Wednesday, January 4, 2017

42 59 | Ruben De Los Santos body slams 15-year-old Jasmine Darwin at Rolesville High School, January 4, 2017 news

Rolesville, North Carolina = 115/124/142/277

*59 is the 17th prime (We might see a lot of this number this year)

1/4/2017 = 1+4+20+17 = 42

The name Darwin is no coincidence either.

Rolesville High School = 107/233
Rolesville = 48/57/129 (America = 129, Jewish Gematria)

The name of the resource officer is perfect as well.

In the time I have been doing this research, this is the second time a police officer body slammed a female high school student.  I'll need to look up the last story after this, I know it is on the blog.


  1. Here's the other body slamming of female student:

  2. This incident was created to incite a riot/protest. The policing of so-called "Blacks"/"MINORity" students in their schools is a planned agenda. There is something called "The School To Prison Pipeline" they treat these children like inmates and the school is a simulated prison.
    "School To Prison Pipeline" using the S-exception = 140(or 14)
    The divisors of the #14 sum to "24" (or 42)

    Also the degenerate police officer used a wrestling/MMA fighter
    move (considered illegal) five days after the Ronda Rousey/A"MAN"da Nunez fight. Rousey was defeated by Nunez in her "14th" fight and it took "48" seconds.

    "Jasmine Darwin" in English Ordinal system equals 140(or 14)
    "Jasmine Darwin" in English Sumerian system equals 840(or 84/48)
    "Darwin Theory" in English Sumerian system equals 960
    The divisors of the #960 sums to "3048" (or 348/3"48")

    1. Also: "Darwin Theory" in Eng.Sumerian equals 960
      Whose divisors sum to "3048"(or 348/3-48).
      The #48 represents "Forty Eight Seconds" and the #3(3048) there are 180 seconds in 3 minutes .
      The Hexadecimal value of "180" is "b4" which is "24"(or 42)