Saturday, August 26, 2017

Have you ever met a Christian that wasn't stupid? (No you have not)

Of course you have never met a Christian who wasn't stupid.  By definition, being a Christian is to admit you're stupid.  It is easily the dumbest religion ever contrived, and it is pushed by door to door salesmen, and even meth smokers such as Bartley Gerba.  For those of you who know the meth smoking retard, he is a good example of what a Christian is- a loser, who stands for nothing but believing their beliefs are greater than everyone's else.

Anyhow, think about how dumb you have to be to believe this.

A man kills another man.
A different man kills another man.
A third man rapes a woman.
A fourth man kills a family and steals their belongings.


God says he'll impregnate a virgin, then when his child is 33, he will sacrifice it for all the sinners and wrongdoers, so they can all be forgiven!

What makes sense about that solution?  As I have said before, to be a Christian, is to think God is an incompetent fool.

...Here we are 2,000 years later.  Things have never been worse.

How does that impact the Christian believers?

It doesn't, because they're stupid, and non thinking, only believing.  All signs expose how empty the religion is, beyond its idiotic teachings that make slaves of men, but the believers never learn.  That's because when it comes to believing, there is no learning, there is just tuning out truth, and believing in what you've been told, while ignoring the rest.  To believe in this world, is to be gullible, which is a product of stupidity.  To be a Christian, you must believe... in a story that makes ZERO SENSE.  Christianity's purpose has never been to help people, only to enslave them, use them, and abuse them, for things such as war.  The God of the Bible is concerned with slavery, taxes and people obeying their rulers...  If you don't say fuck you to that God, you're nothing but a little bitch.  And that is the God the Christians believe in, because their entire religion is based on the Old Testament.

This post is dedicated to all the worthless Christians, who are cowards, such as Bartley.  Did you hear what that loser said?  "Zach wants to expose rigged sports in front the football stadiums.  That's how you'll get your ass kicked."  Jesus isn't the way, either is meth, or being a scared fearful little thing, waiting for your golden ticket.