Friday, June 2, 2017

35 49 66 86 121 149 | James McAdoo might be the final clue for NBA Finals 2017 winner, Warriors or Cavs?

1/4/1993 = 1+4+19+93 = 117 (Ohio) (Undertaker) (The Godfather)

I noticed last night when the Warriors subbed in James Michael McAdoo, they mentioned he played at North Carolina, who won the championship this year, April 3, the 93rd day of the year.  Notice this man was born in '93.  Dean Smith = 93; Oracle Arena = 93; Saturn = 93

His name is also perfect for the Warriors and NBA Finals.  Also, if you go back and look at why I picked North Carolina to win first and foremost when I did my work this year, it had everything to do with 'Revelation'.

Remember further, Roy Williams birthday was 121-days after the Championship...:

The NBA Finals were named that in 1986....

Notice the overlap.

'666' is taught about in Revelation, where the city of Philadelphia is named, the original home of the Warriors.  

Don't forget Durant is from Washington D.C., the capitol after Philadelphia (and New York which has a number of Revelation connections as well).

From his Janury 4 birthday, to Game 1 of the NBA Finals was a span of 149-days.

149, the 35th prime.... 35 was the number yesterday, read about it here:

IN GAME 1, JUNE 1, 2017...  King James = 35; Catholic = 35

The Warriors scored 35 in the first quarter.
#35, Kevin Durant scored the 35th total points of the game (Combined)
#35, Kevin Durant, had the assist to score the 35th points for the, by Iguodola, from Philadelphia...
The Cavs shot 35% from the field

Don't forget the Cavs advanced to the Finals with '135' points.

The Key of David = 135; Philadelphia established on a date with '135' numerology

If the Warriors win the NBA Finals, they'll win 83-games on the season, like the last year, '83, the Philadelphia 76ers won the championship.  Again, the Warriors are originally from Philadelphia.

Consider further, June 1 was the 152nd day of the year.

Pennsylvania = 152; Stephen Curry = 152; 

The Carolinas were huge in this year's college tournament, as I also predicted... it reminds that Steph Curry went to a Catholic College in the Carolinas.  His father played for Charlotte for a number of years, including the season Michael Jordan and the Bulls set the win record.  Dell Curry's Hornets were the 73rd game of the season for the record setting Bulls... a record that would be broken by Steph Curry, with 73 wins.

Remember when Villanova beat North Carolina, earning their 35th win of the season in the championship, as the 'Catholic' school?

The overlaps get deep.  Roy Williams was 66-years-old this year...

LeBron = 66; LeBron James = 66; Number of the Beast = 66; 666 in the 66th Book, Revelation

Freemason = 147; Conspiracy = 147; Here is wisdom = 147; Forty Two Weeks = 147

Consider Davidson sums to 88, last year the Warriors won 88-games, winning their 88th after Steph Curry's Pi Day birthday.

Don't forget the Warriors won 67-games either this year.

Revelation = 67; Freemasonry = 67; West = 67; King = 67

You might also recall, the rigged college championship had a lot to do with Michael Jordan.  In current NBA discussion, there are two narratives, one for each team:

1)  Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan?
2)  Are the Warriors the greatest team of all-time?