Friday, December 9, 2016

61 | 'Now we don't care', Donald Trump tells crowd to get over 'lock her up' chant for Hillary Clinton, December 9, 2016

Now we don't care = 61
White House = 52/61; Government = 52; Prophecy = 52; Trump, a Jesuit for 52-years in 2016

November 9, or 11/9...

Donald = 119; All Seeing Eye = 119; Star of David = 119; Master Plan = 119


  1. "POTUS" in English Ordinal equals 91
    "Steven T Mnuchin" in English Reduction equals 61
    "December Solstice" in English Gematria equals 661
    "Person Of The Year" in English Ordinal equals 190
    "Secret Society" in English Ordinal equals 166

    So trump owed a football team who played in giants stadium

    1. Good find, some key things that stood out to me right away:

      They were 31-25 in regular season, (25 losses, super bowl on 2/5, Giants=25 Trump=25)
      Including postseason they were 31-27 for a sum of 58 games played (Freemasonry=58) (USFL=58)
      'United States Football League'=93 R/111 S-exception (Saturn=93, New York=111)
      'New Jersey Generals'=205 O 97 S-exception (SB on 2/5, 97th NFL season)
      Their last postseason loss was to the Baltimore stars, the colts are originally from Baltimore.

    2. Also one other thing with regards to the symbolism of stars, they lost to the Stars from Baltimore, they have 5 stars on their generals helmet and there's a chance the giants go to the 5 letter lone star state for the super bowl.

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