Saturday, August 26, 2017

47 50 223 | My friend called to let me know he bet big on McGregor....

For the record, betting big for my friend is $50.

The people I know are the people you know, all caught up in the matrix.

The only reason they would have McGregor win the fight, is to boost the rest of his MMA / fighting career.  The first man to beat Mayweather.  That said, if McGregor wins, the narrative will become, "Well, Conor was 29 and Floyd was 40."  In other words, Conor was in his prime, Mayweather was not.  And listen to the name, "May weather".... weather with time?

If McGregor did win, he would become 22-3 all-time in all fights (21-3 MMA, 1-0 Boxing).  That's a lot like '223', a number we have talked about with Conor for years.

Conor = 223
Masonic = 223
The Synagogue of Satan = 223

None of this is new information... just reminding, in case the script is for McGregor to upset.

Something else to consider, McGregor is 21-3, something like '213'.

I just covered the Mayweather 213 headline the other day, about him being a wife beater.

I should mention this fight is in Nevada, where Donald Trump has a made a second home during the campaign season.  Nevada = 47; Trump = 47; President = 47

Think about Make America Great Again.... and Make America White Again...

McGregor = 50; Donald = 50; America = 50; Undefeated = 50; Defeated = 50

This is Mayweather's 50th fight.

McGregor = 50

I still like Floyd, but, it wouldn't be the first time I read a fight backwards.