Wednesday, January 4, 2017

42 59 | Ruben De Los Santos body slams 15-year-old Jasmine Darwin at Rolesville High School, January 4, 2017 news

Rolesville, North Carolina = 115/124/142/277

*59 is the 17th prime (We might see a lot of this number this year)

1/4/2017 = 1+4+20+17 = 42

The name Darwin is no coincidence either.

Rolesville High School = 107/233
Rolesville = 48/57/129 (America = 129, Jewish Gematria)

The name of the resource officer is perfect as well.

In the time I have been doing this research, this is the second time a police officer body slammed a female high school student.  I'll need to look up the last story after this, I know it is on the blog.