Friday, August 25, 2017

44 50 229 | 2017, 50-years of U.S. chemical weather modification programs publicly +How can people not know about government manipulation of weather in 2017? How are people so ignorant in the information age? +Operation Popeye

In 2017, chemical weather modification has turned 50-years old.  America = 50

Hurricane Harvey = 229; 229th the 50th prime

Storm = 50; Wind = 50; Emergency = 50

Hurricane Harvey = 85; The Flood = 85; Storm = 85

Read more about Hurricane Harvey here:

Weather and Popeye have matching gematria.  Popeye also connects to God, as in playing  God, such as modifying weather.

How can people be this ignorant in 2017?

HAARP = 8+1+1+18+16 = 44 (Military) (Kill) (TX 20+24 = 44)

This information has been out for decades, and people are oblivious.

"Love your work bro but I obviously don't know shit about your work since you've been covering HAARP and weather manipulation since you began in 2013."

This is also an example of why the word love is next to worthless to me.  I think it is the ultimate bullshit of this world, "love".  What is love?  Everyone has a different definition, and most people throw the word around like nothing.  Then when real love is on the scene, no one recognizes it.

Get caught up sleepers.  And stop saying you love shit you don't.