Friday, December 16, 2016

93 | Adrian Peterson returning to Minnesota Vikings, December 18, 2016, 93-days before his 32nd birthday (Fake injury, fake NFL)

This is funny stuff.  Adrian Peterson is making his return against the Colts, December 18, 2016, the game we've been looking at all season, precisely 93-days before his 32nd birthday, March 21, 2017.

Saturn = 93 (Saturn, the keeper of time)
Minneapolis, Minnesota = 93
Minnesota Vikings = 75/93
Indianapolis Colts = 75/93

The date of his return, December 18, has a '93' connection of its own.  The date can be written 18/12.

18 = 1+8 = 9
12 = 1+2 = 3

In other words, 18/12 in numerology is (9)/(3).

The star players of each respective team also have a connection to Houston.  Andrew Luck played his high school ball in Houston, and Adrian Peterson didn't play too far from there either.

There is no question, sports are scripted, by the numbers, and often times, the same numbers, again and again.


  1. You need to change your picks Zach or its suicide time

    1. Looks like this University of Minnesota walk out protest is a direct indicator of the Vikings failing to make even the wild card this season. It's obvious that it will be GB playing Detroit for the division championship.

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    3. Colts are about to get run over by Vikings and Peterson. This is priceless.

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    1. Lol he swears we don't know it's him

    2. If Colts do win Superbowl, I'll become a lifelong fan and have a horseshoe tattooed on my butt!;)

  4. They announce his return 51 days before super bowl

  5. I have

    1. Careful on browns man, streaks tend to end at 14, not 13...but hey you could be right. I haven't looked into it yet...

    2. Same picks except im iffy on colts/browns. I like the addition of the cowboys/NE/steelers to that list

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    4. Browns get their First win Next week vs the Chargers. (week 16)
      And even possible upset the Steelers in their last week. Finish 2-14

    5. Dallas over Tampa seems like a decent play.


    Just learned something new tonight: VICTORY in English Ordinal System equals 112

    1. Another article pointing to lucky number 7?

    2. catch passers find separation = 112
      short week coming = 77, 1110
      whos blocking for 12 = 1005
      lucks health= 39, 120, 705, 720
      kevin bowen = 48, 120, 720, 1101

    3. short week was key ingredient number 7

  7. Zach, check this article out on the Colts' lifestyle blog: 7 miracles before Christmas

    Could this be a foreshadowing of the 7 straight wins the Colts need to win? And it starts against Minnesota?

    1. Wow great find....its like, why not 8 miracles?, 5?, 9?...I think they put 7 on purpose fo sho...

    2. i did a bit of work on that....

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  9. In his previous interview he stated that he didn't know the current play book very well and that for that reason and the fact that he just started practicing he wouldn't play against the colts but rather the packers. Could that interview then be an excuse as to why they lose?

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  11. Saturday 12-17

    Miami (438-418 or 341-321)
    New York (391-379 or 468-455)

    Tannehill was put on IR with three games left in the season and the Fins holding on to the 6 seed after week 14. That puts Matt Moore in at QB for the Dolphins the remainder of this season, Well at least this week. There is one prime number to be hit at 75 (379th loss for N.Y.) flipped (57). 4Matt Moore has a record of 13-12 H- 9-5 A- 4-7. If you take the last diget off the home & away loss you reach the number of (57). If Fitzpatrick was playing Fitzpatricks record at home is 21-31-1 and with a loss 21-32-1 showing Miamis all time regular season loss at 321. Come to find out he is not playing so it makes the pick harder with two back ups starting. Updatr... Petty will be starting the rest of the year and seeing Fitzpatrick is 50 years old give or take a few years, its time for a change in N.Y. B. Petty is the Jets starter and I went to check his DOB, glanced at his stats and noticed next week his record will look as (starts - wins-losses) right now it looks like (2 1-1) next week it looks like (3 2-1) 321 is the franchise regular season loss Bryce and the Jets will hand them. That makes me very confident in a Jets when. The numbers on both backs say so too. Jets win.

  12. I thought he said he'd return if the vikings were contenders.

    1. Close enough I guess, lol. Don't take everything so literally. lol.

    2. Oh its you RFG, you already know the answer, they are contenders! But bye bye to the Colts. You heard it here first.

    3. He did Lionstrong, ur absolutely right but this shit is scripted so he's back sooner

  13. Can the jaguars win against the Houston Texans?? Hah

  14. new england is 45.
    robert kraft - 134
    134 - eighty four

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  16. Just saw a stupid NFL thing where they compared NFL players to Star Wars characters... They said Andrew luck was mace windu.
    "Mace windu " in the English Reduction system equals 39
    "Mace windu " in the English Ordinal system equals 93.

    Then they said Mace Windu and Andrew luck were both publicly taken down by the emperor (Bill belicheck)

    1. Yup I see it, great stuff!

    2. In Star Wars III, Mace Windu is killed by Palpatine with the help from young Anakin Skywalker.

  17. Check out this NFL PLayers as Star Wars characters on December 15!


    1977 first Star Wars was released. It featured the Tusken Raiders also known

    as Sand People. Sand People = 44 Tom Brady was born in 1977. Force = 47.

    Derek Carr = 47. Oakland was in the SB in 1977 and Vikki Carr sang the song

    America the Beautiful.

    Darth Vader = 47

    In that article, Derek Carr is Poe Dameron

    Poe Dameron = 52! SB51 date reflection and Carr's age in reflection.
    Derek = 25

    Andrew Luck is Mace Windu

    Mace Windu = 39/93, 912 is Luck's birthday!

    Eli Manning is Wedge Antilles, and Tom Brady is Darth Vader!

  18. Zach is about truth, proving that sports are scripted. He is not doing this blog as a 100 percent get rich quick scheme. That's y it's called gambling. But if right now you put $200 on the colts to get to the Superbowl and they do. You win $10000

  19. Seven Miracles Before Christmas :

  20. I am hearing that AP might only get 10-12 carries. I know that's pretty much irrelevant to who wins, but it's hard to have a huge impact with only 10-12 carries.

    1. You ever watch peterson? Four straight he gets 1 to 3 yards then on the fifth he finds an unbelievable hole for 50 yards, sometimes going to the house, every time. He's not a 5 to 10 yard runner. He needs 5 carries to make an impact.

      However, the Minnesota Gophers, protest, not playing in the bowl, is my indicator to tell you guys, JUMP FROM THE VIKING SHIP!

  21. Pelicans 100 Rockets 122

    15 triple doubles 15th prime 47

    15 like 51

  22. harrybutts it connects to NFL?

    1. Not sure but Houston is host city
      51st super bowl
      51 days till super Bowl

      100 to 12(2)

      112 or 222

      Super Bowl tribute nothing else

      Host city preps for the ritual

  23. Colts vs Giants

    Would be the fist item two wildcard teams made it to the Super Bowl the same year.

    Since 1970 only 10 teams have been to the super bowl.

    6 teams have won it all

    3 teams have won all three road games

    Patriots Giants Steelers

  24. Adrian Peterson said he plans to make it to Houston this year

  25. (Date Numerology)
    December Seventeenth--------------------------84/93/192/1152/1232/1182/857
    Seven Twenty five prime meridian--------------150/159/348/2088/3467/3057/1328
    Seven Twenty five-----------------------------70/79/214/1284/3105/2635/739

    MetLife Stadium-------------------------------58/67/157/942/609/949/647

    New York Jets First season 60 Est. 57 yrs ago-48/57/165/990/2280/1740/550
    New York--------------------------------------39/39/111/666/1485/1425/356
    Jets Record-(4-9)-----------------------------9/18/54/324/795/315/194

    (Head Coach) (age 53)
    Todd Bowles-----------------------------------38/47/119/714/1225/965/469
    November 18 (DOB)-----------------------------96/96/195/1170/1199/1149/825
    Elizabeth, New Jersey-------------------------86/95/212/1272/2775/2525/842
    Temple (School Todd Bowles coached)-----------26/26/71/426/220/350/281
    Interesting fact: Todd Bowles Coached The Miami Dolphins in (2008–2011)

    (No. 9) (QB) (age 25)
    Bryce Petty-----------------------------------49/49/139/834/1155/1975/489
    May 31----------------------------------------76/85/211/1266/1413/2353/701
    Thomaston, Georgia----------------------------79/88/187/1122/628/898/747
    Baylor University (College Bryce attended)----82/91/235/1410/2186/2746/795

    (Established 1965 51 years ago)
    Miami Dolphins--------------------------------70/79/142/852/360/430/597
    Miami (Record 8-5)----------------------------27/27/45/27079/99/220

    (Head Coach)
    Adam Gase-------------------------------------24/33/51/306/139/159/331
    March 29 (age 38)-----------------------------80/80/215/1290/1864/2114/775
    Ypsilanti, Michigan---------------------------90/99/189/1134/836/1296/784
    Michigan State (School Adam Gase coached)-----57/66/129/774/403/633/584
    Coached in San Francisco and Denvver, maybe there is a connection there?

    (Center) (No. 51)
    James Pouncey---------------------------------48/57/147/882/1484/1344/567
    July 24 (DOB) (age 27)------------------------74/74/263/1578/3209/3359/823
    Ardmore, Oklahoma-----------------------------69/69/150/900/420/510/675
    University of Florida-------------------------104/113/248/1488/1859/2129/913
    (No. 8) (QB)

    Matt Moore------------------------------------39/39/120/720/446/696/435
    August 9 (age 32)-----------------------------46/55/154/924/795/1225/539
    Van Nuys, California--------------------------78/87/204/1224/1690/1860/799
    Oregon State----------------------------------49/58/139/834/528/778/524

  26. Colts / Vikings, Game is more important for the Vikings. Colts can win division @ 8-8 with help from the football gods.

    1. 7 miracles would mean 7 straight wins

    2. not really. it means/it can mean..2 losses by Titans,3 losses by Texans,2 wins by Colts.

    3. If colts loss tomorrow its over. 7 means 7 straight. Not that other crap.

  27. Does Manning get over 240.5 yards or under 240.5 yards? 240 is anniversary of B. illuminati. Does 241 have any significance? There's a reel big fish song called 241 and the only lyrics are "two four one"

  28. The Vikings cut Toby Johnson to make room for Peterson\
    Toby Johnson= 49 Sundays game is 49 days til super bowl