seventy Seven" = 314 [Pi = 3.14]

    777 is the 28th Prime:
    "Twenty Eight" = 156 = "False Flag"

    "Foundation Completed" = 777
    "Pi" = 69 = "False Flag"

    What's on top of the Masonic Arch? (69)

    The country was founded under the "Manifest Destiny" principle:
    "Manifest Destiny" = 183 & 929 [158th Prime]
    "Order out of Chaos" = 183

    Write out the tribute Prime [158]:
    "One Hundred Fifty Eight" = 223 <===
    "Masonic" = 223
    "The Synagogue of Satan" = 223

  9. I got this one analysed and will post it at soon:

    From and including: Thursday, 14 July 2016 (Nice Truck attack)

    To, but not including Monday, 19 December 2016 (Germany)
    Result: 158 days
    It is 158 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date
    Or 5 months, 5 days excluding the end date

    158 stand for "slaughter, slaughter knives",

    55 stands for "to be destroyed, to waste away, to fail, to pass away or vanish, conclusion"

    it is done "by the numbers"

    See here for excellent Gematria today in French Soccer - we are in a 7-game winning streak right now ( we WON again today):

  10. Hey sack have you ever heard of the art of war by "sun tZu". Dr Walter veith has a great video on it.

  11. Something interesting, may or not connect ...

    The distance between, 'Nice, France' & 'Berlin, Germany = 672 miles. The no.672, has 24 divisors. Summed = 2016, like the year or, 216 , that old faithful, magical number.

    The 672nd prime number = 5011, like 511, for Saturn, Trump's election campaign, 5/11 and all the countless others ...

    1. Link if want to check it ...

  12. It's a running Theme for Lupercalia and The Wolf Sacrifice. The Start of Lupercalia is February 13th. 56 Days from today Dec. 19th 2016. The English Spelling or Misspelling of Andrei Tipped me off. (Andrey) Werewolf / Lycanthrope Study and Lore started in Germany.

    Andrey Karlov" in the English Reduction system equals 56

    Wolf = 56

    Go Look into Petronius (27 A.D - 66 A.D.) He was The first to write about Wolves and Lycanthrope.

    Petronius" in the English Reduction system equals 47 / 56

    Petronius" in the English Ordinal system equals 137

    Lycanthrope" in the English Ordinal system equals 137

    Lycanthrope" in the English Reduction system equals 56

    1. Hmm -- PETRONIUS -- could that why PETRAEUS's name has been tossed about lately? To get the closest name they could find out there?

      He always seemed like a really odd choice ...

      Could Mitt ROMNEY be alluding to ROMULUS -- of ROMULUS & REMUS -- the twin boys raised by a She-WOLF?
      (He also was an odd choice -- neither one was ever truly a "contender".)

      Might be totally off target on those -- but with Lupercalia being so important -- it got me to wondering.

      "WOLF OF WALL STREET" immediately brings to mind Trump's cronies.

      And come to think of it -- "WALL STREET" might be another "WALL" Trump's been referencing ... one that perhaps we haven't fully considered yet.

      Maybe "BUILDING UP THE WALL" will someday be revealed as actually having meant "THE BUILD UP OF WALL STREET"!

  13. Zach check out this forum I started on all4truth about the "Ghost to the Post" anniversary. It's 39 years to the day on the day the Colts and Raiders play each other on Saturday!

    Interior minister Thomas has a birthday in 33 days