Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What do you think about this article? "Intelligent people tend to be messy, stay awake longer and swear more"

Keep in mind this was written by the mainstream media.  I think there is some truth here.  I'm not so sure about sleeping less.  Perhaps smart people, because of the circumstances of this world, end up sleeping less as adults.  BUT, I think children who get a good night's rest, I think that benefits their mental development (also total human development), and ultimately their level of intelligence.  If you read the article, let me know what you think.

Also, notice the date this article was written....  Freemasonry = 58; Matrix = 85


  1. Also, not sure about the messy part. I knew slobs who were dumb as shit lol

  2. I am a messy man, cuss like a god damn ex-marine, and get about 5 hours of sleepna day. Of course, I am one dumb motherfucker, so this doesn't pertain to me.

    1. No need for modesty my dude! Another sign of intelligence is sensitivity to surrounding sounds. Nothing gets past my ears, not even when I'm fantastically ripped off the 80-some percent concentrates. Can't turn it off, seldom sleep beyond 5 hours and it's surely a struggle to maintain cleanliness. Also, my fuckin mouth is nightmarish.

      Don't be modest about self confidence in your intelligence level. That's counter intuitive.

    2. Thanks for the words, Jayhawk. I am going to smoke a bowl in your name now.

    3. Yeh Lord -- but we love you anyway ... you're one helluva funny sumbitch! Lol

  3. Been messy, up allll night . and shit mouth all my life. Why can't i help this sense of urgency tho. I understand we are "seeing" it, but I'm getting "crazy" by the day

  4. Haven't read it (yet) -- but this strikes me as a mass generalization. Kind of like "Women Prefer Fat Lazy Men".

    After all -- would that not indicate that Hoarders might be Brilliant? (So shouldn't everyone just get off their backs & stop embarrassing them?!)

    As for the cussing -- I see that as more encouragement to Dumb People Down -- to the lowest denominator!

    It takes a LOT more "brains" to cut someone down to size verbally -- using a litany of well-orchestrated adjectives & adverbs -- than it does to spew the same common cuss words over & over.
    And -- it has a MUCH more profound effect.

    Cussing is now so common -- most people aren't really all that insulted by it anymore. Instead -- they're more apt to start laughing ... because they know they've upset you.

    As for "sleep" -- maybe their Test Subjects were all taking ADHD meds. There's one that is the "go to drug" for lots of doctors, researchers, lawyers, etc (but damn it I can't think of the name of it right now!).
    They claim it helps them focus & "makes them smarter" -- & it's an expensive ADHD med for adults.

    It could be that the author -- or researcher(s) -- needed to justify their OWN slovenly ways -- in order to get their families off their backs ... & fabricating this "proof" seemed like a great idea! Lol

    Now I've piqued my own curiosity -- I'll HAVE to read the article just so I can try to discern their motivation! :D

  5. All I can think is normalization towards the real life Idiocracy? I saw one a week or so ago about lazy people being smarter or something like that.
    Ow my balls!

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  7. Intelligence comes in many forms so this article is definitely generalizing. BUT, The more knowledge, the more grief. Nevertheless it's not an excuse to be excessively foul mouthed, messy, and sleepless. Those things should be overcome or at least gotten a handle on, whether smart or dumb.

    1. Overcome partly by making intelligent decisions. Which is why this article is bullshit. ;)

    2. I'm fond of the word bullshit when it comes to.. well, everything. Trying not to cuss as much but that one is hard to give up. It's just too accurate.

  8. OK -- I read it. My opinion: A load of crap peppered with enough "truisms" to almost seem legit.

    No actual study was specifically named -- nor were any researchers. Behavioral Management Psyop.

    It IS true that intelligent people tend to be messy -- because they're focused on more important things than tidiness.
    They used to call it "Einstein Syndrome".

    Their stuff just LOOKS messy -- to others. Fact is though -- THEY know where everything is ... it's just that their "organizing systems" aren't traditional.

    The sleep thing is also no surprise.
    ACTUAL research has linked intelligent Night Owls to the Circadian Rythms of Mars.
    Now THAT would've made for a better read!

    The cussing thing is just unmitigated bullshit.
    The dead giveaway was when they cited "A Study" (unnamed) that was "DECONSTRUCTING" The MYTH Of CUSSING --
    Whatever the fuck THAT means! Lol

    What "Myth"? Who "Constructed" it? Never heard of it.

    The fact is -- OUR language is shrinking rapidly.
    Pick up any book from 100 years ago & just try to get through it without a dictionary.

    "Simpler Words" do NOT make it "easier" to convey ideas -- it makes it HARDER.

    Something else that's disappeared with our language is the ability of readers -- & writers -- to perceive the layers of allegory that were once incorporated into most "great works".

    Few people today could understand that "Last Of The Mohicans" was FULL of "inner commentary" about social & political issues.
    It wasn't hidden -- back when it was written ALL readers (even kids) knew how to discern the multiple layers of meaning in a written piece.

    Now however -- these meanings go unnoticed by most -- & are instead "evaluated" by Upper Level Doctoral Students at elite colleges.

    Like most Truth Seekers, I'll always be a messy Night Owl who cusses.

    But at least WE TRUTHSEEKERS have the intelligence to spot a blatant Negative Reinforcement Psyop when we see it -- & thank goodness for that!

    So damn all those manipulative mother fuckers to hell & back again -- we ain't buyin' their shit! Lol

  9. One more point about the cussing --
    (BTW: I'm not really not as obsessed with cussing as it looks! lol)

    -- just consider the difference between the TV & movies that were made before much cussing was allowed -- & those that are made now.

    Good dialogue & deeper plots ("deep" plots -- as opposed to "complicated" but basically shallow plots) ...
    Have all but disappeared.
    They've dumbed everything down & replaced substance with less-than-mediocre fare.

    And they're leading the sheep down this Path To Stupidity byusing the "shock & rebellion" BAIT of cussing --
    depicting it as somehow being a BETTER form of expressing yourself.

    By relying more & more on these FEW WORDS -- & using them in increasing ways ... we're not only limiting our own ability to communicate ... but we're also proving just how easily we CAN be led & "molded".

    And they deliberately do this to us -- knowing full well where the planned decline will eventually lead.

    That's pretty fucking devious.

    Just some weird thoughts. Now I'm done with this cussing issue!

  10. I cuss harder than all of your shills! I'm super advanced. I'm thoroughly organized, I just don't give af. I get my sleep.