Monday, January 2, 2017

33 | First pictures of Saudis killed in Turkey nightclub attack, January 1, 2017, emerge

Oh God...


  1. oh my. i wonder what is hidden symbolism in that.

  2. Godamn these tyrants are something else! Just proving as always the news is total bullshit! And plenty of low-life sellouts always willing to sell their souls to the paper gimmick...

  3. Are they supposed to be twins? This image appears to be photo-shopped, that's the same person with some slight alterations. What happened to the other guys left arm?
    "Twins" in the English Reduction system equals 22
    "Twenty Two" in the English Reduction system equals 39
    The duodecimal value of "39" is "33"
    "Photoshop" using the S-Exception equals "60"
    The Hexadecimal value of "60" is "3C" (or 33)

    1. Exactly. My first thought...Gemini. The twins. Gemini begins 5/22 or the 142nd day of the year this year. And Gemini is the 3rd house.
      Twins=22 the pictures shows 33 together is 55.

      Recall Elmer Fludd's comments about all of the 55's associated with New Years:

      5+5=10. 10th house is capricorn's house.

      Gotta think about this more to see if this is also a foreshadowing clue...

    2. Ah...and Gemini is directly overhead right now! It's at it's highest point in the sky in January and although right now we are in Capricorn...Gemini is the sign right above us in the middle. Huh...

    3. Had to add...Trump is a Gemini. New York=39 Think about the "Twin" towers. But then also,

      A lot going on here...


    4. A bit off topic: obama is giving his farewell address at McCormick place in Chicago, Jan 10 @ 5 pm. Obama is 55 years old. I posted last week about Obama maybe having a watery grave in Hawaii from info gleaned in a coded rolling stone article about pearl jam. What if Carrie Fisher and her mother were foreshadowing for Obama and the queen? Maybe the queen bites it on the 9th, then Obama gets shot on the 10th.

      McCormick place=307/750/125
      Kill shot=307
      It so done=307
      Making room=307
      Black star=307 (bowie's last album released on Jan 8)
      Obama the liar=307
      Animal sacrifice=307
      No logos=307
      G spot=307

      John kennedy=125
      Sammy sosa=125
      FISHER kings=125
      North america=125
      North korea=125
      Time travel=125

    5. This is too good!

      Robert Mccomick, the reaper, died in 55! Haha


      "As early as 1927, Robert R. McCormick, a prominent member of the McCormick family of McCormick Reaper fame, and publisher of the Chicago Tribune, championed a purpose-built lakeside convention center for Chicago. In 1958, ground was broken for a $35 million facility that opened in November 1960, and was named after McCormick, who died in 1955. The lead architect was Alfred Shaw, one of the architects of the Merchandise Mart.[3] This building included the Arie Crown Theater, designed by Edward Durrell Stone.[4] It seated nearly 5,000 people and was the second largest theater (by seating capacity) in Chicago.
      The 1960 exposition hall was destroyed in a spectacular fire on January 26, 1967,[5] despite being thought fireproof by virtue of its steel and concrete construction. At the time of the fire, the building contained highly combustible exhibits, several hydrants were shut off, and there were no sprinklers on the main floor where the fire started. Thus the fire spread quickly and destructively, taking the life of a security guard.[6] The fire was investigated by a team led by Rolf H. Jensen, Professor of Fire Protection Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology, who later went on to found RJA Group."

    6. Obama, a Leo supposedly born 8/4. Solar king.


      Obama the solar king shot lake-side in Chicago, the land of Lincoln (who was shot in the head), hot on the heels of the most violent year in two decades (96) in Chicago (762 murders, or 726: Christ coding). And the band Chicago had that CNN special on SUNday night!

      Not only that, but periheLION, when the sun is a nearest to earth--91 million miles, supposedly--happens tomorrow. And Jan. 10 is a Tuesday. MARS' DAY! Mars the warrior/ murderer/ sniper.

      And Chicago is a Leo!

      Who's taking bets? Haha. I got 20 on the lone gunman!

    7. On another thread it was mentioned that Jan 8th will also be an interesting solar event and 1/8 which is also David Bowie's birthday and I looked up Star Man=23...Bowie died on Jan 10th also. His last album Black Star makes me think of the Dark Star. This web page has some interesting info on all of this...the dark star and the duat. What I haven't quite figured out is if this alignment is happening now? Perhaps I'm confused...I'm not sure yet. Maybe you know Fludd!

  4. Istanbul..More Like Instant Bullshit!,33 on a Obvious Photoshop picture! They know the Masses are at sleep so they Mock and Mock.

    1. Istanbul/Instant Bullshit, Love IT! Hysterical

  5. They are mirrored twins, notice the first guy has a white sleeve with dark number 3, and his double has a dark sleeved white number 3.

    Also, lots of alliteration going on in in that caption: Sss Sunday, Saudis, seven, Instanbul.

    1. Santa slays seven Saudis Sunday suddenly.

  6. "Would you like a side of skull and bones with that 33, Mr. Saudi?"


    Reminds me of the big "twins born in separate years" news story today. Could be a connection. These people love foreshadowing. Gemini is the sign of the twins. No planets are in gemini right now. Maybe when mars enters Gemini April 21, I think. Mercury and venus enter Gemini on Jun. 6, if I'm not mistaken. Could be funny business around then. Also, saturn enters capricorn--its native house, on Dec. 20,2017. Right around the solstice. That'll probably be interesting.

    1. Fun fact: weed was legalized in Colorado and Washington on Nov. 6,2012--9 months and 3 days from Neptune entering Pisces on Feb 3, 2012. Haha. 93 again. Mr. Saturn. Surely just a coincidence...

      (Neptune rules Pisces. Pisces and Neptune rule over drugs, addiction, fantasy, mysticism. I bet this has something to do with the opiate "epidemic," too. I was reading a mockingly, heavily coded story about Chillicothe, Ohio yesterday. Washington post, I think.

      Also, regarding opiates: I think there's a connection with fascism. Or the prelude to fascism and the nationalist's/fascist's promise to "make (blank) great again." There's an episode of Anthony bourdain: no reservations in Lisbon, Portugal. He's talking to the famous writer Antonio lobo antunes, and Antonio says something about during the fascist years in Portugal, heroin was cheaper than cigarettes. The reason being because when you're high, you don't protest.)

      And that hollyweed "prank" yesterday. Maybe weed gets legalized in more States this year.

    2. Already happening, medical just passed in much of the South. Once GA turns to recreational, the rest of the South will follow suit. Florida and Louisiana don't technically fit with the South, so they may get 100% legal first.

    3. It's simple.

      Baby boomers are dying off, but they get meds

      Generation X is getting High on Weed and Pills

      The millennial Are using Codeine , dab

      The elites are using psychological warfare on its subjects.

      The drugs which America is the #1 consumer
      Of keeps the system going

    4. Very true. Every generation has their different fix.

    5. I am biased because I'm a Gen Xer...but I think Gen X has a good chance of turning this shit around. The baby boomers won't help us...they are the ones who let it become this way. But gen x...we are cynical and sort of dark minded...and I think that helps us see through a lot of the BS. Maybe...we'll see. It's true for many I know...not that they all know the real truths...but they are at least questioners and thinkers. We'll see...but if weed is the poison of Gen X...then we are far better off than all of the ones taking pharmaceuticals and other man-made drugs anyway!

  7. Goes to show you that the masses would just take a glimpse at the picture and won't know wtf is going on.

  8. Sorry but this killed me lol. Im in tears lol

  9. Great Gematria in last night's NHL game - Boston-NJ Devils:

  10. Twins , Pillars ,blue collar, white collar
    33 years for the towers built by Saudi money.
    88 number of 👀 eyes in the pick or 44
    Worship the Bull god.

  11. Back to the number 4

    Good sign for Bama as a tornado just killed 4 out of 7 people in mobile home.

    I noticed that every year the past 5 years a tornado has hit that region of the south.
    I think 2 years ago it narrowly missed the Alabama stadium lol

    HAARP ?

  12. Escape from LAmovie plot.

    The Hollyweed sign is the first of many signs that Los Angeles will turn into a lawless wasteland like in all the movies.
    The WESTCOAST and the Pacific will be quarantined from the rest of the US. I bet the first Walls start East of Texas.

    1. Did you see the news about San Francisco smelling like rotten eggs a few days ago? Haha. I didn't read it but isn't the devil supposed to smell like sulfur? Seemed like some foreshadowing. Maybe the big one hits in 2017? Maybe haarp is real...

    2. Sulphur is also the cellsalts of Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio. Taurus is natrium sulphate, which is a cell salt known for eliminating excess water in the body. Virgo is Kali sulphate and Scorpio is Calcium or Lime sulphate. Don't know if that's helpful...but maybe. All of this stuff has to do with vibrational frequencies and I'm confident HAARP is affecting the earth in this way. Probably is some foreshadowing. Now that we are putting more pieces to this puzzle together...perhaps we'll figure it out.

  13. Remember Trump saying Mexicans are drug dealers and are very bad people.
    In the Movie escape from New York the Presidents name is DONALD PLEASENT lol

    Here's a bit from the sequel
    In 1998, Los Angeles has become immensely crime-ridden and decadent, ultimately being directly governed and patrolled by the recently created United States Police Force. Two years later, on August 23, 2000, a massive earthquake strikes Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley floods, and the Los Angeles area turns into an island from Malibu to Anaheim. An American presidential candidate who is also an outspoken theocrat has been saying that L.A. is sinful and has been punished by God.

    When he is elected President for life, he declares that anyone not conforming to the new "Moral America" laws he creates, which ban such things as tobacco, alcoholic beverages, recreational drugs, red meat, firearms, profanity, atheism, freedom of religion and extra-marital sex, will be stripped of their citizenship and deported to Los Angeles Island unless they repent and choose death by electrocution. A containment wall is built around the island, armed guards and watchtowers are posted, and those sent to the island are exiled permanently.

    1. Damn! "Escape From L.A." describes our country under MORMON RULE -- lol!

      Right down to the "WATCHTOWERS" (that Magazine their Missionaries shove at you right before the door slams)!

      Almost said we dodged a bullet when Mitt Romney wasn't "chosen" -- but come to think of it ...

      Trump's had Romney -- & that other Mormon GOP who ran back then (who's name "escapes" me) -- making Highly Publicized Appearances at "Trump Tower".
      Hmm ... "The Tower" = "Trump's Tower" = "The Watchtower".

      Mar-A-Lago -- another Trump "palace" -- is in FLORIDA ...

      FLORIDA -- where the MORMON CHURCH is the Largest Private Land Owner in the state.
      FLORIDA ... Land of "ORANGES" -- traditionally associated with ISRAEL & "ZION" (especially during the 1950's & 60's.)

      NOT ALL "JEWS" believe in "ZIONISM" ...
      (there ARE many different factions).


      "ZION'S EXISTENCE" ... is the "Foundation" of their religion.

      (Because "MORMONISM" was CREATED by ZIONISTS --
      to serve as a "CRYPTO-CHRISTIAN" FRONT for their Cause.)

      Maybe we HAVEN'T completely dodged "Mormon Rule" after all ...
      They're just slipping in the side door to catch us off guard --
      Like they TRAIN their Missionaries to do.

      They ARE proudly ... PATIENT... & ... PERSISTENT.

      Some crucial things to remember about MORMONS --

      (1) They CO-OPTED MASONIC RITUAL -- & "INCORPORATED" it into their religion ... "CRAFTING" their own "Brand" that forms the "CORE" of their Infrastructure.

      (2) They are OBSESSED with GENETICS, ANCESTRY & "HERITAGE" ... (EXACTLY like their "Brethren" -- the Ashkenazi Jews). They OWN the most complete Ancestral Database in the country (probably the world) -- including (& the TV shows that promote it -- like "Who Do You think You Are?")

      (3) They are EXTREMELY WEALTHY -- & their "INFLUENCE" -- is GLOBAL.

      (4) They conduct seminars (for "MEMBERS ONLY") that TEACH -- "How To Police The Internet".
      Graduates diligently "work" across Wiki, Social Media, et al. --

      (5) They have their own "LANGUAGE" (or "sub-speak").
      Many common words & phrases have had COVERT SIGNIFICANCE attached to them -- & may mean something entirely different to the Mormon reader.

      It's also VERY IMPORTANT to remember that ...

      MORMONS have their OWN version of ... ** GEMATRIA **.

    2. Good stuff..


      Have you ever properly looked at walmart buildings architecture? Well, take a look.

      They look like functional barracks/detention camps with WATCHTOWERS.

    3. Great thread y'all. Look up at that image again. See the waiter in the background holding his hands behind is back? Lots of symbolism there too...but I thought of the Ouroboros immediately. (The snake biting it's tail)
      "Ouroboros" in the English Gematria system equals 822
      "Ouroboros" in the English Ordinal system equals 138
      "Ouroboros" in the English Sumerian system equals 828
      "Ouroboros" in the English Reduction system equals 48

      This might be a stretch, but Gemini, the Twins were actually called Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology.

      Interesting when you read up on the Ouroboros on Wikipedia. They show an image of the Seal of the Theosophical Society - Door decoration at Kazinczy Street 55, Budapest (Hungary). And it is an ouroboros with a pentagram inside it. The "55" is not lost on me either.

    4. Yes! Great work everybody.

      Harry, great connections. Do remember that awful Pamela Anderson movie barb wire? 1996, I think. The movie takes place in a dystopia lots Angeles after a CIVIL WAR. I meant to make a post about it couple weeks ago. A lot of relevant coding in that crap pile of a movie. The bad guys dress like nazis, several German names, udo kier himself is in it, ffs! Wish I had made a post about it earlier. Can't remember details. Quebec was the safe haven. Which reminds me of David foster Wallace's infinite jest. One of the myriad plotlines was a war with Quebec. That book came out in 96, too. We all know what 96 means hehe.

      Mfsyy, great point about the Mormons and genetics. That has slipped by me for too long! Joseph Smith was a convicted hustler. He got busted telling people he could see gold in the ground with his magic box, or whatever. Same story they tell Mormons! Joseph Smith supposedly found golden tablets in the ground by using his magic box.

      Butler, nice connect with ouroboros. I was noticing the waiter as well. His hands are hidden behind his back, but you can see them. You can see the hidden hands! And his elbows are touching both heads. Not sure what it means...

      So venus entered Pisces today. I was wrong up there about June. Now venus and mars are both in pisces. Venus and mars are "lovers." And they're conjunct, I think. Which means "CONCEPTION." "Sparks will fly." Combine that with perheLION tomorrow and we could be looking at some actual sparks. Perhelion is around 2 pm london time tomorrow. The queen is a Taurus, the bull god haha. bi-bull.

      Ted kazincy street haha. I've read some of the unibomber's manifesto. Makes some interesting points in it. Could be seen as an agenda 21 pamphlet.

    5. "On February 3, 2017, the planets close to 5.5 degrees, with Mars setting 19 minutes after Venus. The chart above shows their close angular proximity, but they are nearly 126 million miles apart in space, over 300 times the distance between the earth and the moon.

      In late April, Mars moves through Taurus, which has two prominent star clusters: Pleiades and Hyades. The Pleiades star cluster is a compact cluster of many blue stars. Commonly named the “Seven Sisters,” the cluster is a spectacular sight through binoculars. Mars passes closest to the cluster (3.5 degrees) on April 21. With binoculars the cluster and the planet are be visible at the same time."

      April 21, queen Elizabeth's birthday.

    6. Iivarii, another strange thing about wal marts is that most if not all of them are located right next to railroad tracks. As far as I know, trains don't stop at wal mart. Don't they use semi trucks for all their deliveries? Are they gonna round up all the "unchosen" and lock 'em up in wal mart? The Jews were supposedly escorted by trains to concentration camps. Maybe that story was inverse foreshadowing.

      Maybe the GOYIM (cattle) are gonna be escorted by train to or from wal marts. And don't wal marts supposedly have underground space beneath the stores? Wal marts are definitely fishy...

    7. You guys who know more about astrology than me,
      does Ceres ingressing Taurus mean anything?
      That happens on Super Bowl date february 5th 2017.


    8. Indeed Elmer,

      Logistics and facilities are ready, for whatever thats worth.

    9. I'm still learning about ceres. This is interesting:
      Princess Diana, born on 1st July 1961, had Ceres in Taurus. She inherited her wealth and was, naturally, a very rich woman. She was even richer after her divorce.

    10. I heard something earlier today concerning astrology which made me think of the super bowl, funnily enough. Trying to remember...

    11. Jupiter goes retrograde on Feb. 5th, at 6:52 am. Maybe that was it

    12. Is the super bowl in HOUSTON? Remember the story last week of the flaming tuck full of alcohol ramming a highway barrier? I've had my eye on houston since then. Maybe a false flag at super bowl 51? Which batman movie had the football stadium NUKE scene? The one with bane in it.

    13. What have you found is the signifigance of that, If I may ask?


    14. Jeopardy category right now: "it's TWINS"


    15. Jupiter in retrograde I mean.

    16. Jupiter is generally seen as the planet of luck and blessings--it expands whatever it's aspecting. Represents introspection...

      Texas is capricorn. Not sure about houston.

    17. Recall the movie TWINS starring Danny devito and ARNOLD Schwarzenegger--who is replacing TRUMP on celebrity apprentice. Arnold was on Fallon last night.

      He also played CONAN the barbarian (Viking). CONAN o'brien was recently in BERLIN, just before the truck attack.

    18. Ceres can represent Mother Earth and Virgo but she has strong maternal instincts and is goddess of agriculture. Sounds like the super bowl will kick off the planting of seed. Take that any way you like!

    19. Cersie has also just fully become Queen in Game of Thrones after losing her third and final child and firebombing all of her enemies with Wildfire inside the equivalent of the Vatican. Cerse and Cersie are both due to be dethroned, whether they are forced out of their High Place or commit suicide and take as many with them that they can. Only 13 episodes left in Game of Thrones.

  14. Remember the flood at UCLA, Micheal Jacksons "This is it" Kobe retiring
    The clipper owners racist tirade, The terminator was governor, turmoil on the Kings?
    What about LA corrupt cops and the police chief
    The Biggie murder or the Pdiddy Bell incident at UCLA. Donald's star destroyed, the collapse of the movie industry. Americas #1 Dysfunctional family the Kardashians , riots in LA and the election riots. Warehouse fire in Oakland
    How about the drought in California? Fruitvalle station. The plane skids off at SFO, or
    Flight 370 pilot taking picks near the golden gate? The RAMS are back after 22 years.
    Who won a championship away from LA.
    The VA scandal and the Medicare fraud.
    SAN Bernadino shooting, hunger game directors son shot fellow students.
    Cal Berkeley most famous alum is a jack ass
    Marshawn LYNCH! The 49ers once a staple of success is now reduced to an upset negro with an Afro saying fuck the flag.

    I'm certain I missed so much but you guys get the idea.

    Tic toc tic toc

  15. what a joke.

    Rosie O'Donnell Trump's 'Mentally Unstable' Makes Ominous Threat

    "LESS THAN 3 WEEKS TO STOP HIM AMERICA." in the English Reduction system equals 121

    "Makes Ominous Threat" in the English Reduction system equals 74

    "Ominous" in the English Ordinal system equals 106

  16. It's a Nod to 9/11. Get it Twin Saudis Collapse.

    From The 15th Anniversary of 9/ 11 to The Turkey Nightclub Shooting.

    3 Months 22 Days or 113 Days

    Fifteenth Anniversary" in the English Reduction system equals 104

    Fifteenth Anniversary" in the English Ordinal system equals 239

    239-104= .. 135 ..

    Identical Twins" in the English Reduction system equals 63

    The Key of David= 135 & 63

    David King of Israel" in the English Reduction system equals 85

    David King of Israel" in the English Ordinal system equals 166

    Twin Towers" in the English Reduction system equals 49 / 58

    Twin Towers" in the English Ordinal system equals 166


    2. I get it! In the OT Isaac/Rebekkah sons Jacob and Esau were twins. They were struggling/fighting in her womb.

      "Jacob and Esau" in the English Reduction system equals 33

    3. Nice! Jacob tricked his father into thinking he was Esau by putting some wool on his arm. Weird story. Was Esau a hybrid? Haha

    4. Starts to look like this one is nailed pretty well.