Thursday, January 19, 2017

25 33 42 51 52 118 133 | Monterrey, Mexico American High School shooting of January 18, 2017 +Appears to be a hoax

This media story appears to be a tribute to Adam Lanza, and the many other reported suicidal school shooters.  Adam Lanza is who supposedly shot up the Sandy Hook Elementary School, December 14, 2012.

1/18/2017 = 1+18+20+17 = 56

Read about Adam Lanza and his '118' birth numerology here:

Video of January 18, 2017 High School shooting:

At the beginning of the video, notice the person dressed in black and white that seems to interact with the teacher by pointing to their own head, then quickly walks out of the room, at the same time the shooting begins.

Despite being blurry and the man in black and white, this video is the most realistic looking tragedy footage released to date by the mainstream media.  There is something interesting about the way the shooter falls to the ground when he kills himself.  His motion is very violent towards the ground.  Watching the footage, if it is real, it looks like the shooter is under some heavy programming.  He is even robotic in his multiple attempts to kill himself before he realizes he is out of ammo and reloads the weapon.

Anyhow, the date was right for 'death'.

January 18, or 1/18.

There are 51 minutes during the time of the shooting, even his own suicide.

Notice in the top right, there are 52 minutes on the clock after he kills himself.

'52' connects to the location of the shooting, Monterrey, Mexico.

The M, M initials of the location connect to shooting a well.

M = 13; M = 13 = 1+3 = 4
M, M = 4, 4

Notice it was the American School.

Notice he was '15'.

I should also mention the connection to '44' and 'teen'.

This was also the right state for a 'Freemason' 'conspiracy'.

In this case, the shooter is a young boy.

Remember, North America is the land of Freemason, from Canada to Mexico.  The Mexican-American War ended on the 33rd day of the year.

'33' is the master teacher number, and in this case, a teacher was killed.

Notice the two teens killed were both '14'.

24+14+14 = 52 (Monterrey = 52) (Government = 52)

Notice they got 'Fasci', probably short for fascist, giving us the death stats.

As for the 14-year old boy being shot in the head, the video does not show that happen.  You cannot see any blood come from the boy who falls to the ground.

Notice the muzzle is flashing above, and the boy with the glasses is looking away from the shooter.

Then the boy falls in the direction of the shooter, no blood is shown.

Then he shoots the teacher, then he shoots someone off camera to the right, reportedly the 14-year-old girl.