Thursday, January 5, 2017

42 | InfoWars links Black Lives Matter to "Facebook Torture" story of January 3, 2017

As we decode the '42s' coded into InfoWars and Alex Jones, keep in mind this "viral" news story reportedly took place yesterday, January 4, 2017.

1/4/2017 = 1+4+20+17 = 42

Alex Jones has name gematria of '42', and is supposedly born on the 42nd day of the year, February 11, 1974.

Alex = 1+3+5+6 = 15
Jones = 1+6+5+5+1/10 = 18/27
Alex Jones = 33/42

*Alex Jones is supposedly 42-years old right now...

As for him being born in '74, that also fits into the picture.

This story today is about InfoWars falsely accusing 'Black Lives Matter' of the contrived news media.  Let us not forget that 'Black Lives Matter' is controlled opposition.

Black = 2+3+1+3+2/11 = 11/20
Lives = 3+9+4+5+1/10 = 22/31
Matter = 4+1+2+2+5+9 = 23
Black Lives Matter = 56/74

Think about how they've been using 'Colin Kaepernick' as a race war symbol this past NFL season, in the wake of the racially charged Super Bowl, featuring the White Broncos vs the Black Panthers.

You'll notice the hashtag InfoWars made popular was #BLMKidnapping.

BLMKidnapping = 2+3+4+2/11+9+4+5+1+7+7+9+5+7 = 65/74

Never forget, March 3, or 3/3, is the 62nd day of the year.

The initials C.L. breakdown to 3.3.  C = 3; L = 12 = 3

The name also has the same SPELLing as 'Make America Great Again' and more.

163; the 38th prime
Death = 38; Killing = 38; Masonic = 38; Jewish = 38; Jew = 38


  1. I would say, here we go, but the only people who actually stand up.and fight for one side or another are actors, and "real" people are just going to sit and stew in hate juice.

    1. TRUTH! Racism is used only to keep the New World Order intact. To bad the public gets caught in the duality. IT'S THE WHITES, ITS THE BLACKS, ITS THE CHINESE , ITS THE MIXED PEOPLE (wait that doesn't make sense). Ever watch a movie and think the director or writer is trolling you. I did ,and it opened my eyes. Watching that video made me feel like i was watching Zootopia. I wonder if that's why they use animals instead of HUMANS in movies and commercials. TROLLING!

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  2. BLM = Blind living mammals

    Anyone that may have worked in a laboratory
    Will understand that humans are nothing more than specimen. (Possumm) used for experimental purposes. Your behavior is constantly manipulated,your organs are constantly under attack and the mind is routinely tortured by technology and your environment.

    The EARTH is a testing GROUND.
    Now you understand it's origin.

    1. TRUTH! Always happy to see intelligence.

    2. Bingo.
      And in addition, human cattle also helps out in the "lab" - with minor tasks of course.

    3. @i am that.

      By no means! Just sharing and brain storming.
      This site belongs to Zack.
      I decided to regulate aka filter the BULLSHIT zack spews at times.
      So please contribute and join the the rest of us who are here to exchange ideas.
      Truth is bullshit, watch out for JEWTUBE.
      No matter how well these videos are made, everyone on the web is full of shit.
      trust YOURSELF.


    4. Harry you've got a follower!

      I follow most of your truth and beliefs. There used to be more peeps, but flaming got BIG during football and after the colts big loss. I'm skeptical about everything.

      Then again, I have a spot on my right thigh I think could be a chip, but probably isn't. So, I belong in the asylum. Until then, FTFT, GB vs. NE SB51.

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    6. Insane. No worries. I do not believe in anything either!!! Lol
      Since the age of 4 I've challenged my parents, teachers, authority, bible study, and all these threads.
      When you lack belief in the system, it's easier to dissect the illusion.
      I do not want FOLLOWERS we need more Leaders!
      I'm just trying to convey to anyone who will listen to wipe your hard drives clean and start over.
      Take command and control of your OWN thoughts.

  3. Oh man, pure mockery. On cnn right now every story is about "black and white", and all of the anchors are decked out in black and white. Like clockwork when they are really pushing the racial angle with one of these so obviously contrived bullshit stories.

    When that bitch Brooke Baldwin was finished spewing her filth regarding this "torture", her prompter was sure to have her finish by saying, very dramatically "Unreal. (long pause) Unreal." Then the black guest simply says, "Absolutely".

    Just for anyone with eyes to see.

  4. You got the kid and the pp in that hashtag those sick fucking jews.

  5. Checkered floor

    CNN is the Masonic chess board.

  6. Some of these guys should write a masterpiece for the ages:
    Art of Mockery.

    Watch out Sun Tzu!

  7. I just found an interesting Stat. Derek Carr
    Has only been sacked one time this season. The Sack Resulted in a broken leg. Hmmmm

    Blue eighty=114/756 was the call
    Arrogant and deceitful=756

    Carr#4 Cole#50 player who sacked him

    Carr #4 Matt magloin #14. 144

  8. Here's the full video of the acting

  9. If you wanted to prove the NFL is rigged.

    get an NFL doctor to admit the injuries are by the NUMBERS.
    If not good luck 👍

    1. The proof is already out there dipshit. But that wouldn't be a bad cherry on top.

    2. little mad puppy.
      Come over to the light!
      I'm here to help you 😎
      No one cares if the games are fake!
      Wrestling is doing BIG numbers.
      The elite are preparing everyone for a REALITY
      Disband all your current beliefs, religion , sex, games, government etc.
      How the fuck else do you think, the desperate worthless souls will be begging for the next stage?

      You will be the first online to get into VIRTUAL REALITY.

      Run along

    3. Yup. Check out the film "The Congress" by the jew Ari Folman. People choose to plug into VR for their entire lives, while living their physical lives in abject poverty and squalor.

  10. we should hastag #fakenews make that be the thing , i bet the zionist would hate that , make that the number one trending thing

    1. Oh my, I thought about that this evening, too. But I was thinking, embed the words fake news in the site hundreds of times. Now that people search it on google, FTFT would hit hard. This site can be as addictive as you let it.

      Twitter, better idea.

    2. Nope. Don't fall or the trap.

  11. Zach and all, I think you guys may want to read this article and what I found out about Zedekiah's Cave in Jerusalem.

    Zedekiah's Cave = 119 EO

    Cave = 31 Cube = 31 "El" in the Hebrew language gematria = 31 Pan = 31 Land = 31 and more.

    Jerusalem on the 31st parallel

    It was dedicated by the first moden masonic lodge in Palestine in 1873 on a day with with 31/103 numerology. May 7, 1873.
    Solomon = 31/103

    144 years this year.Judt thought I'd pass it along.

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    2. Tal thanks..
      oh fuck raiders vs Houston 144!

      Could we see something happen this weekend?

  12. Alex Jones kicks elites ass daily. Get over it.