Monday, January 2, 2017

130 | House GOP votes to gut ethics panel, January 2, 2017 (Start of 115th Congress)


It's all symbolic people.  The white trash party is back in power.

The new 115th Congress has arrived, with no ethics!


  1. Headlines are designed to create a mental affect on those that choose the headlines.
    No matter what party is in, the system is corrupt
    By design. The Psyops did not go away in the last 8 years, nor was there peace on 🌏.
    We've seen the Number 115 assigned to Trump and this psyop. Case file 115 nothing more.
    In a few years it will be 116.

    1. "Cronyism" in the English Ordinal system equals 116
      "White Supremacy" in the English Sumerian system equals 1116

    2. Triple AAA helps those stranded

      It also means 111

      Duality aka reality is coded, but this is just 1/3 of the code.

      There's the Creators code
      The admins code
      The users code

      3 pyramids in Giza the image of the ruler defaced

      The Users left to figure out the rest as a USER mode allows.

      We live in an AI/ living organism / operated with a spiritual (conscious) or non spiritual (subconscious) that constantly steered to confusion. If the ADmin allows the user to reach the Creator the purpose should be revealed.

      Why do people build computers or machines?
      To make things easier on the creator.

      Why do people worship technology, because the user feels powerful.

      Why did the creator make humans?
      To make it easier?
      Why did the creator make an admin?
      The creator has other shit manefesting
      Why does the admin behave in that manner?
      It was programmed by the creator?
      Who the the user blame?
      The administration

      Why is it called ABC123 or Apple ?
      In both science and religion ?

      Because the creator made it that way!

      Have a nice day 😊

    3. Interesting stuff. Thanks Harry!

  2. "nancy pelosi" in the English Reduction system equals 52
    "take a second look" in the English Reduction system equals 52
    "trump" in the English Reduction system equals 25
    "donald trump" in the English Reduction system equals 48
    "gut" in the English Ordinal system equals 48