Tuesday, January 10, 2017

99 | Clemson's record 99-plays in the 2017 CFB Championship & Hunter Renfrow's winning catch

Renfrow, #13, caught the winning touchdown on the 99th play of the game for Clemson.

Notice Alabama ran 66-plays, and the game finished with 66-points.

Alabama 31 - Clemson = 35

Alabama = 13/31
Clemson won championship for first time in 35-years

Also, Crimson Tide sums to 57 and 66.  I see a mention of 5.7.

Crimson Tide = 57/66; Thirteen = 45/99

I love the detail about 84-plays.  Have you read the quote from 1984 about beer, football and gambling?  It was all it took to fill up the horizons of their mind...

United States of America = 84


  1. Even in that still shot, it looks the Alabama gave up on it lol.

    1. The still shot wasn't the last play.

    2. It wasn't even from this year's game

  2. Zach the SB could be Chiefs vs Packers based off this game. If they met in the SB it would be their 13th matchup. In the last match the sum of the points scored was 66. Also the record between them in history is 7-4-1. The sum of divisors for 741 is 1120, or 112.

  3. He's a "Redshirt Sophomore"

    Redshirt Sophomore = 99

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    2. Yep lol. Crazy how deep it goes.

  4. "drought to deluge" in the English Reduction system equals 74




    1. I'm here!

      I picked bana week 1

      How many teams you had this season?

    2. Bama called the 31 points too.
      Was 4-0 NFL picks over the weekend

      Never had colts or Vikings
      Picked packers over Giants

      Tell me what's wrong with that?
      Got the Patriots 3-1 record without Brady
      Had Brady going 12-0 he went 11-1

      You've waited 3 months to call me out lmao

    3. Zack had LSU
      The rest of the guys had Michigan Ohio st
      Clemson was picked when Ohio st lost

      I gave everyone grief because of the flip flopping picks and Germatria still does not explain anything or outcome prior to games.

      When Kiffin was gone I felt I should change my pick but I didn't and I sure did not say I had Clemson AT ALL ...

      I'm right more often than not.

    4. now that you're off your fucking pedestal, focus on the knowledge. I would say the same to us all.

      this blog was chill before the sports betting desire took front and center, I participated fully. shit, we didn't even know Mike Manning was Gay-ry Trollberg back then and I once politely asked him "Hey man, who are your picks for this year's SB?"

      so yeah, back to the knowledge.

    5. Harry the point is that you need to stop calling people frauds and trolling when they get picks wrong because we're all human get picks wrong. I was just impersonating the kind of troll comments I see on here daily.

      If you want to be civil and explain why you think Gematria is not a useful way to predict in a calm and rational way, then that's fine. Disagreeing is fine, trolling for weeks and weeks with inane bullshit comments is not fine.

      No reason why we can't all work together on this, if you really are genuinely for the truth, harrybutt.

  6. I know harry is an asshole but nobody should be called a fraud b/c they got a pick wrong, we are all learning. We are all trying to break the code. Don't stoop to his level.

    1. Just giving him a taste of his own medicine, with the hope that he improves his behavior on reflection.

    2. Thanks for the advice Lenny !
      Now what will you contribute ? If I improve my behavior for a group of blind idiots picking a 16-16 team to reach the super bowl ?
      Or numerologist picking both teams?

    3. Isn't that madness ? Repeating the same drivel for the matches and the flipping sides after the fact. That shit drives me crazy!
      I agree, lets all learn but the reality is that Zack was completely wrong from day one on the colts
      I showed the proof and was labeled a troll by his audience who donated money and BET big on the colts. I was coming civil then. I noticed that Zack was misleading everyone with his weekly picks too. Called him out on it.

    4. The video of the "Script was changed" was a complete pussy move on his part.

      Team missed the playoffs and have no offensive line and SB41 never connected to anything!

      For 16 weeks all of you were spoon fed bullshit.

      Today is 1/10 and no one knows who's in the final match and Germateia is not helping the cause

    5. So either he had inside info in the past or his Getmatria calculations are distorted.

      Are the games rigged YES it's in the NFL by laws !
      The Bills have identical records as Colts no one picking them!

      The problem here is that you have 50% of the community who do not watch the NFL and 40%
      Blind gamblers and I'm in the 10% of people who eat sleep sports for a living!
      The formula is not correct not even close!

      Hail Mary=42 well they're only fixing it for Rodgers because recent history tells us so.

      I'm not disputing that is not fixed just that no one knew he would throw another Hail Mary and there's no way of knowing prior to the game unless you have INSIDE info.

      Guy makes a 51 yarder .. truther ... they're going to SB51 lol

      Wtf what ???
      No one expects Zack or anyone to get every pick right just that it's glaring that everyone here is off!

      Like the Packers game!
      Easy to present a case for both teams or lean one way but do you know ??? No one knows not me not Zack no one but the NFL and Vegas!

    6. Harry nobody would ever hated you if you didn't come off as an asshole just because you don't agree with zach don't mean you have to troll everybody else

    7. Nah son I'm a walking talking sports encyclopedia. To think this is bullshit is, well, bullshit. I been following and speaking out about trends and nuanced circumstantial coincidental sports outcomes and happenings.

      This is absolutely relevant and to dismiss inaccurate future telling as fraudulent is dense.

    8. How was Zach misleading? He has never claimed that all his predictions will be correct.

      Well Harry I hope we can all be civil to each other from now on, humble in the knowledge that we all get predictions wrong. Do you believe there is no patterns in the numbers at all? I I've seen you talking about the numbers many times, so you must think there is some kind of pattern going on?

  7. Coukd connect to a 99 NHL season.
    My guess is MYR win Stanley Cup and Tottenham Hotspur win Premier League.
    Remember the pic with Wayne Gretzky getting his tottenham jersey at a game in London?
    The spelling was wrong!
    It was spelled "Gretsky"

  8. I knew this guys name sounded so damn familiar, so I had to google it...

    Hunter Renfroe was drafted 13th in 2013 by the Padres.

  9. former walk on = 151 (the 36th prime)

    his catch brought the total Clemson yards to 511

  10. This reminded of the patriots vs seahawks blog.
    The 99's, 21's

    Think you'll like this one.
    The date from that game to super bowl sunday
    A span of 2 months 23 days

    "saban" in the English Ordinal system equals 37
    Born in '51

    "patriots" in the English Reduction system equals 37

    7x3=21 7/3=2.333...etc

    37x9=333(x9)=2,997 =2+9+9+7=27 (remember later)


    Next might be a stretch, yet this is what gematria is showing us:

    1. Year of the Rooster ? Energy: Yin | Element: Metal
      What if it was read
      "i am a hen" in the English Reduction system equals 33
      "I am a Hen" in English Ordinal equals 51

      "metal" in the English Ordinal system equals 51
      "yin" in the English Reduction system equals 21

      "element" in the English Ordinal system equals 74
      "element" in the English Sumerian system equals 444

      "energy" in the English Sumerian system equals 444
      "nick saban" in the English Sumerian system equals 444

  11. From 1991-1994 (3 yrs)
    Saban served as DC with Bilichick as HC of the Cleveland Browns.

    1991+1994 =3,985 reduces to [b]25[/b]

    Previously I've posted a few of my link/keys/connections
    in regards to both the Browns and Patriots.
    And how these two guys from the
    "same coaching tree" in the English Reduction system equals 74
    (Or element)

    Take the 27 7/2=3.5

    "three point five" in the English Reduction system equals 82
    "new england patriots" in the English Reduction system equals 82

    "eighty-two" in the English Reduction system equals 51
    "eighty-two" in the English Gematria system equals 1689
    1x6x8x9=432 reduces to 9 (a potential number for pat's sb appearances)

    1. "three point five" in the English Gematria system equals 1117
      On November 17, 2016 which happened to be a

      "wednesday" in the English Reduction system equals 37
      Gregorian calender, 3.5 is like Noon Wednesday with Monday being start of work week
      Same day & time I believe most teams host press conferences;

      Here you can hear Belichick make several references to opposing team's coach
      "coach kelly" in the English Reduction system equals 41 *cough* Houston

    2. *however, misinformed on 1117
      "thursday" in the English Reduction system equals 35

    3. 1689 ??
      This thing is loaded:
      A 'Bostonian' Revolt, 'Bill' of rights and the lingering effects in 'England', the Nine-years war,


  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. texans vs seahawks superbowl seahawks win it all

  14. You are showing last year and this year as the same.

  15. #13 caught gaming winning pass in white jersey not Orange.

  16. Not saying your wrong it was a scripted TD and offensive pass interference but the still picture you are showing on the blog is from a different game.

  17. Renford won with game winning scripted TD but the picture on the blog is from 2016 Arizona not 2017 Tampa bay

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