Wednesday, January 4, 2017

49 61 133 | 'It's a sad day', Trump and Julian Assange vs U.S. Intelligence, January 4, 2017

Schmuck face on the left.

It's a sad say day = 31/49/103 (Washington = 49)

Julian Assange = 61; White House = 61; Intelligence = 61

Don't ever forget Julian Assange is a media character, and nothing more.  So is Donald Trump.


  1. Zach. Are you ready to have head blown im ready to expose a national story about a youtuber cliff diver who jump into a pool and smashed his feet/heel.PLEASE look into this, love to see you expose this and show people how they do these rituals. I KNOW hes workin for the masons relying messages,dark ones. Every single one of his videos is coded to the t. Funny how this happens to him at this time, all syncs with date from first upload to youtube creation. His name Anthony Booth Armor. Created YT on 12/1.gofundme 36jtpcg.. Youtube is "xo 8booth" Check his last video called pool drop 8 destroyed me,of course 8, showing his jump and fail. 2:33 long. Jumps at 2:16.. 233 51st prime. Its at Pacific Edge=112/68/59/122/408.
    Anyways..its all codes. Fake jumps at 1:19 shows pacific edge at 1:12 etc etc..
    Bombshell is at 1:09.. Total ritual bro..First. A black car(=51) on parking spot #33.then the #34 #35 have the parking slabs moved to look like a hangman or reverse 7s, then the wheelchair hangman handicap with the very masonic logo printed cleverly onto it....34+35=69.Green bay packers=69 jus sayin..also 34×35=1190...the paint on the lot was brand new it was a setup had to be..
    HE ALSO has a clip called "night drop" 25 seconds long. Published on 112..
    Night drop =666/57/111...many more crazy codes in each video,never shows face.. Stuck at 77,877 subscribers...first video called "el morro"=42/ crystal cove. Must look into this guy its a lead to something big.

    1. He even walks up to it at 1:37.33rd prime.
      Also a 112 in beginnging

    2. Ryan lochte's evil twin. Lol. This is interesting, especially the parking slabs and the black car in space 33, but the jumps don't look fake. Just more unwise decisions being promoted in the form of entertainment.

    3. Check out his video pool drop 2 at 27 second mark youll see 58/57 hallways with a prop on the wall of the 58. Trump 58th presidential term..its obvious what he doing

    4. Youll see seashell wreath on hallway 58. That = 156/57. 156th prime 911.

    5. I love when Green Bay gets the SB51 shout out, and people other than me find them. It's everywhere from the Bachelorette to Michael Jackson.

  2. Destroyed me=133
    This guy also shows the tribute to the demon=51 at 2:05. Now today a story that tweeted at 9:10 am about a demon which looks close to the shadow he shows at 2:05. He has a new video up in hospital crazy coded.

  3. All Us intelligence agencies all agreed unanimous that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.