Sunday, December 17, 2017

15 17 47 59 66 85 | Marvin Lewis leaving Bengals, announced December 17, 2017

After 15-seasons, this announcement comes before the Week 15 game...

Notice he is 59, and retiring at the end of '17.  *59, is the 17th prime

From his birthday until today, is 85-days....

*Consider the Bengals are in the AFC North, with the Steelers, who are in their 85th season.
*Consider Marvin Lewis was hired after the Rooney Rule, named after Dan Rooney, who died 98-days before his 85th birthday, before the NFL's 98th season and Steeler's 85th.

It has been 8-months and 5-days since Dan Rooney died.

Marvin = 85 (RO)

As for him going out at 59...

Also, with regards to coaching 15-seasons, 47 is the 15th prime.

Today's date also has numerology of 66.  12/17/2017 = 12+17+20+17 = 66 (NFL = 66)

Later today the Bengals play the Vikings, who are hosting Super Bowl 52 this year.

If Marvin Lewis wins one more game this year and loses two, he'll finish 124-113-3 in the regular season.  I bring this up because 'fifteen' has a connection to 124.

Think about the recent death of Denny Green: