Thursday, January 5, 2017

Got milk? Why the ad began in '93 & the first ad was called "Aaron Burr" +Jewish Saturn ritual


  1. I drink almond milk nowadays. Cow's milk makes me feel gross.

  2. Im pretty sure "whole" milk not pasteurized and homoginized is not bad for you. Shelf life is only about a week and a few days. It cost twice as much in whole food stores. Look it up. Good stuff.

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  3. I've been drinking raw unpasteurized milk for several years. I will never drink store bought bs sugar water milk again. Milk bought in stores is complete garbage. Raw milk is great for you. Support your local farmers.

  4. The last real glass of milk consumed 1991.
    1992 was the first year of the injected beef
    And the dual sport athletes. Burger wars.
    GW phone taps.


  6. Not only does "Got Milk" = 33...
    "Got Milk" = 42 (K/V Exception)
    "Got Milk" = 87 (Ordinal)
    "Got Milk" = 139 (Francis Bacon)
    "Got Milk" = 226 (Jewish)

    As for 87...check out the gematria of eighty-seven in relation to freemasonry:

    "Eighty seven" = 58 (Reduced) | "Freemasonry" = 58 (Reduced)
    "Eighty seven" = 67 (S Exception) | "Freemasonry" = 67 (S Exception)
    "Eighty seven" = 139 (Ordinal) | "Freemasonry" = 139 (Ordinal)

  7. Yo Zach YouTube blocked your Got Milk post the one that's 31:15.

  8. great documentary

  9. We live in the MILKy Way, so they tell us.
    Cows live in herds, moo.
    Milk, white, opaque
    MLK - black Civil Rights (rites) advocate/chocolate milk
    MLK day observed the third Monday in January
    D AIRy, Diary
    Stephen King writes about Derry, Maine (23rd state) where IT lives in the sewer. A giant SPYder in a WEB.
    IT tech

    Photos of Missing Kids printed on sides of Milk Cartons in 1980s.

    UFO's are associated with cattle mutilation/dissection taking away parts like Jack the Ripper.

    Q: Where's the Beef? A: Wendy's

    ALexander HAMilton on $10.

    All this trivia adds up like puzzle pieces to a bigger picture.

    1. The reason they started pushing the ad campaign:
      "Beef. It's What's For Dinner" ...

      Is because in order to produce all that MILK --

      A Cow has to have a Calf EVERY TEN MONTHS.

      That added up to a LOT of "extraneous calves".

      When CHICKEN & PORK ("The Other White Meat") became big sellers, the Beef Industry was caught off-guard.

      Newborn dairy calves (they're taken from their mothers immediately & bottle-fed) suddenly dropped to $5 apiece.
      The cruelest (the mega-farms) began killing them right after birth (to "save money").

      These harsh facts were related to me by an old dairy farmer I used to work for (not some documentary).

      It shows the far-reaching -- & unseen -- rebound effects that these money-driven campaigns can have.

      Even though the price of calves (in my area) was starting to go up by the time I heard about it, there were still mega-dairies that viewed calves as a "negative by-product" -- & they were still "disposing" of them en masse.
      They vowed not to keep them alive until it was "profitable to do so".

      It bothered me so much that I began buying -- & raising -- the "bottle calves" from where I worked. Several hundred of them over a few years.

      By the time they reached 2 or 3 yrs old, the majority eventually had to go -- but I managed to hang onto 12 of them. (In spite of constant ridicule from other farmers & nonstop bitching from nosy family & acquaintances.)

      I called them my "Oxen" -- but they were really just giant pets -- like the goofiest dogs you could imagine.
      (Castrated calves put all their nutrition into growing, & my "Oxen" grew to be over 6 1/2 ft tall -- at the shoulder!)

      These poor calves have long been the Silent Sufferers of the Milk Economy ...

      Figured you fellow TRUTHSEEKERS would want to know about that & maybe share it with others.

  10. @Prunella

    We suck on the universal nipple !

    Janet Jackson song "Control" lmao

  11. They really want to say

    GOAT MLK ?

  12. "the cow jumped over the moon" in the English Reduction system equals 113
    "brown cow" in the English Ordinal system equals 113
    "mad cow disease" in the English Ordinal system equals 121
    "moo" in the English Reduction system equals 16

  13. Zach -- This vid is one of the best you've ever done!

    The ties between ... "Got Milk?" ... the '93 WTC bombing ... & Aaron Burr ... are AMAZING.

    THANKS for giving us so much recent info about Nutrition & Healthy Living -- again, it's ALL some of your BEST WORK!

    You're able to convey LOTS of useful info in a way that's Interesting & Easy To Understand ...
    Which in turn makes it that much easier to share with others.

    Roaring into 2017 with combinations of Gematria & Helpful Guidance has really raised the bar ...

    And once again sets YOU apart from the "pretenders".

    Congrats on producing such EXCELLENT WORK! :D