Wednesday, August 9, 2017

33 48 88 | Patriots become first NFL team to buy team plane +New York Jets joke by Bleacher Report

Remember, the Patriots scripted success was born after September 11, the "plane tragedy" day.  Drew Bledsoe of the Patriots was then sacked by a Jet, Moe Lewis, causing injury, which gave birth to Brady's career.

This is definitely part of the joke here...

This story comes 8/8.  I know I have documented something about Brady or the Patriots and 88 in the past, but it isn't coming to mind.

Notice the overlap with 48.  The upcoming Super Bowl is the 48th of the modern era, Super Bowl 52.

Eighty Eight... 8/8 story date...

8/8/17 = 8+8+17 = 33 (Team Plane = 33) (Tom = 33)

This story comes 184-days after Super Bowl 50, or a span of 185.  It also comes 180-days before Super Bowl 52, or a span of 181.

mathematics = 185
181, the 42nd prime

Also, check out this shot from ESPN.  It will be the Patriots 58th season this year.

Notice the relationship between champion and cheaters.

98th season of the NFL upcoming, 2017-18.