Sunday, December 4, 2016

38 | Raiders defeat Bills 38-24, in 38th game all-time between two teams, December 4, 2016, day after news of Oakland fire

Today's game was the 38th all-time between the Raiders and Bills.  This game comes one day after the Oakland fire as well.

The turning point came when the Raiders were down '15', 9-24.  Recall, it was first reported 9 dead at the Oakland 'fire', then 24 dead.


  1. I noticed the turning point in the game when Oakland started coming back it was a bills lead 24-9 and the first report with the fire said at least 9 dead and later today before the game it said 24 which was no coincidence and I had to post what I saw.

  2. I knew it seemed odd a team blowing a 15 point lead and announcers acting like it was nothing.

  3. Hey Zach, you think the Oakland fire might be a sign for the Raiders and SB51. It's kind of a bogu's story that every news station is covering, much like that dumb car the flipped over with the guy dead on the sign last year in tribute to Denver.. it's just a thought.