Thursday, December 1, 2016

#pizzagate Debate | Jeff C & A Call for an Uprising vs Zachary K. Hubbard, November 30, 2016

This is the end of the #pizzagate


  1. Yea bro there so closed minded an kept talking about bs topics but it's Kool good job bro fuc m

  2. Big surprise my comment on your video was suppressed.

    I am a man far from perfect with some patience and even less tolerance.
    As a Christian, and one who studies Gematria as well, these two so called "Christians" are absolutely despicable.
    From stating to not curse or use profanity in the beginning to being the first to hurl insults, cursing and making homophobic jokes (penis joke at 26:02) these two scream hypocrisy. The irony is so thick you can almost cut it with a knife. [[LUKE 6:31]]
    Asking you questions then interrupting you not allowing you to finish, deflecting & dodging questions constantly hovering over other topics so adamantly: their collective behavior is immature to say the least.
    Either these two truly are shills (give the benefit of the doubt) or horribly uninformed / mislead.
    Major RESPECT to Zach for holding his own for as long as he did.

    There is without a doubt sick child trafficking going on in this world.
    Like Zach mentioned, its not just them who are being affected. EVERYBODY is being affected directly or indirectly.
    Besides, would any logical, sensible person really trust the mainstream media or any of it's sister outlets?
    ***If those that be do NOT want you to know, they will NOT let you know***

    Absolutely, there is a place for righteous anger against the evil that pervades this world.
    These two are however unfortunately one way or another, misguided and their behavior just makes my stomach turn.
    If they are of faith, they should be repenting.
    The only thing more disgusting than someone who shames truth is one who impersonates a follower of Christ.

    1. Excellent points & extremely well-written! Thanks for stating this TRUTH for all of us Truthseekers. :D

  3. I wanted to vomit listening to those clowns. Much respect to you Zach.

  4. Zach check this out......Coming *February 2017* cannot come in your life time again. Because *2017 Year February* has:
    *4 Sundays*
    *4 Mondays*
    *4 Tuesdays*
    *4 Wednesdays*
    *4 Thursdays*
    *4 Fridays*
    *4 Saturdays*.
    This Happens once every *823* years.

    1. They might do some sick stuff in February (96)&(42)...I don't know if this is allowed..9+6=15 and 4+2=6....(15/6)..156

    2. Incredible find -- thanks for sharing this!!
      I've noticed a lot of 4's (& numbers that reduce to 4) popping up -- now it becomes evident why.

    3. Wouldn't there be 4 of every day of the week every February except leap years? Or am I missing something?

    4. Demar -- I think it works.
      Judaic scholars recognize over 100 different forms of Gematria ... & that doesn't even cover the many other, non-Hebraic forms. Sometimes multiple forms are used at the same time too -- so nothing that seems to "add up" should be discounted.

      We're only beginning to scratch the surface of this hidden form of communication!

  5. All i heard from them was McMartin, subs, shill, subs, a terrible attempt at your voice, subs, McMartin, subs, snickers, nepal hoax, ( repeat x 20 ).
    Ohh and I can prove without numbers, that all the survival stories of the Nepal Earthquake are bullshit. The miracle baby, the 5 day boy, the dusty old man. The first time the stories were reported on The Nepal Times, or Nepal Today, can't remember exactly the news sites name, all photo's used were the originals, time stamped & dated, photographers name, email, phone number, camera settings, etc. None match the time of the reported stories, let alone the date they supposedly happened. Ohh and guess what the name of the company was who ran the Nepal News site. At the bottom it said, This news-site is 'An Exolutus Production'. An, 'Exoletus', was a phrase used in Roman times to refer to a male/gay prostitute or child prostitute. Nice company name for use in Nepal eh. :( ... I even left comments to Jeff when it happened about the photo's... never heard back. Guess Fake Nepal survivor stories & blatant paedophilia reference's producing the main Nepal news outlet, aren't as sexy as PizzaGate.

  6. Joe Mcknight supposedly shot dead at 2:43 today. 243+423 = 666...

    1. Video on YouTube already, cell phone video of cop giving him cpr on the payment

    2. McKnight was the 112th pick in the draft in 2010... to the New York Jets

    3. He also wore #25 for the jets, like the Super Bowl date;
      He wore #33 this year for the Canadian team the Roughriders.

      That Canadian team signed him on 9/20, 9-20 to today is 73 days (Sacrifice=73 O) (Joseph=73 O)
      From when he made his actual debut for the CFL team on 10/15 to today is 47 days, he was killed in 'Louisiana'=38/47

      In college he played for the Trojans (97 O, 97th nfl season)

      'Joseph Nathan McKnight'=216 like the year
      Joseph McKnight=158 O
      He was killed in 'Terrytown'=158 O

    4. nice guys.

      I wonder if this has any other SB coding to it.

  7. Listening to this debate it was so obvious these guys are shills.... and that one dude holy shit it sounded like he was a child... so immature... they both suck

  8. If true christians (with ears to hear) followed that dude before,
    They wont now...
    Zach, please dont let these kind of folks bait you.
    You endured longer that alot of people would have!!!

  9. I love how they said to you "please watch your language" but had no problem bitching about you and saying "That was a dick move". Fuckin hypocrites, they think they are so smart but really had no real proof or instances to make u look bad. Weak simple minded mothafuckas.

  10. Zach, you're going to be criticized hard for something you said speaking too fast. Just warning you. But you did a great job handling these bafoons. The one guy that was acting beyond disrespectful would make great fertilizer.

  11. Excellent job! Those "men" mentioned the name Ted Gunderson several times. Gunderson = 117 which just happens to match his birthday of 11/7.

  12. Zack, I have so much respect for you, and it was literally painful for me to listen to that debate. I don't even think you can call that conversation a debate! I didn't even finish the whole thing, but I’m sorry that you had to sit through the duration of that mess. Everything that you tried to explain to them went straight through one ear and out the other.
    *I don't think they listened to a single sentence you said. They call that a debate?
    *They dodged every attempt you made to get them to provide concrete evidence for what they believe. All they did was tell you to watch their videos. They had no idea.
    *They accuse you of saying things that you didn't say at all.
    *I don't know if they both did, but one of them spewed profanity after going on and on forever about how he really didn't want you to use language like that because of his sensitive, precious viewers.
    *They throw specific trials and events at you and claim that you are obviously a fake because you aren't familiar with them.
    *They agree that there is power in gematria before proceeding to ramble about how ridiculous it is.
    The list goes on and on! There are no words to describe how angry it made me to listen to this!!! All you wanted to do was have a nice clean discussion! I love your work, and I constantly apply it. I'm hoping to start a gematria blog or podcast of my own soon. What I heard today just convinced me that this is definitely something that I need to work for. Hang in there Zack. Know that you at least have a small group of people who aren't complete and utter morons who can't see what's going on in the world around them. Like I said, I have mad respect for what you do. Know that this truth seeker has your back for all of your work. (Not taking advantage of the sports picks) I don’t know where would be a good place to get my work to you, but I’m always adding to it.

  13. I wouldnt bother with those guys anymore. They are a distraction from the main goal. Im sure you have better things to do with your time. Its clear they dont have the same motive

  14. Zach, love the work you are doing. That video with them gets us only further from the truth of what is really going on. To be so closed minded and to not want to work together only separates us more. Way to keep you cool. I couldn't believe you held it together so long.

  15. Fuckin assholes didn't even let you speak wtf?? You're the man zach how dare any try to debate with the Mero Mero !! The debate just showed how ignorant the rest of the world is aside for this community!!

  16. A little knowledge, tis a dangerous thing
    Drink deep or touch not the Pierian spring
    For there draughts intoxicate the brain
    But drinking largely shall sober us again