Monday, December 19, 2016

MNF Discussion Thread, December 19, 2016, Carolina Panthers @ Washington Redskins

12/19/2016 = 12+19+20+16 = 67 (North Carolina = 67)
12/19/2016 = 12+19+(2+0+1+6) = 40 (Kirk Cousins 40th NFL Game)
12/19/2016 = 1+2+1+9+2+0+1+6 = 22
12/19/16 = 12+19+16 = 47 (Cam Newton's 47th away game)

Today leaves 48-days until the Super Bowl, or a span of 49.

Carolina = 37/73; Panthers = 38/47/101; Carolina Panthers = 75/84/174
Washington = 49/58/130; Redskins = 36/54/63/99; Washington Redskins = 85/94/112/121/229

This will be the 13th game between the two teams.  The Redskins lead the series 7-5.  A win would make them 8-5.  Washington Redskins = 85; National Football League = 85

Notice the Panthers are currently 5-8.  Again, the "Black Panther Party" was established by Huey P. Newton, in '66, the year of the first Super Bowl season.

Huey P. Newton = 58; Oakland = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58
Last year came Newton became the 58th QB to start in a Super Bowl; Von Miller, #58, was MVP

*Washington = 58

If the Panthers fall to 5-9, I'll get the joke.

Let us take a look at the QBs.

Cam Newton = 36/108
Kirk Cousins = 50/68/77/149

From Cam Newton's 27th birthday, May 11, 2016, to today's game is 222-days, or a span of 223.  To his 28th birthday is 143-days, or a span of 144.

From Kirk Cousin's 28th birthday, August 19, 2016, to today's game, is 122-days, or a span of 123.  To his 29th birthday, is 243-days or 244.

This will be Cam Newton's 96th career game.  He is looking for his 54th win or 42nd loss.  If he gets his 42nd loss in his 96th game, remember the relationship between the two numbers.

The divisors of '42' sum to '96'.  Freemason = 42/51/96

On the road, he will earn either his 23rd win, or 24th loss.  '24', the reflection of '42'.

In the regular season, Cam is playing for his 51st win or 39th loss.

On the other side of the ball is Kirk Cousins, who is playing in his 40th game all-time, going for his 19th win, or 21st loss.  At home, it will be his 12th win or 9th loss.

In the regular season, this is his 39th game.

Now the coaches.

Ron Rivera = 57/75/120 (Carolina Panthers = 75)
Jay Gruden = 42/105 (Gruden = 33) (MNF = 33)

From Ron Rivera's 54th birthday, January 7, 2016 is 347-days, or a span of 348.  To his upcoming 55th birthday is 19-days, or a span of 20.

From Jay Gruden's 49th birthday, March 4, 2016, to today's game, is 290-days, or a span of 291.  To his upcoming 50th birthday is 75-days, or a span of 76.  Carolina Panthers = 75

This will be Ron Rivera's 94th regular season game.  He is coaching for his 53rd win or 41st loss.

This will be Jay Gruden's 46th regular season game.  He is coaching for his 21st win, or 25th loss.