Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Letters & Numbers Chapter Index (Still not finished, I'm the tortoise)

What follows is the Invitation to the Reader, and the Chapter Index for Letters & Numbers.  It is a little preview of what you can expect when I finish my book.  Feel free to provide any feedback or things you hope are certainly contained in the book.  If there is anything I have forgotten, I will be sure to add.  Thank you.

Invitation to Reader | Those who read and finish this book will gain a new skill and set of knowledge that will empower them for the rest of their life, in more ways than can now be appreciated.  Without the knowledge contained in the pages ahead there are doors of understanding about the past, present and future that can otherwise not be attained.  This knowledge is owed to every person living, child and adult.  It is as simple to learn as elementary arithmetic and as deep as time.  My intent as your teacher of this age-old secret is to be as clear, logical, honest and evidence based as possible.  My hope is you will share this knowledge with your family and friends once you learn it first.  The structure is as follows:

Introduction to Letters and Numbers

1.               Why Are There 26 Letters In the English Alphabet?  (The God Code, Letters, Numbers & Bones)

2.               The 4 Foundational English Ciphers and the Geometry of the English Language

3.               The 7 Complimentary English Ciphers, Tributes to Hebrew Gematria and Greek Isopsephy

4.               The Kabbalah, Septenary and Chaldean Ciphers

5.               Numbers as Language, 1-10, 11, 22 and Sometimes 33

6.               Sacred Geometry is Where Language, Letter, Number, Shape, & Symbol Meet

7.               The 7 Classical Planets, Especially the Sun and Saturn, the Bookends of Time

The Letters and Numbers of Ancient History Still With Us

8.               Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, the Torah & Roots of the Code

9.               The Greeks, Geometry, Gematria, and Isopsephy Riddles

10.            Hermeticism, Hermetic Qabalah, Science and Spirituality

11.            The Rosicrucian Order, Freemasonry, King James, Qabalah and the English Language

Letters & Numbers 1717 to the Present

12.            Washington D.C., Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order)

13.            The Twilight Zone, the United States of America and NASA

14.            Trumped, Rigged Elections Worldwide & the 8 U.S. Presidents to Die In Office

15.            The Crusades, War and World War, Plus the U.S. Military Corporation & 5-Sided Pentagon

16.            September 11, 2001, Tarot Cards, Skull & Bones & the Military Industrial Complex

17.            Contrived Islamic Terrorism & False Flags in Public Places- Schools, Theaters, Concerts, Malls, etc.

18.            The Dead Kennedys and an Eerily Familiar Family Pattern

19.            MLK, X & How Racial Hatred Has Been Programmed by Mainstream Media Purposefully

How the Letters and Numbers Code is Used Ritualistically in the Entertainment Industry

20.            Murder by Numbers, the Celebrity Kill Code- Movies, Music, Media and Sports

21.            Undeniable Evidence of Rigged Professional and Collegiate Sports

The Personal / Universal Side of the Code

22.            The Numbers of Our Lives, Family & Loved Ones