Saturday, June 3, 2017

30 33 36 46 61 62 63 113 | First no hitter of the season by Edinson Volquez, #36, 'Miami' Marlins, on June 3, 2017 +36 weeks after death of Jose Fernandez +Muhammad Ali & his Phoenix death

#36, of the Miami Marlins has thrown the first no hitter of the season on June 3 or 3/6 or 6/3.

This comes exactly 36-weeks after the death of Jose Fernandez:

The first 'no hitter' comes on the 62nd day of the season, which began April 3.  Notice the pitcher is 33 years old.

OR, this accomplishment comes 61-days after the start of the season... April 3, 2017.

Today's date is also right for a no hitter in terms of 'numerology.

6/3/2017 = 6+3+20+17 = 46

This comes 30-days from 34th birthday.  Notice he is 33 at the moment.  113 is the 30th prime number and this is the season of the 113th World Series.

The pitcher with the no hitter became 2-7 on the game.   He made 27 outs without a hit.

Baseball = 27; MLB = 27

A year ago today, the Miami Marlins prematurely announced the death of Muhammad Ali at 74.  He passed on this day, June 3, 2016.  Again, the Prophet Muhammad lived to be 63-years old.

With regards to the 46, don't forget Muhammad Ali became boxing champion in Miami Beach and died from Parkinson's at his hospital in Phoenix.... or that he was from Louisville.

He became boxing champion in '64 in Miami Beach...

Chicago = 46 (The death of Jose Fernandez was for the Cubs World Series)

Someone sees a Cubs and Tigers 113th World Series out of this...