Friday, June 2, 2017

45 68 146 | What is Hillary Clinton thinking, June 2, 2017 headlines + 'God and the Don', CNN feature story

Today is June 2, 2017.  June = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Calendar = 58; Gregorian = 58

6/2/2017 = 6+2+20+17 = 45 (Holy Bible) (Mike Pence) (Trump, #45)

As for the main headline and the the interesting picture with the headline, 'God and the Don'....

What is Hillary Clinton thinking?

I have a few ideas.  This is all part of a political, NWO, circus.

I wonder if by 2020 Ivanka Trump could be viewed as a political leader?  Can you imagine a new Kennedy family, only this time, they're the Trump family?  Consider each year gets worse, and the Kennedy's go back to the bootlegging days.  Ever seen my work on JFK and Andy Griffith Show?

Honestly, I can't even imagine the Trump's becoming a new face of America, like the Bush's, or Kennedy's, but it could happen, and ultimately, it wouldn't surprise.

The story is about how Hillary says the DNC didn't provide her the right data, and that is why she lost.  Remember these stories if we see Hillary run in 2020.

Now, the next story...

RFK and MLK assassinated in '68.

3 and 3 (sets of stars); Federal = 33; Actor = 33; Hollywood = 33; Kennedy = 33